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Is there a need?

A couple walking their dog Sports and recreational clubs provide a meeting place for people with common interests and goals. They provide young people with a positive outlet that benefits them physically, socially, and mentally.

Establishing and running a sports club can be a hugely rewarding experience. You can make an active contribution to your community and have a lot of fun in the process!

Once you’ve decided to set up a sport club, you’ll need to follow some steps to ensure you and the club’s members run an organised club that achieves its goals. It’s a good idea to check out similar clubs in your area, or contact your local council or Regional Sports Trust (RST).in case there’s another group that you can join up with.

Sport NZ has a list of National Sport Organisations (NSOs) and National Recreational Organisations (NROs).

Also look at the Internet for listings of sports clubs in your area. Google your area’s name and the type of club you’re interested in setting up (e.g. squash clubs, Wellington).

Check the local council’s website too – there are often lists of clubs and events in your local area.

This research will reveal if there’s a need to set up a new club, and if a new club could really offer something that’s not currently available in your community.

You’ll need to be clear on the aims of your club, and that you have enough people who are willing to help get it up and running – and most importantly, keep it running.