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What Sport NZ invests in

Sport New Zealand invests more than $70 million per year in organisations and programmes that will help us to achieve our mission.

Specifically, this means targeting funding to create a sport and recreation environment where more New Zealanders participate, support, and win.


Sport NZ's investment approach means we don't provide grants to organisations or individuals. Instead, we establish partnerships with organisations that are best placed in the national, regional and local sport and recreation communities to help us achieve our aims.

Our key partnerships are with national sport organisations, national recreation organisations, regional sports trusts and local authorities. Through these bodies Sport NZ not only invests funding, but also provides expertise that will improve the quality of the services delivered to their members and participants.

Directory of Potential Funding Sources

Sport NZ's investment is only part of the funding landscape for the sport and recreation sector. Philanthropic trusts, gaming trusts and community funders also play a significant role in supporting the sector.

To assist individuals or groups who cannot receive funding for their initiatives through Sport NZ, we have developed a searchable Directory of Potential Funding Sources in conjunction with the Funding Information Service. If you're seeking funding for your team or project, we suggest you use this as a starting point.