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KiwiSport is a government funding initiative to promote sport for school-aged children.




KiwiSport Regional Partnership Funding allocations have now been confirmed with Regional Sports Trusts (RSTs) for 2012-15.

RSTs have recently completed new investment plans for this period confirming regional priorities and funding processes for the next three years.  Funding distribution for KiwiSport initiatives are again a mixture of contestable and non-contestable processes and investment supports both short (1 year) and longer term projects (up to 3 years).

A summary of all RST KiwiSport investment plan priorities and application processes (including dates of funding rounds)  are provided here  RST Investment (PDF, 370 Kb)

For more information on individual RST plans please contact RSTs directly or check their websites –  Regional Sports Trusts


KiwiSport Report 

Kiwisport Regional Partnership funding, administered by Regional Sports Trusts (RSTs) around the country, is having significant impact on the number of school-aged children accessing opportunities to play sport.

RSTs have approved just over $22.4 million worth of projects and opportunities have been delivered to 969,101 individual participants since 2009. Most projects are providing sporting opportunities across multiple sessions and a total of 5,501,306 participant sessions have been delivered as at 30 June 2012.

Community organisations, including schools and clubs, have also contributed $13.8 million to the total investment available since funding began in 2009.

The main type of projects delivered have been skills programmes , followed by sport opportunities or competitions, and coaching courses. Most projects are targeted at the primary school age group. 

The latest national report covers the first 4 year investment period for Kiwisport (July 2009 – June 2013), download here National Kiwi Sport Report 2009-2013
(PDF, 2.43 Mb)


KiwiSport in the Media

KiwiSport projects have been reported throughout the country, to read about these check out the KiwiSport Media Page