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Relay - 26 March 2012

The global under-representation of women in sport whether it be performance, participation or leadership is highlighted through new research and reflection. Included in the Sports Development section are also new tools to help address participation issues. Sport NZ has recently launched a new resource too - the Sport and Recreation Knowledge Library (the Knowledge Library). The Knowledge Library (see Useful Links) is for all those working or interested in sport and recreation – practitioners, researchers, students, policy makers and planners.

New: Sport and Recreation Knowledge Library

Our new knowledge site is designed for all those working or interested in sport and recreation in New Zealand – practitioners, researchers, students, policy makers and planners.

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  • High Performance: how do people perceive the Olympics?;
  • Sports Science, Medicine and Coaching: The latest Olympic Coach e-magazine;
  • Active Communities: a look at the UK Sport Makers initiative to inspire sport in local communities.


High Performance Sport

International Women’s Day: a time for reflection – 8 Mar 2012
Each year, International Women's Day provides us with a reminder to see how far the Olympic Movement has come in the long struggle for gender equality in sport – and how far we still need to go. (Olympic Movement)

London 2012 the spark for transformation of British sport - from elite to grassroots – 6 Mar 2012
Hosting the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be the catalyst for a revolution in British sport at all levels over the next decade, British Sport and Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson believes. (UK Department for Media Culture and Sport)

London 2012 unveils 'gold medal standard' athlete accommodation – 12 Mar 2012
The first completed apartments in the Olympic and Paralympic Villages have been unveiled as the London 2012 Organising Committee announced plans to deliver ‘gold medal standard’ athlete accommodation. (London 2012)

Dealing with distractions – 7 Mar 2012
The London 2012 Olympics Games will undoubtedly provide sports and athletes with a huge profile opportunity, but along with the heightened interest will be unprecedented levels of demand and pressure on athletes. English Institute of Sport performance psychologists are helping athletes keep their focus across a range of Olympic sports. (English Institute of Sport)

Olympic perceptions survey – 2 Mar 2012
This survey of more than 8,000 respondents across the UK, US, Germany and France explored people’s perceptions of the Olympic Games.   Overall the research reveals that the sentiments or key statements most closely associated with the Olympic Games are ‘excellence’ (46%), ‘achievement’ (44%), ‘discipline’ (43%) and ‘effort’ (39%).   The findings however indicate the British are out of line with people in the other major markets. 35 percent of British people said they associated the Games with ‘money’, putting it second behind ‘achievement’.  (YouGov)

BikeNZ embark on Road to Rio campaign – 19 Mar 2012
While the focus is firmly fixed on this year’s London Olympics, BikeNZ has begun development for the Olympic Games in 2016. They have named an eight-strong team in partnership with Pure Black Racing to compete on the roads of Europe, with the aim of the group forming a nucleus working towards the Rio Olympics on both the track and road. (Bike NZ)

New Zealand to host 2017 World Masters Games – 15 Mar 2012
Prime Minister and Tourism Minister John Key has officially announced that New Zealand has won the hosting rights to the 2017 World Masters Games. The World Masters Games are one of the biggest participatory multi-sports events in the world, and are held every four years. This is the first time they have been held in New Zealand. (New Zealand Government)

British Olympic Association backs Glasgow 2018 Youth Olympic Games bid – 23 Feb 2012
The British Olympic Association has announced that it is proceeding with a bid for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. Glasgow in Scotland will be its candidate city. (sportscotland)

Christchurch to expedite Hagley oval upgrade plans – 13 Mar 2012
Christchurch City Council is set to push through plans for development at the city's Hagley Oval. Council General Manager of Sport and Recreation, John Filsell said there was urgency in establishing a wicket capable of staging international matches with the Cricket World Cup, to be hosted by Australia and New Zealand, on the horizon in 2015. The development, likely to begin at the end of the current cricket season, is necessary as the city's former major venue, AMI Stadium, was so severely damaged in the 22nd February 2011 earthquake that demolition seems an increasingly likely option. (Australasian Leisure Management)

Sports Development

Supporting women in sport leadership – 8 Mar 2012
Australian Minister for Sport Senator Kate has encouraged women aspiring to be leaders in sport to apply for a grant to help them realise their potential. Under the Sport Leadership Grants and Scholarships for Women program grants are available to assist women to undertake accredited sport leadership training in the areas of coaching, officiating, governance, administration and management, communications, media and marketing.  (Australian Sports Commission)

Trophy women? British national governing bodies’ leadership audit 2011/2012 – 8 Mar 2012
New figures released show that just one in five of the top positions on sports boards are taken by women. The figures show that while the number of women on sports governing bodies has increased slightly in the past year, only 22% of positions are held by women. (Commission on the Future of Women’s Sport)

Actively engaging women and girls: addressing the psycho-social factors – 8 Mar 2012
In an acknowledgement of the under-representation of women and girls in the sport and physical activity system, this resource has been developed as a supplement to the Canadian Sport For Life (CS4L) foundation documents.  The purpose of this resource is to increase awareness about the experiences of women and girls, and provide recommendations to address the psycho-social factors that influence female athlete development, leadership and life-long participation.. (Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity)

Inclusion toolkit for under-represented groups – 6 Mar 2012
A new online toolkit to drive inclusion of under-represented groups (disabled people, women, ethnic minorities, and young people in disadvantaged communities) in sport is to be released in March. Called Diversity Challenge, the self-evaluation tool will support National Governing Bodies of sport to increase the diversity of their workforce and participants. (English Federation of Disability Sport)

Australia to host 2013 Special Olympics Asia-Pacific Games – 15 Mar 2012
The inaugural Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games for athletes with an intellectual disability will be held in Australia in December 2013. Australia will welcome more than 1,700 Special Olympics athletes, 600 coaches, 4,000 volunteers, and approximately 200,000 spectators from 25 nations across the Asia Pacific region. (Department of Sport and Recreation, WA)

Record International Rugby Board anti-doping programme in 2011 – 5 Mar 2012
The International Rugby Board has underscored its continued commitment to the fight against doping in rugby by undertaking a record programme of testing and education during 2011. (International Rugby Board)

Stakeholders updated on success of WADA’s CoachTrue programme – March 2012
WADA’s education department has contacted all stakeholders and provided feedback on its award-winning electronic CoachTrue programme. This is a computer-based, anti-doping learning tool aimed at sports coaches of elite and recreational athletes worldwide, and WADA has closely monitored its uptake since it was first introduced two years ago. (World Anti-Doping Agency)

International Football Association Board approve two companies for next phase of goal line technology tests – 3 Mar 2012
At its annual general meeting, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) received a general evaluation of eight available goal line technology systems. Of the eight companies, two companies were approved to take part in the second phase of testing. This will take place between March and June 2012, and will rigorously assess the reliability and accuracy of each system, as well as how robust the technology is. (FIFA)

International Cricket Council brings Twenty20 to the fore as it studies Olympic options – 8 Mar 2012
The International Cricket Council has announced plans to further promote the Twenty20 format of the sport as it seeks to explore cricket’s place in major multi-sport events. (SportBusiness)

New Zealand Football Board appointment improves grassroots connection – 6 Mar 2012
Northern Football Federation Chairman Mike Anderson has been co-opted on to the board of New Zealand Football to strengthen the connection between football’s governance and its grassroots. (New Zealand Football)

New chief executive for Surf Life Saving New Zealand – 16 Mar 2012
Surf Life Saving New Zealand’s board is delighted to announce Paul Dalton as the organisation’s new chief executive, based in Wellington. (Surf Life Saving New Zealand)

Sport Science, Medicine and Coaching

Coach effectiveness and personality assessments: an exploratory analysis of thin slice interpersonal perceptions – March 2012
With a hypothesis  that people are able to form accurate perceptions of others from mere glimpses of their behavior, this research examined accuracy, consensus, and “self-other” agreement of personality assessments and coaching effectiveness based on video clips of nine recreation level coaches. (Sport Journal)

Olympic Coach e-magazine – Sport Performance Division – Winter 2012
This current edition includes a range of articles from ‘building better performance through applied science’ to ‘Comfort is the key to coaching young athletes'. (Team USA).

Sports psycho-physiology:  a way forward in successful coaching and sports performance? - 2012
This opinion piece discusses the concept of sports psycho-physiology, which is the integration of mind and body in the effective training, preparation and performance strategies of athletes. (Sports Coaching Brain)

Motivation and goal orientations of Masters’ Games participants in Hong Kong – March 2012
The purpose of this study was to investigate the participation motives and goal orientations of participants in the Hong Kong Master Games, held over the New Year 2012/13. The participants were 108 men and 52 women. The top five participation motives were fun, affiliation/friendship, fitness, skill development and achievement/status. (Sport Journal)

Physical profiling of Rugby Union players: implications for talent development – 2011
The aims of this thesis were: (i) to determine the differences and changes in physical characteristics in rugby union players; (ii) establish the relationship between physical characteristics and on-field performance; and (iii) establish the effectiveness of an off-season physical conditioning programme in adolescent rugby union players. (Auckland University of Technology)

New UK hub to address eating disorders in sport – 23 Feb 2012
A hub of research and clinical expertise to help tackle eating disorders in sport and educate athletes and sports professionals in this sensitive issue has been established between Loughborough University and Leicester NHS Eating Disorders Service. (Loughborough University)

Acupuncture: is there any point? – March 2012
Acupuncture, used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, is gaining popularity as a means of pursuing improved athletic performance. This article explains the pros and cons of acupuncture, and why it may not be appropriate for every athlete. (Peak Performance)

Muscle hypertrophy in prepubescent tennis players – 13 Mar 2012
The study assessed whether tennis at pre-pubertal age elicits the hypertrophy of dominant arm muscles. The volume of the muscles of both arms was determined using magnetic resonance imaging. (Plos One)

Active Communities

UK Sport Makers - British Minister meets next generation – 16 Mar 2012
The Minister for Sport and the Olympics, Hugh Robertson MP, saw first-hand how people from Buckinghamshire are being inspired to make sport happen in their local community after visiting a local Sport Makers workshop. The programme aims to inspire 40,000 people aged 16 years and over to make sport happen for their friends, neighbours and colleagues by spending at least 10 hours organising or leading sporting activities. (Sport England)

Sport fields as potential catalysts for physical activity in the neighbourhood – 19 Jan 2012
Physical activity is associated with access to recreational facilities such as sports fields. Because it is not clear whether objectively or subjectively-assessed access to facilities exerts a stronger influence on physical activity, this study investigated the association between the objective and perceived accessibility of sport fields and the levels of self-reported physical activity among adults in Edmonton, Canada. The study can be downloaded from this site. (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)

Innovative new learn- to-swim pool – 6 Mar 2012
Christchurch City Council has unveiled a new learn-to-swim pool, dedicated to providing swimming lessons for children, at Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centre. The 16-metre, four-lane pool is dual-depth. Depending on children’s needs, its water level can be changed from 0.75 metres to one metre in a short space of time, providing a shallow, confidence-building environment. (Christchurch City Council)

Ride of your life! A new event for Hawkes Bay – 8 Mar 2012
Napier Mayor Barbara Arnott has announced a new event. “Napier - for the Ride of your Life” will be the theme for three days of cycle events in the City.  Seven events (from competition through to recreational) are planned, including the first ever New Zealand CycloCross nationals and a taste of Bike Polo.  (Napier City Council)

New cycle routes, racks and repair centres get England moving – 7 Mar 2012
Over 7,500 new cycle spaces at railway stations and 38 new and improved routes have been agreed, as part of a £30 million package of developments to connect communities, reduce carbon emissions, get people active and make cycling safer and more convenient. (7thSpace)

Quiet season for lifeguards at Himatangi – 14 March 2012
Himatangi Beach lifeguards experienced one of their quietest seasons for many years this summer with preventative actions rather than rescues providing the main activity. Other neighbouring beaches have also had fewer rescues, with the weather and subsequent lack of surf seemingly having a role. (Manawatu District Council’s)


State of Scotland's greenspace report – January 2012
This report reveals for the first time the extent and type of urban greenspace in all 32 Scottish local authority areas. It found the total area of greenspace in urban Scotland is 1,090 square kilometres - that’s equivalent to nearly 160,000 football pitches. The full report is available for download on this page. (greenspace scotland)

Economic value of green infrastructure estimated by new method – 27 Jan 2012
A new study has proposed a method to place monetary value on green infrastructure at both a project and regional scale, which illustrates the value of investing in green infrastructure to the public and other stakeholders. (European Commission)

New grants for Scots to enjoy the great outdoors – 16 Feb 2012
A new scheme is underway to help groups in North East Scotland get out and enjoy nature, reports Scottish Natural Heritage. Working with the Buchan Countryside Group, SNH is offering 50% travel grants to community and other similar groups. (Scottish Natural Heritage)

Consultation called for on Porirua’s draft recreation and open space strategy – 7 Mar 2012
The draft strategy sets a vision and action plan for managing the city's parks, play areas, swimming pools, sports grounds and harbour. It makes use of community consultation and surveys carried out over the past two years. The document can be downloaded from this site. (Porirua City Council)

Young People

The New Zealand State of Play Report – March 2012
The State of Play Report explores what play looks like in New Zealand today for eight to 12 year old children. It investigates what they are playing, who are they playing with and, most importantly, what stops them from playing? (Sweeney Research)

Young People and Sport Survey 2010 – 13 Mar 2012
The Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure in Northern Ireland has released these results which are part of a school-based survey carried out among 4,070 11 to 16 year-old students. (Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure in Northern Ireland)

The relationship between teaching styles and motivation to teach among physical education teachers – 1 Mar 2012
This study aims to investigate how teachers’ motivation to teach is related to different teaching styles. Some 176 physical education teachers from five European countries participated in the study. The results showed that teachers were more intrinsically motivated to teach than externally. (Journal of Sports Science and Medicine)

Who uses school athletic facilities? –March 2012
This Canadian exploratory study examined whether the availability of sport facilities was related to students’ physical activity, as well as whether children who participated in intramural (less competitive) sports had different levels of physical activity than children who participated in university sports.  The authors could the findings suggest that school sport policies may impact children’s levels of physical activity. (Active Living Research, Canada)

London 2012's International Inspiration Programme receives trophy at Global Sports Forum – 12 Mar 2012
London 2012’s International Inspiration Programme has been awarded the J.A Samaranch Trophy for the most innovative sports-based project at the Global Sports Forum in Barcelona. IIP is London 2012's international sports legacy programme and is bringing to life the promise made by the London 2012 bid team where they pledged to reach young people all around the world and connect them to the inspirational power of the Olympic Games so they are inspired to choose sport. (UK Sport)

Useful Weblinks

The Knowledge Library
The Knowledge Library has been developed following demand from practitioners and researchers for a New Zealand sport and recreation sector focused research repository.  The Knowledge library includes four searchable sections – research ideas, research underway, completed research and user community.   Sport NZ encourage both registration (so research can be added) and regular visitation. The more that is added, the more comprehensive the resource will become for the sector as a whole. 

Sports Downloads
This A to Z of free sports downloads from Peak Performance includes tips, techniques and exercises.