Club Member Experience Survey

Club and traditional membership is changing, and for sports and recreation organisations there is a critical need to understand what can be done to keep people engaged.

Sport NZ’s club experience survey has been developed for NSOs to understand club level player experiences and how they might adapt to meet people’s changing needs.

With a better club experience, the more likely someone is to continue to play and act as an advocate for the club.

How to get involved?

The club experience survey runs annually for summer sport, and for winter sport. Members of the clubs are invited to complete a short and simple survey online.

Once complete, NSO’s will receive a full report on their members’ club experience. To find out more visit or to register your interest in taking part in the next round of surveys, click here or email

How can the survey help your clubs?

Find out:

  • How satisfied members are
  • How likely are members to recommend their club, and re-join next year?
  • Find out what factors to focus on to drive a positive member experience
  • How the club experience differ across demographics and club tenure – and how can they ensure everyone is catered for?

How clubs are performing

Seven drivers of club satisfaction

Drivers of Club Satisfaction Research from the pilot survey has revealed seven key drivers of club satisfaction and therefore areas clubs should focus on.

The key areas for clubs to focus on as the most important for delivery and positive club experience were:

  • Allowing me to fulfil potential
  • Being professional and well-managed
  • Having good communication

Key insights

In the last three months:

A great atmosphere and other members being friendly and welcoming is the key reason why members will recommend their club to others. Areas to improve for those who wouldn’t recommend their club are:

  • Better club management / committee
  • More fairness/ equal opportunity
  • Better atmosphere/ friendlier

Players who are move involved at the club, and who have been at the club longer tend to be more positive. Young adults are less likely to re-join their club.

Clubs are being led by and are focusing on a group of ‘vocal’ members, who tend to me more involved and represent ‘happier’ members. But this is at the expense of newer/younger members who are not being heard.


The survey was developed and pilot in collaboration with Bowls New Zealand, Football New Zealand, New Zealand Rugby League and Tennis New Zealand. Results collected in 2015 published in 2016.

It is part of the Sport NZ Voice of Participant programme (


To find out more or to register your interest in taking part in the next round of surveys, email the insights team.