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Relay - 13 January 2010

Relay - 27 January 2010

Passing on topical information and research in the sport and physical recreation sector.


SPARC Annual Report 2009 - 7 Dec 2009
The purpose of this document is to report to Parliament on SPARC's performance during the 2008/09 period as set out in its Statement of Intent for 2008-2011. (SPARC website)

NZ Coach Online - Jan 2010
The first edition of the online magazine for 2010 is now available on the SPARC website. (SPARC website)

High Performance Sport

Grassroots rugby the winner in RWC - 18 Dec 2009
The organisers of the Rugby World Cup have pulled out all the stops to bring the cream of international rugby to grassroots New Zealand, Rugby World Cup Associate Minister Gerry Brownlee said today. (

Maister Nominated to IOC - 10 Dec 2009
New Zealand's Barry Maister is set to become New Zealand's eleventh IOC Member after IOC President Jacques Rogge nominated the Olympian in December. (NZOC)

CGF plays down Commonwealth Games fears - 12 Jan 2010
The Commonwealth Games Federation has labelled concerns over security at this year's event in Delhi "ill informed". (Sports city)

Final Phase of Preparations for Vancouver 2010 Underway - 16 Dec 2009
The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) completed its final official Project Review for the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games in the host city in December, focusing on the review of different functions and projects. (International Paralympic Committee)

Olympians, Artists and Unsung Heroes - 8 Jan 1010
The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay is now 70 days into its historic journey across Canada and has reached Winnipeg, Manitoba. (The Olympic Movement)

Olympic Stadium build remains on track as roof structure is lifted into place - 15 Dec 2009
The cable-net roof of the Olympic Stadium has been lifted into place, continuing the strong progress being made to build the London 2012 flagship venue. (London 2012)

Public more confident than ever in successful Olympics - 17 Dec 2009
A nationwide survey shows that public support for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 remains high, with confidence that the UK will stage a successful Games growing to 79 per cent from 76 per cent last year. (Department for Culture, Media and Sport, UK)

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Sports Development

2009 Westpac Halberg Awards Finalists Announced - 2 Jan 2010
Outstanding performances by New Zealand sportsmen and women at world championship level last year have been reflected in the finalists selected for the 2009 Westpac Halberg Awards. (Halberg Trust, NZ)

Champion Rower Wins Lonsdale - 22 Dec 2009
The New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) has awarded four-time world champion and Beijing medallist Mahe Drydale the Lonsdale Cup for 2009. (NZOC)

First Silver Ferns Captain to join Maori Sports Hall of Fame - 11 Dec 2009
The 2009 Maori Sports Awards will honour the late Margaret Matangi for her achievements in netball, most notably her history-making role as the captain of the first New Zealand national netball team in 1938. (Netball NZ)

NZFC looks forward, younger after competitions review - 22 Dec 2009
The New Zealand Football Championship is set to increase its focus on youth development and could be expanded to 10 teams as early as next season, New Zealand Football (NZF) announced today as part of the outcomes of a wide-ranging competitions review. (New Zealand Football)

NZ Rugby League Completes Management Team Appointments - 22 Dec 2009
While announcing Auckland-born, Hawke's Bay-raised Tamati is to join the NZRL in the New Year, Doyle also confirmed Aucklander Daniel Floyd as the new coaching and development manager. (NZ Rugby League)

Equestrian Sports NZ States its position on FEI Progessive List - 11 Dec 2009
The ESNZ Board met on Wednesday 9 December to determine ESNZ's position with regard to the 'FEI Progressive List of Prohibited Substances' which allows for the re-introduction of Phenylbutazone ('bute'). (Equestrian Sports NZ)

European body rejects government report on alcohol sponsorship - 11 Jan 2010
The European Sponsorship Association (ESA), the trade body representing the sponsorship industry in Europe, has said the UK government's Health Committee Report on Alcohol misrepresents the complete picture of the alcohol sponsorship landscape and "fails to acknowledge self-regulation activity by rights-holders". (SportBusiness International)

Her Life Depends On It II - 15 Dec 2009
In December 2009 the Women's Sports Foundation released a new and expanded comprehensive review of its essential "Her Life Depends On It" report, first released in 2004. The benchmark 2009 review draws critical conclusions that further emphasize the vital roles that sports play in the physical and social health of girls and women. (Women's Sports Foundation, US)

One Hundred and Thirty Countries Have Now Ratified UNESCO Convention - 5 Jan 2010
With Togo and Georgia having completed their ratification procedures, 130 countries out of the 193 UNESCO Member States have now ratified the International Convention against Doping in Sport. (WADA)

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Sports Science, Medicine and Coaching

Swimming New Zealand recruits world class coach - 5 Jan 2010
Swimming New Zealand has gained the services of one of Australia's most successful coaches to guide the sport in this country to the 2012 London Olympics and beyond. (Swimming NZ)

Squash NZ High Performance Coaching Programme - 17 Dec 2009
The Squash New Zealand High Performance Coaching roles have now been appointed. (Squash NZ)

Pursuing Motherhood and Medals - Jan 2010
This article tells how one athlete and one coach, both at the highest levels of sport, manage their dual roles of motherhood and high performance sport, largely through their own initiative. (Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching)

Participant Development - Key Research Themes - Dec 2009
This document offers a summary of relevant research findings that relate to participant development in sport. It does not aim to provide a comprehensive review. Rather, it highlights and discusses certain aspects of participant development that relate to the UK Coaching Framework. (Sport Coach UK)

Effects of alfa-hydroxy-isocaproic acid on body composition, DOMS and performance in athletes - 5 Jan 2010
The present study investigated the effects of Alfa-Hydroxy-isocaproic acid (HICA) supplementation on body composition, delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) and physical performance of athletes during a training period. (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition)

Where Do Vegetarian Athletes Get Their Protein? - Nov/Dec 2009
Achieving optimum nutrition is something every serious athlete strives for every day. As this article will explain, a vegetarian athlete can be energized well enough to perform maximally with a diet which is diverse and well-rounded. (NSCA's Performance Training Journal)

Athletes Warned Against The Misuse Of NSAIDs - 17 Dec 2009
Many athletes gobble down non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) before and during events. However Stuart Warden, whose research at Indiana University focuses on musculoskeletal health and sports medicine, says they could be causing more harm than good. (Medical News Today)

The development of a reliable and valid netball intermittent activity test - 2009
A thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Science at Massey University, NZ. The purpose of the present investigation was to identify the exercise intensity of netball match play in order to assist in the development of a Netball Intermittent Activity Test (NIAT). (Massey University Research Online, NZ)

Triathlon race hazards - 5 Jan 2010
Jeremy Windsor outlines the injuries and conditions that triathletes and support professionals must prepare for. (Peak Performance)

Paralympic sport: working with disabled athletes - 5 Jan 2010
Nick Grantham gives an overview of Paralympic sport and some practical advice for those working with wheelchair athletes. (Peak Performance)

Post-season detraining effects on physiological and performance parameters in top-level kayakers: comparison of two recovery strategies - Dec 2009
This study analyzed changes in physiological parameters, hormonal markers and kayaking performance following 5-wk of reduced training (RT) or complete training cessation (TC). (Journal of Sports Science and Medicine)

How high can a climber go? - 8 Jan 2010
The maximum time an athlete is able to continue climbing to exhaustion may be the only determinant of his/her performance. A new European study, the objective of which is to help trainers and climbers design training programmes for this type of sport, shows this to be the case. (AlphaGalileo, Europe)

Program May Prevent Knee Injuries in Young Female Soccer Players - 11 Jan 2010
A soccer-specific exercise program that includes individual instruction of athletes appears to reduce the risk of knee injuries in young female players, according to a report in the January 11 issue of Archives of Neurology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. (JAMA, American Medical Association)

Traumatic fracture-dislocation of the hip following rugby tackle: a case report - 15 Dec 2009
Posterior fracture-dislocation of hip is uncommonly encountered in rugby injuries. This paper reports such a case in an adult while playing rugby. (Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation, Therapy and Technology)

Why England's Soccer Team Keeps Losing on Penalty Shots - 6 Jan 2010
A new study may explain why the England soccer team keeps losing in penalty shootouts - and could help the team address the problem in time for the World Cup 2010. (ScienceDaily)

Knowing Goalkeeper's Movements in a Penalty Increases Success Rate and Reduces Kicker's Decision Time - 11 Dec 2009
A study shows that knowing the anticipatory movements of a goalkeeper before kicking the penalty reduces the decision time and increases the success rate when choosing the direction of the shot in football (soccer). (ScienceDaily)

Running Shoes May Cause Damage to Knees, Hips and Ankles: Greater Stresses on Joints than Running Barefoot or Walking in High-Heeled Shoes Observed - 4 Jan 2010
In a study published in the December 2009 issue of PMandR: The journal of injury, function and rehabilitation, researchers compared the effects on knee, hip and ankle joint motions of running barefoot versus running in modern running shoes. (AlphaGalileo, Europe)

The sports science of curling: A practical review - Dec 2009
This paper will review the current research behind sweeping a curling stone, outline the physiological demands of sweeping,
the associated performance effects and suggest potential strategies of sweeping that can be used by both coaches and curling teams. (Journal of Sports Science and Medicine)

In search of speed - 8 Jan 2010
In ski sports, it's often only a second that separates the winners from the losers. Using equipment made of the right materials can therefore make all the difference. Researchers are simulating the gliding effects that occur when skis travel over snow – and creating super fast skis. (AlphaGalileo, Europe)

New Approach Reduces Number Of Routines Needed To Detect Erythropoietins - 17 Dec 2009
Austrian researchers have successfully developed a new electrophoretic method for detecting MIRCERA and other erythropoietins (EPO) in the blood. (Medical News Today)

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Active Communities

Cycling and athletics lead the way in delivering England's sporting legacy - 17 Dec 2009
The number of adults in England who play sport at least three times a week has reached 6.93 million, continuing the positive upward trend over the past four years. (Sport England)

Irish Sports Council Publishes Irish Sports Monitor Report 2008 - 17 Dec 2009
The second annual Irish Sports Monitor report, for the year 2008, was published by the Irish Sports Council in December. The report directly compares adult participation in sport and physical activity with 2007 baseline information, included in the first Monitor report published in February this year. (Irish Sports Council, UK)

Scottish Health Survey 2008 - 8 Jan 2010
The 2008 Scottish Health Survey report provides the latest health statistics on adult physical activity levels and obesity.
The report consists of a number of chapters dedicated to different aspects of health. Chapter 6 of the report focuses on Physical Activity. (Physical Activity and Health Alliance, Scotland)

Participation in Sport by People with a Disability - 4 Dec 2009
This fact sheet presents information on disability and participation in sport by people with a disability in Australia. It also compares their participation rates with people with no disability and examines whether participation rates vary with sex, age and the type of disability. (Australian Bureau of Statistics)

ParticipACTION: the future challenges for physical activity promotion in Canada - 9 Dec 2009
This commentary is the concluding piece of a series of papers about the Canadian ParticipACTION initiative. It describes the resurgence of the new ParticipACTION as a national communications initiative in Canada, and sets this in an international context. (International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity)

Physical activity recommendations for health: what should Europe do? - 11 Jan 2010
This paper summarises the development of physical activity recommendations and considers the need and possible ways to update the current European situation. (BMC Public Health)

Fit vs. Fat: New Research Sheds Light on Debate - 4 Jan 2010
Although proper nutrition alone can lead to weight loss, it doesn't necessarily equal true health or fitness, says a new study in the January issue of the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. (American College of Sports Medicine)

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Work starts on Indoor Community Sports Centre - 11 Jan 2010
Workers and machinery are moving on to Kilbirnie's Cobham Park to start construction of Wellington’s long-awaited Indoor Community Sports Centre. (Wellington City Council, NZ)

Parks and physical activity: Why are some parks used more than others? - Jan 2010
The objective of this study was to assess how park characteristics and demographic factors are associated with park use. The study concluded that having events at the park, including sports competitions and other attractions, appears to be the strongest correlate of park use and community-level physical activity. (Preventive Medicine)

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Taranaki Bids for Cycleway Fund - 21 Dec 2009
Taranaki has put in a bid for its first slice of Prime Minister John Key's $50 million national cycleway fund. A consortium of the region's four Councils, the Department of Conservation, Venture Taranaki and other stakeholders has submitted concept proposals with the Ministry of Tourism. (New Plymouth District Council, NZ)

School Playground Surfacing and Arm Fractures in Children: A Cluster Randomized Trial Comparing Sand to Wood Chip Surfaces - 15 Dec 2009
The primary objective of this study was to determine if there was a difference in playground upper extremity fracture rates in school playgrounds with wood fibre surfacing versus granite sand surfacing. (PLoS Medicine)

UK Facilities Inquiry launched - 11 Dec 2009
An independent Facilities Inquiry, examining issues around UK's sports facilities was recently launched. Chaired by sports broadcaster John Inverdale, the inquiry will ask whether the country has enough sport and leisure facilities, what condition they are in and how easily people can access them. (CCPR, UK)

Results from the first three years of Cycling Demonstration Towns - Dec 2009
At its launch, Cycling England established six Cycling Demonstration Towns (CDTs) where innovative projects were implemented to make it more attractive for people to cycle. Evaluations of these CDTs are now available. (Cycling England)

Integrating Bicycling and Public Transport in North America - 2009
This paper provides an overview of bike-transit integration in large American and Canadian cities. Most of the paper, is devoted to case studies of bike-transit integration in six large American cities and two Canadian cities. (Journal of Public Transportation, US)

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Young People

Children's Participation in Organised Sport and Dancing - 4 Dec 2009
This article focuses on children's participation in organised sport and selected leisure activities including dancing in Australia. Dancing has been included in this article because it is a popular organised physical activity for girls. (Australian Bureau of Statistics)

Children and Adolescent Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey (CAPANS) - Dec 2009
The CAPANS survey provides a measure of physical activity levels and nutrition behaviours of West Australian children and adolescents. Where possible, the 2008 survey was compared to the findings in the 2003 data. (Be Active WA, Australia)

Physical activity levels and determinants of change in young adults: a longitudinal panel study - 11 Jan 2010
The present study describes the prevalence and potential determinants of physical activity behavior and behavior changes of young adults. The study is based on the Swiss Household Panel (SHP), a longitudinal study assessing social changes in a representative sample of Swiss households since 1999. (International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity)

Scale development for measuring and predicting adolescents' leisure time physical activity behavior - Dec 2009
The aim of this study was to develop a scale for assessing and predicting adolescents' physical activity behavior in Spain and Luxembourg using the Theory of Planned Behavior as a framework. (Journal of Sports Science and Medicine)

Study finds a negative Phys Ed teacher can cause a lifetime of inactivity - 7 Jan 2010
When looking back at childhood experiences in Phys Ed class, many people remember the anxiety of being picked last or embarrassed by a teacher. According to a University of Alberta researcher this can have lifelong effects. (University of Alberta, Canada)

Hazards of trying to specialize kids in sports - 4 Jan 2010
Tom Farrey's book, "Game On: The All-American Race to Make Champions of Our Children," discusses the myth of specializing kids early in a sport. By doing so we are hurting them physically and psychologically. (Physical and Health Education Canada)

Movement Madness: Keeping Kids Off the Walls! - Dec 2009
Managing movement activities with children must be handled with special care. The good news is that common sense plays a big role in keeping the kids from bouncing off the walls and driving you crazy. (Moving and Learning)

Crossing may help motor skills - 8 Jan 2010
A University of Tasmania researcher is looking at using modern gaming technology to investigate ways of improving motor skills which could lead to more rewarding participation in sport for some children. (Science Alert, Australia and NZ)

For Kids, All Activity May Not Be Equal - 30 Dec 2009
Dr. Teri McCambridge, a sports medicine pediatrician in Baltimore who chairs the Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness for the American Academy of Pediatrics says that there is too much focus on doing sports and not enough focus on moving." (Healthfinder, US)

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Volunteering Unleashed: Volunteering New Zealand Conference 2009
Copies for most of the session papers, presentations and speeches are now available to download from the Volunteering NZ website.

Intute: Sport and leisure practice
This website is brought to you by a national team of subject specialists from universities across the UK. We find and review the very best web resources to help you with your studies and research.

Sportplan: Sports Coaching Made Easy
Sportplan is an easy to use application for designing coaching drills and training plans, useful for coaches, teachers and others involved in sports training in the UK and abroad. The website is free to register and contains over 6000 animated and video drills, covering topics such as agility, fitness and workouts, as well as individual sports.

Preventive Medicine, Volume 50, Supplement 1 (Active Living Research Conference)
Active Living Research supported a 2010 supplement to Preventive Medicine. This special issue highlights some of the papers presented at the sixth annual Active Living Research Conference in February 2009.

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