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Relay - 24 March 2010

Passing on topical information and research in the sport and physical recreation sector.

Relay - 24 March 2010

High Performance Sport

Govt to give $300K boost to All Whites' campaign - 15 Mar 2010
The NZ Government is giving the All Whites FIFA World Cup finals campaign a $300,000 boost, Prime Minister John Key announced today. (

Delegation Reports Games on Track - 19 Mar 2010
A delegation from the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) has returned from the Chefs de Mission seminar in Delhi reporting the Commonwealth Games are on track. (NZOC)

Delhi paints for Delhi 2010 - 21 Mar 2010
Satish Gujral and Jatin Das along with several artists paint a kaleidoscopic canvas for India's first Green Games. 200-foot canvas and kites greet '200-Days-to-Go' milestone moment. (Delhi 2010)

Fireworks and Congratulations Close Vancouver - 21 Mar 2010
A heart-warming and spectacular Closing Ceremony officially ended the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games. (International Paralympic Committee)

Vancouver organisers confident of avoiding budget deficit - 23 Mar 2010
Organisers of the Vancouver Winter Olympics have said they are confident of balancing the budget following the completion of the Paralympic Games at the weekend. (Sports City)

Olympic boost for disabled rail passengers - 17 Mar 2010
Sports fans with limited mobility will find it easier to travel to 2012 Olympic Games events thanks to Government plans to improve access at three key railway stations, Rail Minister Chris Mole announced today. (Department for Transport, UK)

London 2012 Canoe Slalom venue on course - 15 Mar 2010
The Broxbourne White Water Canoe Centre will include a 300m competition course, a 160m intermediate/training course and a 10,000sq m lake. This lake will feed a system of pumps that will provide water for the competition course. (London 2012)

Extra 300,000 seats for London 2012 - 23 Mar 2010
The London Organising Committee of the 2012 Olympic Games said yesterday an extra 300,000 seats will be available in a move to avoid the empty stadiums seen at the 2008 Beijing Games. (SportBusiness International)

Sports Development

New and exciting Live Scoring Platform! - 12 Mar 2010
New Zealand Cricket are pleased to announce a new offering on its Live Scoring Platform, the NZC Match Centre. (New Zealand Cricket)

Horse of the Year Hall of Fame - 19 Mar 2010
There were emotional moments when some of the greatest names in New Zealand equestrian were honoured recently at the inaugural Horse of the Year Hall of Fame gala dinner in Hawke's Bay. (Equestrian Sports New Zealand)

Three Inductees to the Visa Paralympic Hall of Fame - 14 Mar 2010
On the second day of competition of the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, this year's inductees were welcomed to the Paralympic Hall of Fame, presented by Visa. (International Paralympic Committee)

Sports Clubs: Looking after your members - Mar 2010
Member protection involves many different activities on the part of the club committee. In real terms, member protection is about good member behaviour, fair processes and appropriate dispute systems. (NSW Sport and Recreation, Australia)

Women increase board effectiveness - 22 Mar 2010
A new study from BI Norwegian School of Management shows that a higher number of women directors leads to greater emphasis on competence-building in the board, as well as a reduction in the board's conflict level. (Alpha Galileo, Europe)

Does Elite Sport Develop Mass Sport?: A Norwegian Case Study - 11 Mar 2010
The notion that elite sport generates mass sport, is under-researched, and the little research which actually exists does not confirm a causal link. In this article, the authors take as a point of departure the case of Norwegian biathlon, and its development, both as elite sport and mass sport. (Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum)

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar named UN Goodwill Ambassador - 11 Mar 2010
Adding to his lengthy list of accomplishments, cricket superstar Sachin Tendulkar has been named a Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). (UN News Centre)

Sports Science, Medicine and Coaching

Squash NZ Coach Development Framework - 15 Mar 2010
Squash NZ are pleased to announce the new Strategic Coaching Plan, Athlete Pathway and Coach Development Framework. (Squash New Zealand)

CoachForce announces new resource for beginner coaches - 15 Mar 2010
If you're a young or beginner coach for Netball, then the new resource developed and announced this week by Netball New Zealand's CoachForce is just right for you. (Netball New Zealand)

Eating Disorders - Signs, Screening, Confronting - 11 Mar 2010
Coaches should be able to recognize early warning signs and symptoms associated with eating disorders (ED) and disordered eating (DE). (Coaching Association of Canada)

The influence of a pre-exercise sports drink (PRX) on factors related to maximal aerobic performance - 11 Mar 2010
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a modified PRX formulation (known as EMPACTTM) from earlier investigations on factors related to maximal aerobic performance during a graded exercise test. (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition)

All footballers should carry out knee preventive exercises - Mar 2010
The results from a new Norwegian study show that the high risk athlete can not be identified easily through preseason knee specific surveys or clinical tests. Hence, all players should carry out preventive exercises aimed to reduce knee injuries! (Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center, Norway)

Retear of anterior cruciate ligament grafts in female basketball players: a case series - 9 Mar 2010
Incidence of ACL injuries in young female basketball players is higher than that in male basketball players. Graft retears are more frequent with the increasing number of ACL reconstructions. The present study aimed to examine the incidence of retears in competitive female basketball players. (Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation, Therapy and Technology)

More Research Needed on Preventing Hamstring Injuries - 22 Mar 2010
A brand new systematic review into the research of hamstring injuries has revealed that not enough is known about the effectiveness of current prevention methods for one of the most common sports injuries. (Alpha Galileo, Europe)

Getting Athletes 'Back In The Game' Faster: Minimally Invasive Sports Hernia Repair - 15 Mar 2010
A new minimally invasive sports hernia repair gets athletes back in the game 3 times faster than the traditional repair, according to a new study presented at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine's Specialty Day in New Orleans. (Medical News Today)

New Study Finds 70 Percent of Able-Bodied Hockey Players Have Abnormal Hip and Pelvis MRIs - 17 Mar 2010
Seventy percent of healthy professional and collegiate hockey players had abnormal hip and pelvis MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging), even though they had no symptoms of injury. (ScienceDaily)

Augmented low-Dye tape alters foot mobility and neuromotor control of gait in individuals with and without exercise related leg pain - 18 Mar 2010
This study measured electromyographic (EMG) activity of twelve lower limb muscles, three-dimensional kinematics of the ankle, knee, hip and pelvis, foot posture and foot mobility to determine the physiological effect of Augmented low-Dye (ALD) tape. (Journal of Foot and Ankle Research)

Rugby game-related statistics that discriminate between winning and losing teams in IRB and Super twelve close games - Mar 2010
The aim of the current study was to identify the Rugby game related statistics that discriminated between winning and losing teams in IRB and Super 12 close games. (Journal of Sports Science and Medicine)

Stability of patterns of behavior in the butterfly technique of the elite swimmers - Mar 2010
The purpose of this study was to find patterns in the butterfly swimming technique, with an adaptation of the Behavioral Observation System Tech. (Journal of Sports Science and Medicine)

Understanding the outfield catch - 18 Mar 2010
What visual information is used to guide fielders to the right place at the right time to catch the ball? Scientists have debated this "outfielder problem" for some time. Now, researchers have worked out the process the human brain goes through. (Massey University, NZ)

EPSRC researchers design gold-winning sled - 18 Mar 2010
University of Southampton researchers combined experimental work, human factors analysis, instrumentation system development, practical experience of sliding on the bobsleigh track at Lillehammer, the latest computational analysis techniques, and used more than 200 hours of wind tunnel testing to help design a sled from scratch. (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK)

Active Communities

Sport and cultural diversity: Responding to the sports and leisure needs of immigrants and ethnic minorities in Auckland - Nov 2009
The aim of this research was to gather material on the sporting and leisure needs of Auckland's immigrant and ethnic communities and to assess how these needs are being met by various Regional Sporting Organisations (RSOs) now and into the future. (ARPASS, NZ)

Auckland City Council commits to full repair of the Tepid Baths - 11 March 2010
The Arts, Culture and Recreation Committee recently confirmed a $12.66 million redevelopment of the Tepid Baths, which will see the replacement of the failing concrete and steel roof trusses with new, as well as an upgrade of the much-loved facility. (Auckland City Council, NZ)

Active People Survey 4: Quarter 1 results - 17 Mar 2010
Results from the latest four quarters of the survey, January 2009 to January 2010, can be downloaded from the documents listed. These include overall adult sport participation, and weekly participation rates in Sport England's NGB funded sports. (Sport England)

Legacy Plan for Disabled People to improve the lives of 10 million in the UK - 18 Mar 2010
Endorsed by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), "London 2012: A Legacy for Disabled People", aims to improve the lives of 10 million disabled people in the UK by increasing participation in sport and physical activity. (Department for Culture, Media and Sport, UK)

Swimming helps older women - 18 Mar 2010
Swimming is better than walking for fitness and weight control in older women, according to new research from The University of Western Australia. (Science Alert, Australia and NZ)


NZ Recreation Association Announces New Chief Executive - 23 Mar 2010
The New Zealand Recreation Association President, John Latimer, announces today that Steve Gibling has been appointed as the new Chief Executive, effective April 19. (NZ Recreation Association)

Outdoor recreation participation and incidents in New Zealand: A scoping study relating incidents to participation levels - Nov 2009
This project summarises the state of knowledge in New Zealand on participation levels and trends for a range of outdoor recreation activities. (Mountain Safety Council, NZ)

Urban green nation: building the evidence base - 22 Mar 2010
Recent research shows the strong link between satisfaction with local parks and open spaces and satisfaction with neighbourhood, which is key to perceptions of council performance. (CABE, England)

Nature, Childhood, Health and Life Pathways - 2009
'Green exercise', comprising of activity in green places (in the presence of nature), is predicted to lead to positive health outcomes, as well as to promote ecological knowledge, foster social bonds and influence behavioural choices. (University of Essex, UK)

Nature Nearby: Accessible Natural Greenspace Guidance - Mar 2010
This guidance is aimed at parks and greenspace practitioners and their partners, particularly decision makers, planners and managers of green space. It describes the amount, quality and visitor services of accessible natural green spaces that we believe everyone is entitled to, and provides advice on how they can be delivered. (Natural England)

Young People

Sports Assisting Youth (SAY) Now - 15 Mar 2010
A new program designed to make young sportspeople aware of the temptations and damage from alcohol abuse is being launched by Canterbury District Police in conjunction with ALAC and Sport Canterbury. (New Zealand Police)

Pediatric Sports Injuries: The Silent Epidemic - 11 Mar 2010
Despite the dramatic rise of pediatric sports injuries in recent years, awareness, education, warning signs and early treatment can make a significant difference and help keep these athletes in the game, according to the study experts. (Medical News Today)

3,000 new after school Olympic sport clubs - 'Change 4 Life' sports clubs to get more young people playing sport as part of 2012 Olympic Legacy - 17 Mar 2010
Teenagers across the UK are to get the chance to join one of 3,000 new after school clubs offering Olympic and Paralympic sports, Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw announced today. (Department for Culture, Media and Sport, UK)

The characteristics of the outdoor school environment associated with physical activity - Apr 2010
The school is an important setting for physical activity. The purpose of the present study was to examine the association between physical environmental characteristics and participation in daily physical activity during school breaks. (Health Education Research)

People Make Play: The impact of staffed play provision on children, families and communities - Mar 2010
This report, shows how staffed play services, often run by the voluntary sector, are an increasingly vital element in the multi-agency approach to improving outcomes for children, families and communities. (Play England)

Physical Activity Helps Improve Social Skills - 15 Mar 2010
New research suggests all physical activity including sports, can help adolescent children develop important skills such as leadership and empathy. In turn, these skills can influence healthy behaviors. (Psych Central)


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