Website guide

A brief overview of the revamped Sport New Zealand website.

Managing sport

Managing sport is where we keep knowledge resources for our partners, such as national sports organisations and regional sports trusts.

Here you'll find our sector guidance, templates and research, divided into categories including young people, governance, coaching, running clubs, and more.

Also see the short Guide to Managing sport.

Get into sport

Get into sport is for people looking to find a sport in which to play or volunteer, coach or get outdoors. Get into sport has links to local sports organisations and funding sources.

News and events

News and events has media releases, updates and sport sector events, such as conferences. It's also where we post our frequently-updated and emailed newsletters, including Relay, BoardTalk, SiE What's Happening and New Zealand Coach.

Find funding

Directory of sport and recreation funding sources.

Find a job

Sport and recreation employment opportunities.


Our strategies and plans, and our annual reports.


For beginner coaches, we have Become a coach in Get into sport. For more experienced coaches, and people who develop coaches, go to Managing sport.

Can’t find it?

If you don't find what you're looking for, please let us know.