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Credit: Peter Dury - Waikato Times Credit: Peter Dury - Waikato Times Creating and running a sports or recreation club can be a hugely rewarding experience and it's a great way to get involved with your community.

Sport NZ is dedicated to getting New Zealanders moving and your club has a big part to play in this.

Running a sports or recreation club doesn't need to be a complicated or difficult job and with the right information you'll be able to achieve your club's goals easily. Whether your club is just a few people or a larger group – Club Kit will give you tips and resources to run a successful club and have a lot of fun while you're there!

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Sports Clubs

At present, Sport NZ does not manage a comprehensive list of sports clubs. In the meantime, we suggest you try directories such as NZ Sport and Sportsground.


Club Kit Videos

Credit: Dave Lintott Credit: Dave Lintott

View the video clips to view how clubs have used the Club Kit resources to improve their organisation, and operate more efficiently and effectively - whether its finance and fundraising, best practice, growing membership, or increasing awareness within their community.

Sample Volunteer Welcome Pack

Credit: Stephen Barker Credit: Stephen Barker Research has shown that volunteers like more structure. They need to know how things work and what their role is so they can help out properly. You can do this through an orientation programme.

An orientation programme explains how things work at the club and what their particular role will be. You can include this information in a Welcome Pack. 
View a sample Volunteer Welcome Pack » (DOC, 29 Kb) 

How to have a sport rage free club

We know that club members and volunteers don’t have much spare time to plan – so we have done some initial thinking for you on how to have a sport rage free club.