Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria are used to ensure the organisation has the attributes that Sport NZ is looking for in an investment partner and whether it has the capability to receive and manage public monies.


Sport NZ will receive applications for eligibility twice a year. The eligibility criteria only apply to national sports organisations (NSOs) and national regional organisations (NROs).

All applications are considered within six weeks of the closing date.

Application form

Eligibility Requirements for Sport NZ and HPSNZ investment for NSOs and NROs (DOC)

Eligibility Criteria

There are two categories of criteria that we will be considering. Our eligibility criteria include a mix of mandatory and evaluative criteria, and reflect basic requirements of good governance and management of public funding. Some requirements are only applicable to sport organisations.

Category One: Mandatory

Participation and Performance

The organisation has a focus on increasing participation and/or winning on the world stage.


The organisation:

Accountability/Partner Capability

The organisation:

  • has management systems that are responsive to addressing any concerns;
  • is able to provide financial reports that have been audited or subject to an engagement review by a chartered accountant for the previous three financial years of its existence;
  • has the capacity and capability to provide accurate reporting on participation and performance; and
  • has an acceptable strategic plan covering three or more years.

Category Two: Evaluative

Promotion, supporting or delivering sport and/or recreation is a core function
  • To what extent does the organisation focus on the delivery of sport and/or recreation outcomes?
Organisational structure
  • Is it a national body?
  • Can other organisations affiliate to it?
  • Does the organisation perform a coordination role across similar organisations in New Zealand?
  • Is the organisation structured in a way that provides a cohesive and collective approach to sport and recreation administration?
International Linkages
  • Is the organisation affiliated to, and recognised by, an international federation where one exists?
  • Is the organisation affiliated to the New Zealand Olympic Committee*?
Participation and/or performance
  • How well does this organisation perform on increasing participation?
  • What have been the participation figures for the previous three years?
  • How well does the work of the organisation tie in with government priority of more New Zealanders winning on the world stage? *
Supporting sport and recreation
  • How well does the work of the organisation tie in with the government priority of more New Zealanders participating in supporting and delivering sport and recreation opportunities?
  • How successful has the funding relationship been between the organisation and its funders, including Sport NZ?
  • How well has the organisation partnered with other organisations?
  • Barring any Sport NZ investment, is the organisation able to generate sufficient financial resources to meet its administrative commitments without compromising its reserves or ability to carry out its mandate.


* Only applicable to sports organisations and not recreation organisations.