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Real Stories

When you're busy, being active can easily fall to the bottom of your list. But it's worth finding time to fit it all in! Read why these people make sport and recreation a priority, and how they make it work.

Jo Ward - Gisborne

Jo WardTaking Push Play to the Top of the World! Jo Ward on the top of Mt Kilimanjaro. Although she...

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Matt Shepherd - Auckland

Matt ShepardEarly this year Auckland researcher Matt Shepherd was given a choice: heavy duty medication for high cholesterol or exercise. Wife Cath talked about cycling, and then his friends...

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Vanassa McGoldrick - Whangarei

Vanassa McGoldrickVanassa McGoldrick just happens to have a disability - one she was born with. She's not letting it get in the way of an active life. Her desire to be strong enough to swim...


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Suzie Yates - Christchurch

Suzie YatesDon't take Suzie Yates, 41, too literally when she says she feels like those dogs that poke their heads out car windows. It's just that the thrill of playing hockey again after a 24 year break...


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Mohi Randall - Huntly

Mohi RandallMohi Randall, 54, thinks outside the square. His philosophy sees him achieving in several sports, and teaching others to play too. His sports include squash, tennis, table tennis,...

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