Investment principles

The five principles guiding our investment decisions

Our investment principles inform planning and decision-making, impact the way we operate and communicate, and set the context for improvement. 

The five investment principles are:

1. Participant focused

We will focus our investments and those of our partners on achieving better play, active recreation and sport outcomes for participants.

2. Robust and transparent

We will be accountable for our investment and be transparent about our understanding of how outcomes are being achieved.

3. Invest smart

We will look to make the biggest difference by investing where we get the best value for money.

4. Partner with integrity

We will operate constructively and transparently with partners and providers, being clear that our aim is to improve outcomes.

5. Learn and improve over time

We will measure progress in achieving outcomes, and assist our partners and providers to do so, supporting the freedom to innovate and drawing on evidence to learn and improve.