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Push Play to Stress Less

Getting active lowers your stress levels. It releases endorphins into your body which makes you feel better. Here are seven tips for an active week. Put them up on your fridge or by the computer – and enjoy!

  1. Take a lunchtime walk (or a jog)
    It’ll take your mind off work and relax and warm your tight, stressed muscles. Even better, take a friend or workmate with you and talk while you go – talking about problems really helps.
  2. Walk your calls and emails
    Moving helps you feel better so walk every chance you get. If you need to talk to someone at work put down the phone and go see them instead.
  3. Take steps
    Use the stairs instead of the lift. Every bit of snacktivity you get helps to burn up calories and produces helpful chemicals that reduce stress.
  4. Go home early
    One day this week go home early, grab a ball, and take the children to the park. Running around with your kids really puts your life into perspective. You’ll also set a great example for them!
  5. Take part in a lunchtime activity
    Go to a yoga class, do a few lengths at the local pool or join a work sports team – it’ll be a great bit of team bonding.
  6. Drink more water
    Your brain (and all of your organs) needs water to function properly, so drink lots of it. You’ll also need to pee more so you’ll get more breaks and a bit of exercise – especially if you use a far away loo!
  7. Get your blood flowing
    Stand up, take a few deep breaths, roll your shoulders slowly at first, then speed up to one rotation per second. Keep it up for a minute and feel your neck muscles warm up and relax. Imagine what a brisk 15 minute walk or jog could do for you.

Have a great week and remember Push Play to Stress Less!