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Relay - 27 January 2010

Relay - 27 January 2010

Passing on topical information and research in the sport and physical recreation sector.

High Performance Sport

Wiki named as NZ Rugby League's new High Performance Manager - 22 Jan 2010

NZRL chief executive Jim Doyle said Wiki, who turned 37 just yesterday, had been signed to fill the vacancy created by Tony Kemp's appointment late last year to the new role of football manager. (NZ Rugby League)

IRB begins planning for Olympic debut - 27 Jan 2010

The planning for Rugby Sevens' debut at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janerio began recently, as International Rugby Board (IRB) President Bernard Lapasset travelled to Lausanne to meet with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF). (NZ Rugby Union)

Summary Of Conclusions Reached At Gender Symposium - 21 Jan 2010

At a meeting of international experts of Disorders Of Sex Development (DSD) in Athletes, organised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Florida International University (FIU) and jointly financed by the IOC and International Athletics Foundation (IAF), a number conclusions were reached. (The Olympic Movement)

Winter athletes to vote on IOC representatives - 22 Jan 2010

Nine athletes will stand for election to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Athletes’ Commission during the Winter Games in Vancouver. (Sports City)

IBSA and IPC announce eight-team blind futsal tournament at London 2012 Paralympic Games - 14 Jan 2010

The IBSA Futsal Subcommittee and the International Paralympic Committee have agreed to increase the number of teams taking part in the blind futsal – or 5-a-side football – event at the 2012 London Paralympic Games. (International Blind Sport Federation)

Sports Development.

University Sport New Zealand Staffing and Personnel Update - 20 Jan 2010

Over the course of the last two months University Sport New Zealand has undertaken major personnel changes at both a staffing and board level. (University Sport New Zealand)

Something for nothing - Dec 2009

Volunteers are clearly motivated by something other than pay. Understanding those motivations can help organisations to make the most of their volunteer resource. (NZIER, NZ)

NZ Government support for International Paralympics - 21 Jan 2010

NZ Economic Development Minister Gerry Brownlee is pleased that $400,000 will be contributed towards the 2011 International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Athletics World Championships being held in Christchurch 21-30 January 2011 from the Major Events Development Fund (MEDF). (

FIFA to consider goalline technology - 25 Jan 2010

World football's governing body FIFA will introduce video cameras on goallines if the system is guaranteed to work effectively, president Sepp Blatter said yesterday. (SportBusiness International)

The economic contribution of sport to Australia - Jan 2010

In mid-2009 the Australian Sports Commission engaged Frontier Economics to investigate the economic contribution of sport to Australia. This note summarises the findings of the longer Frontier Economics report. (Australian Sports Commission)

UK 'Athlete Champions' to support mission for world class success - 21 Jan 2010

UK Sport will be working with several 'Athlete Champions' in the coming years, with the aim of harnessing the considerable knowledge and experience of successful world class British athletes to benefit initiatives across the organisation. (UK Sport)

Single Equity Scheme 2010-2012 - Jan 2010

SportScotland has reviewed its corporate Single Equity Scheme 2006-2009 and developed a new Scheme for 2010-2012. (Sport Scotland)

Support Kit for Irish National Governing Bodies - Nov 2009

The Irish Sports Council launched the NGB Support Kit to further assist National Governing Bodies in the development and running of their sports. (Irish Sports Council)

Olympic and Sports Movement unified on EU sport topics - 25 Jan 2010

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today launched the Olympic and Sports Movement's unified position on how the wording on sport in the EU's new Lisbon Treaty should be put into practice. (The Olympic Movement)

New Clean Sport Website Launched - 20 Jan 2010

The FEI today launched a new website dedicated to its ongoing Clean Sport Campaign. (Equestrian Sports New Zealand)

Sports Science, Medicine and Coaching.

Athletics New Zealand Rio 2016 Performance Project Coaches Announced - 20 Jan 2010

Athletics NZ has named the coaches who will take up positions supporting the Rio 2016 Performance Project. (Athletics NZ)

Optimizing Development of the Pectoralis Major - Winter 2010

This article seeks to determine optimum body/hand position and the best exercises for development of the pectoralis major. Gaps in the field of literature are also addressed. (The Sport Journal, US Sports Academy)

New strict rules to handle concussions in rugby sport - Jan 2010
Simple sideline assessment tools to diagnose concussions in sports are now available to help the medical team and coaches to better protect their athletes. (Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center, Norway)

Human Running Speeds Of 35 To 40 Mph May Be Biologically Possible - 25 Jan 2010

A new study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology offers intriguing insights into the biology and perhaps even the future of human running speed. (Medical News Today)

Sports Psychology: the importance of long-term behaviour when creating a nutrition plan - 25 Jan 2010

Nutritionists, coaches and athletic trainers need to do so much more than just create nutrition plans and track progress. As Amanda Carlson explains, they also need to help athletes change their mindset about why and how they do things and then create better behaviours that become the new norm. (Peak Performance)

Eating Habits of Female Soccer Players and Consequences for Sporting Activity - 20 Jan 2010

A recent PhD theses concluded that, just by changing one or two bad habits, female soccer players could achieve a body that suffers less during matches, thus increasing the possibility of enhancing sporting performance. (ScienceDaily)

Researching the effects of amino acids on longer sports performance - 21 Jan 2010

New research into the use of amino acid supplements to reduce fatigue in team-sport players is being carried out in Melbourne under the direction of the principal researcher Dr Nigel Stepto of Victoria University, Dr Graeme Hyman from Monash University and AIS Physiology researcher Professor David Pyne. (Australian Sports Commission)

Misuse Of Protein Supplements By Athletes - 21 Jan 2010

Protein supplements don't improve performance or recovery time and, according to a recent study, such supplements are inefficient for most athletes. (Medical News Today)

Carbohydrate vs protein supplementation for recovery of neuromuscular function following prolonged load carriage - 12 Jan 2010

This study examined the effect of carbohydrate and whey protein supplements on recovery of neuromuscular function after prolonged load carriage. (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition)

The betaine content of sweat from adolescent females - 22 Jan 2010

This study was developed to establish whether betaine was present in the sweat of females and to determine any correlations with other sweat components. (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition)

Specialized Exercise Regimen At UB Shown To Relieve Prolonged Concussion Symptoms - 21 Jan 2010

University at Buffalo researchers are the first to show that a controlled individualized exercise training program can bring athletes and others suffering with post-concussion syndrome (PCS) back to the playing field or to their daily activities. (Medical News Today)

Investigators Identify Cleat/Natural Grass Combination May Be Less Likely to Result in ACL Injury - 20 Jan 2010

Athletes put less strain on their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) while making a cut on a natural grass surface while wearing a cleat. (Newswise)

Female Athletes Injured More Than Male Athletes - 25 Jan 2010

Female athletes experience dramatically higher rates of specific musculoskeletal injuries and medical conditions compared to male athletes. (ScienceDaily)

Knee injuries: the prevention and treatment of cartilage damage - 26 Jan 2010

Knee cartilage tears are common in athletes whose sports demand running and jumping. Alicia Filley looks at research on the best ways to treat and prevent this injury and comes up with some surprising conclusions. (Peak Performance)

Clinical and arthroscopic findings in recreationally active patients - 15 Jan 2010

The objective of this study was to examine the diagnostic accuracy of standard clinical tests for the shoulder in recreational athletes with activity related pain. (Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation, Therapy and Technology)

Study Casts Doubt on Popular Sports Injury Therapy - 15 Jan 2010

New research casts doubt on increasingly popular blood-based injections reportedly used by Tiger Woods and other athletes to speed recovery after orthopedic surgery. (Aetna InteliHealth)

A study of shuttlecock's trajectory in badminton - Dec 2009

The main purpose of this study was to construct and validate a motion equation for the flight of the badminton and to find the relationship between the air resistance force and a shuttlecock's speed. (Journal of Sports Science and Medicine)

Active Communities.

Sport England Sport facts 2008-2009 - 17 Dec 2009

The Sport packs listed highlight detailed results from Active People Survey 3 for each of Sport England's NGB 09-13 funded sports. Demographic breakdowns, regional breakdowns and frequency of participation data are included in the packs, providing insight into the profile of sports participants. (Sport England)

Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation (WSFF) factsheets - Jan 2010

WSFF has produced a series of free, downloadable fact-files. These include Sport insight factsheets, a comprehensive analysis of how women participate, and are involved in, various sports. (Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation, England)

Sport participation in Canada - Jan 2010

The 2008 Physical Activity Monitor explored participation in sport, defined as physical activities that usually involve competition and rules and develop specific skills. (Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute)

Where and how do Canadians participate in sport? - Jan 2010

This Bulletin examined participation in sport, with 30% of Canadians reporting sport participation. In addition, the 2008
Physical Activity Monitor explores where and how Canadians engage in sport. (Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute)

Seasonal Variations in Physical Activity - Jan 2010

A recent literature review identified 37 studies that have examined the issue of seasonal variation and concluded that seasons and day to day fluctuations in the weather do, indeed, have an important impact on physical activity behaviours. (Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute)

Les Mills Releases 'Future of Fitness' Research - 15 Jan 2010

The fitness industry and the people who earn their livings in it cannot afford to be complacent about their place in the future, according to new research. (Australasian Leisure Management)

Physical Activity Associated With Healthier Aging: Links Between Exercise and Cognitive Function, Bone Density and Overall Health - 25 Jan 2010

Physical activity appears to be associated with a reduced risk or slower progression of several age-related conditions as well as improvements in overall health in older age, according to a commentary and four articles published in the January 25 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. (ScienceDaily)


Parks and recreation programs declining as obesity, health concerns rise - 15 Jan 2010

New research at Oregon State University has shown that there's a close correlation between public health and recreational opportunities, both close to home and in state parks. (Oregon State University, US)

Better Places to Play Through Planning - Dec 2009

This report aims to support local planning and transport authorities to develop and implement planning policy that ensures children and young people have access to high quality playable spaces close to where they live and spend their time. (Play England)


First grain of sand to be poured at Trafalgar Park - 14 Jan 2010

The new turf at Trafalgar Park takes a step closer to the finish line with the pouring of the first bag of recycled glass sand that forms the turf's base. (Nelson City Council, NZ)

Melbourne to spend A$363m to keep Open - 19 Jan 2010

The state of Victoria is to spend A$363 million on a redevelopment of the Melbourne Park venue for the Australian Open in a bid to keep the tournament until 2036. (SportBusiness International)

Advocacy for active transport: advocate and city council perspectives - 24 Jan 2010 ???

The aim of this study is to explore advocacy for active transport from the perspectives of community advocates and representatives from City councils. (International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity)

Young People.

Youth'07 The Health and Wellbeing of Secondary School Students in New Zealand: Results for Pacific Young People - Jan 2010

This report presents selected findings for 1190 Pacific secondary school students who took part in New Zealand's second national youth health and wellbeing survey conducted in 2007. The findings are compared with those from the first survey in 2001. (Youth 2000, NZ)

Bowls ain't just for nanas - 26 Jan 2010

"Bowls ain't just for nanas" is the by-line for Squad6, the newest brand from Bowls NZ aimed at encouraging more secondary school students to trial bowls. (Bowls NZ)

Parents Not Taking Concussions Seriously Enough - 18 Jan 2010

Children who suffer a concussion don't just have a minor head bump, but a brain injury that parents, coaches and teachers need to take more seriously, Canadian researchers warn. (Medline Plus)

"Alliance To Address The Youth Sports Safety Crisis In America" Summit Raises Awareness Of Health Care And Safety Of Youth Athletes - 12 Jan 2010

As part of an ongoing effort to reduce the catastrophic athletic injuries and illnesses among young athletes in the United States, the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) spearheaded the "Alliance to Address the Youth Sports Safety Crisis in America". (Medical News Today)

Ontario releases revised Health and PE Curriculum - 19 Jan 2010

The government of Ontario released its revised curriculum for health and physical education for grades 1-8 on January 18, 2010. (Physical and Health Education Canada)

Fitness of Canadian children and youth: Results from the 2007-2009 Canadian Health Measures Survey - 14 Jan 2010

Between 1981 and 2009, fitness levels of Canadian children and youth, as well as those of adults, declined significantly, according to the first findings from the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS). (Physical and Health Education Canada)

Parents' Perceptions of Their Child's Competence Linked to Physical Activity - 26 Jan 2010

According to a new study, there is no direct link between parents' own level of physical activity, and how much their child may exercise. In fact, parents' perceptions of their children's athleticism are what have a direct impact on the children's activity. (ScienceDaily)

Useful Weblinks.

Paradigm Shifts in Sport and Coaching

Powerpoint presentation by Istvan Balyi, Alberta Sport Development Centre, January 2010.

Intellectual Muscle: University Dialogues for Vancouver 2010

On the occasion of the Winter Olympic Games Vancouver 2010, the Organising Committee and the University of British Columbia, in collaboration with universities across Canada and The Globe and Mail, are undertaking the project "Intellectual Muscle", consisting of a series of talks by prominent intellectuals from Canada around these Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games.


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