Our Funds

Young Women's Activation fund

The Young Women’s Activation fund is designed to support national and regional organisations with their initiatives that demonstrate the ability to engage young women aged 12-18 in play, active recreation and sport.

Innovations for Young Women fund

The Innovations for Young Women fund is designed to support smaller organisations or teams with new and bright ideas to engage young women aged 12-18 to get and stay active.

He Oranga Poutama

The He Oranga Poutama ("Stairway to wellbeing") investment fund contributes to Māori wellbeing through play, active recreation and sport by improving physical activity levels in a way that is culturally appropriate. It is also aimed at increasing Māori leadership in the sport and recreation sector.


KiwiSport funds sports initiatives for school-aged students, via the Ministry of Education and regional sports trusts around the country. KiwiSport aims to:

  • increase the number of school-aged children participating in organised sport
  • increase the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children.
  • support children to develop skills that enable them to participate confidently in sport.

Rural travel fund

The Rural Travel Fund was developed in response to concerns about a potential lack of participation in sport by young people living in rural communities. The fund:

  • is designed to help subsidise rural travel for junior teams, and
  • is targeted at young people aged between 5-19 years to assist school and club sports teams to participate in local sporting competitions.

No Exceptions Funding Allocation

The No Exceptions Funding Allocation is Sport NZ funding administered by the Halberg Foundation on behalf of Sport NZ.
Allocation for 2018-20