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Relay - 26 May 2010

Passing on topical information and research in the sport and physical recreation sector.

Relay - 26 May 2010


Risk Management Toolkit - 28 Apr 2010
SPARC's Risk Management toolkit guides you through a five-step risk management process for managing organisational risk. The toolkit is designed to address risk across all areas of your operation. (SPARC website)

High Performance Sport

Auckland announces free ride to Rugby World Cup 2011 matches - 19 May 2010
Public transport will be free to all Rugby World Cup 2011 matches in Auckland for ticketholders, enabling fans to get to the game quicker. (Auckland City Council, NZ)

Queens Baton Relay Brings Excitement to NZ Schools - 16 May 2010
The Queen's Baton Relay got underway in New Zealand on Monday 17 May, as Olympic and Commonwealth athletes Hayley Palmer, Daniel Bell and Sam Webster took the baton to thousands of school children in Manukau City. (NZOC)

Hillary and Tenzing to be Honoured by NZ Athletes - 17 May 2010
The New Zealand Olympic Committee paid tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay this morning with the announcement that New Zealand athletes would come together in their honour at the Commonwealth Games this year. (NZOC)

WADA Publishes Vancouver Observer Report - 18 May 2010
The World Anti-Doping Agency has officially published the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games Independent Observer Report on their website. (International Paralympic Committee)

London and Glasgow agree Games link-up - 25 May 2010
The London Olympics and Glasgow Commonwealth Games have agreed a formal co-operation deal. (Sports City)

London 2012 Mascots Launched to World - 19 May 2010
The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games have unveiled their Olympic Mascot, Wenlock and Paralympic Mascot, Mandeville. (London 2012)

Olympic Stadium's second anniversary sees start of work on field of play - 21 May 2010
Work has begun on the London Olympic Stadium's field of play, on the second anniversary of the start of construction on the venue. (London 2012)

London 2012 budget cut by 27m pounds - 25 May 2010
The new coalition Government has announced that 27m pounds is to be cut from the London 2012 Olympics budget. (Sports City)

First Co-ordination Commission Visit to Rio - 20 May 2010
The International Olympic Committee Co-ordination Commission for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games ended its first visit recently to the Brazilian host city with a full schedule of events. (International Paralympic Committee)

Sports Development

New CEO for Tennis NZ - 21 May 2010
Tennis New Zealand has appointed experienced sports administrator Steve Johns as its new CEO. (Tennis NZ)

2009 New Zealand Universities Blues announced - 20 May 2010
University Sport New Zealand (USNZ) has announced the recipients of the prestigious Blues Awards for the 2009 academic year. (University Sport New Zealand)

World Cup Windfall Generates Multi-Million Dollar Grassroots Fund - 19 May 20100
All Whites skipper Ryan Nelsen has lent his support to the New Zealand Football Foundation, a new charitable trust to ensure a sustanable legacy for football in New Zealand. (Football NZ)

Nationwide Golf club challenge launched - 26 May 2010
New Zealand Golf will encourage golf clubs to continue to look for innovative ways to attract more members to the game. (NZ Golf)

Historic day for Bowls as Wellington sign on as a Regional Service Centre - 12 May 2010
Wellington has accepted the responsibility of being a regional service centre with the accountability of providing a support service to clubs and centres within its region on a range of identified issues that are better supported from a central point rather than being expected to be delivered by every Centre within the Region. (Bowls NZ)

Water Safety New Zealand and University of Otago, PhD Scholarship -25 May 2010
One 3-year PhD scholarship is available in 2010 to conduct research which will support the Research Strategy of Water Safety New Zealand. (Water Safety NZ)

Basketball NZ Refs Achieve Higher Honours - 21 May 2010
Two Basketball NZ referees have been appointed to referee at world class events – the FIBA World Championship for Women in the Czech Republic and the FIBA U18 European Championship for Men (Division B) in Israel. (Basketball NZ)

Australian Sport: The pathway to success - 11 May 2010
The Australian Government has released its new sport policy paper, which includes its response to the Independent Sport Panel Report. The policy seeks to deliver on three key goals for the Australian sport system: increasing participation numbers, strengthening sporting pathways and striving for success. (Department of Health and Ageing, Australia)

New report reveals poor coverage of women in sport - 21 May 2010
The Australian Sports Commission has released new research in its report: 'Towards a Level Playing Field: sport and gender in Australian media' that reveals the achievements of women in sport continue to be under-represented in the Australian media. (Australian Sports Commission)

Sydney Launches Global Scoreboard to Chart Women on Sports Boards - 23 May 2010
The International Working Group on Women and Sport Sydney 2010 today launched the Sydney Scoreboard - a measurement tool that will chart the number of women on sports boards globally. (International Working Group on Women and Sport, Sydney 2010)

Sport to combat homophobia - 17 May 2010
The Australian Sports Commission recognises the importance of tackling homophobia and has formed an important partnership with the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) to address homophobic attitudes and behaviour in sport. (Australian Sports Commission)

The health and socioeconomic impacts of major multi-sport events: systematic review (1978-2008) - 20 May 2010
The objective of this research was to assess the effects of major multi-sport events on health and socioeconomic determinants of health in the population of the city hosting the event. (British Medical Journal)

2009 Canada Summer Games Economic Impact Assessment Released - 14 May 2010
The economic impact assessment of the 2009 Canada Summer Games was released recently by the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance. The event was held in Charlottetown and Summerside, Prince Edward Island, from August 15 – 29, 2009. (Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance)

Sport to push UN Millennium Development Goals - 21 May 2010
Sports officials and UN representatives are currently meeting in Lausanne to assess how sport can best be used to make progress in the fields of human development, youth empowerment, gender equality, health and peace-building. (The Olympic Movement)

Sports Science, Medicine and Coaching

Positive football coaches - 20 May 2010
Discusses the benefits of a 'mastery' approach to coaching. On this YouTube video Scottish youth football coaches discuss the importance of focusing on effort, learning and mistakes in the development of young players. (Positive Coaching Scotland)

A Choke-Up Grip Facilitates Faster Swing and Stride Times Without Compromising Bat Velocity and Bat Control - Spring 2010
This study investigated the relationship among baseball hitting components and bat control during the normal and choke-up grip swings. (The Sport Journal, US Sports Academy)

Sports psychology: the role of emotion regulation, music and the coach-athlete relationship - 24 May 2010
Sport psychology is a relatively young science but the years since the turn of the century have seen some major advances in understanding the role of the mind in sport. (Peak Performance)

Surfing Research - A New Zealand First  - 12 May 2010
The Export Gold Super 16 provided the platform for some leading reasearch into the fitness levels of surfers last month. Oliver Farley, an avid surfer and final year student at AUT in Auckland conducted the research on New Zealand's best surfers in what is to be the first part of a lengthy study on just what it takes to stay fit enough to surf. (Surfing NZ)

Running on empty good for fitness - 24 May 2010
Research done on cyclists suggests athletes who skip breakfast before training could be at an advantage over those who eat first. (Massey University, NZ)

Sports nutrition: practical advice on carbohydrates, hydration and antioxidants - 24 May 2010
In the first decade of the century, there's been an explosion in the sheer volume of sports nutrition research. But what are the key findings that athletes should seriously consider putting into practice? (Peak Performance)

Caffeine enhances upper body strength in resistance-trained women - 14 May 2010
The majority of research that has examined the effects of caffeine supplementation on strength-power performance has been carried out in both trained and untrained men. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine the acute effects of caffeine supplementation on strength and muscular endurance in resistance-trained women. (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition)

Effects of chocolate milk consumption on markers of muscle recovery following soccer training: a randomized cross-over study - 18 May 2010
This research sought to study the efficacy of chocolate milk as a recovery beverage following a period of increased training duration in intercollegiate soccer players. (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition)

Daily Ginger Consumption Found To Ease Muscle Pain - 20 May 2010
Researchers at the University of Georgia have found that daily ginger consumption reduces muscle pain caused by exercise. (Medical News Today)

Impact Sensor Provides Athletic Support - 17 May 2010
Researchers in New Zealand have now developed a new type of wearable impact sensor that can provide much needed information about the stresses and strains on limbs for rugby players, high jumpers, and runners. (Medical News Today)

Folic Acid Found To Improve Vascular Function In Amenorrheic Runners - 12 May 2010
A study led by sports medicine researcher at The Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee has found that oral folic acid may provide a safe and inexpensive treatment to improve vascular function in young female runners who are amenorrheic. (Medical News Today)

New Consensus Statement Focuses on Older Athletes - 10 May 2010
Team physicians representing some of the nation's largest sports medicine organisations have developed guidelines for "master athletes" – active individuals over 50 years of age. (ACSM)

Functional tissue engineering of ligament healing - 21 May 2010
In this review, the authors will elaborate on the injuries of the knee ligaments as well as using functional tissue engineering approaches to improve their healing. (Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation, Therapy and Technology)

Models end soccer 'tragedy' - 14 May 2010
A study by La Trobe University economists uses econometric modelling and regression techniques to estimate what would happen if the soccer game shoot-out were to be staged before (rather than after) extra-time, with the shoot-out result determining the winner only if the subsequent extra-time does not separate the teams anyway. (Science Alert, Australia and NZ)

Active Communities

Auckland's Tepid Baths redevelopment accelerated - 12 May 2010
The $12.66 million makeover for the Tepid Baths is being fast tracked, with construction expected to begin before 1 October 2010. (Auckland City Council, NZ)

Understanding barriers to sport participation - 20 May 2010
With the health and lifestyle benefits of participation in sport widely recognised, opportunities for participation in the community have increased and improved. However, VicHealth identified specific segments where participation in sport remains problematic: those with a low income, people with a disability and new arrivals to Australia. (VicHealth, Australia)

Time Use on Recreation and Leisure Activities, 2006  - 10 May 2010
This report presents selected results from the Australian 2006 Time Use Survey on how people choose to spend their time, with a focus on activities conducted during free time, in particular, sport and outdoor activities. (Australian Bureau of Statistics)

The drivers and value of engagement in culture and sport - 2010
The objective of the CASE programme is to produce robust research and sustainable evidence to inform and steer public policy in culture and sport. The first priority for the programme is on understanding public engagement, with a focus on determining the drivers and barriers and value of impacts of engagement. (CASE: The Culture and Sport Evidence Programme, UK)

Come Out to Play  - 20 May 2010
This is the first comprehensive survey of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual sport experiences in Australia. The report makes a number of recommendations to improve these groups' acces to participation, particularly creating inclusive and welcoming environments. (VicHealth, Australia)

Running through the recession - 13 May 2010
This year's London marathon had a record number of starters and finishers, the Tokyo marathon was nearly nine times oversubscribed, and figures from the US show that 2009 was another record year of growth for road running. (SportBusiness International)

Advancing the future of physical activity guidelines in Canada: an independent expert panel interpretation of the evidence - 11 May 2010
The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, in partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada, has initiated a review of their physical activity guidelines to promote healthy active living for Canadian children, youth, adults and older adults; previous guidelines were released in 2002, 2002, 1998 and 1999 respectively. (International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity)

The Toronto Charter for Physical Activity: A Global Call to Action - 20 May 2010
The Charter was launched at the 3rd International congress for Physical Activity and Health in Toronto during the closing plenary session. The delegates showed their strong support for the Charter and its call for all countries, regions and communities to strive for greater political commitment and community action to achieve physical activity for all. (Global Advocacy for Physical Activity)


Horowhenua Cycleway Proposal Welcomed - 25 May 2010
A Horowhenua District Council proposal to build a cycleway linking the Horowhenua and Tararua districts has been welcomed by Tararua Mayor Maureen Reynolds although it has yet to officially come before the council. (Horowhenua District Council, NZ)

New mountain bike tracks open in Arch Hill - 24 May 2010
Mountain bike riders have two new tracks in the heart of the city with the completion of the Arch Hill Scenic Reserve mountain bike trails. (Auckland City Council, NZ)

DOC to develop cycleways and campgrounds - 20 May 2010
The New Zealand Government will spend more than $5 million developing new or improved campgrounds and three separate cycle trails over the next year, Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson says. (Department of Conservation, NZ)

Paths - Linking People, Places and Nature - Mar 2010
Paths are an important way to encourage access to, and enjoyment of, Scotland's outdoors. Paths are also a key tool for managing land and access together. They are increasingly recognised as part of the essential infrastructure required to support health, tourism and active travel by foot or bike and as such they contribute to the Government's five strategic priorities, notably to health and the environment. (Scottish National Heritage, UK)

Outdoor Recreation Participation Topline Report, 2010 - May 2010
This is a report based on data and analysis of American's participation in core outdoor recreation activities. Report data illustrates an increased number of American's participating in core outdoor sports and activities in various categories, within diverse demographics and throughout the United States. (Outdoor Foundation, US)

Queensland Adventure Activity Standards - May 2010
These Standards are minimum guidelines for leaders of dependent groups conducting group outdoor adventure activities. They are voluntary guidelines for undertaking potentially risky activities in a safe manner, for both participants and operators. (Queensland Department of Communities, Australia)

Young People

Four associations pilot junior Badminton programme - 12 May 2010
Four Badminton New Zealand Member Associations have been selected to pilot the new junior programme 'Racqueteers'. Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Manawatu and Wellington all have been selected as part of the pilot which has just begun. (Badminton New Zealand)

The Inner Game: A Different Approach to Skill Development - 22 May 2010
The first skill youth must learn is the art of letting go of the human inclination to judge themselves and their performance as either good or bad. (Podium Sports Journal)

The Bonati Spine Institutes Reports Sports Injuries In Young Athletes On The Rise - 14 May 2010
The Bonati Spine Institute, reports that recent studies indicate that many young athletes overuse their bodies and strike out too early. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), high school athletes alone account for an estimated 2 million injuries, 500,000 doctor visits and 30,000 hospitalizations every year. (Medical News Today)

Useful Weblinks

The Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport - Distinguished Lecture Series
Lectures presented by by members of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport, University of Minnesota are available on their website, Multimedia Archives (Fall 2005 - Spring 2010) webpage.

Internet for Leisure, Sport and Recreation
Would you like to learn how to use the Internet for Leisure, Sport and Recreation? This is one of a national series of tutorials written by qualified tutors, lecturers and librarians from across the UK. It is part of the Intute: Virtual Training Suite, funded by JISC.

Official YouTube Channel of the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) 
The FEI's new official YouTube Channel features regularly updated official videos covering a wide range of events, disciplines and equestrian sport related topics.


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