Hillary Expeditions

Our Hillary Expeditions provide support for New Zealanders to take on exciting, world-first adventures in the great outdoors.

Previous expeditions

Summaries and reports.

Barny Young Rio Chicao Galizio

Applications for the 2014-2016 Hillary Expeditions grants have closed.

The Hillary Expedition grant is currently unavailable pending an internal review.

Previous expeditions have involved teams of trampers, mountaineers, rock climbers, cross-country skiers, kayakers, mountain bikers, sailors and others.

The expeditions are one way in which we continue Sir Edmund Hillary’s tradition of lofty goals, determination and skill, and inspiring others in the process.


Expedition applications are assessed under three main criteria. We look at the degree to which an expedition would be:

  1. pioneering, innovative, and/or world first, while being feasible and realistic
  2. well planned, and
  3. capable of inspiring New Zealanders to make more use of the outdoors.

Please note that we prefer to fund teams rather than individuals.

Funding pool

See Potential Hillary Expedition funding sources in Managing sport.