Executive Leaders Programme

Developing leaders who are forward thinking, courageous, curious, and driving continued growth.

The Sport NZ Executive Leaders Programme is designed to support you in driving transformational change for yourself and your organisation-working smarter not harder and doing more with less.  Through a design-thinking approach the programme is created by you, for you using real case studies and examples from the Sport and Recreation sector. It’s a programme that is participant led, providing you with the opportunity to build strong connections with other CEs and sector executives, sharing your knowledge and experience with one another.  The focus is on growing your leadership performance in order to deliver better outcomes for your organisation, your community and the sector as a whole.  

Programme Structure and Design

The Sport NZ Executive Leaders Programme is a six day programme combining both residential and online workshops over a 6-month period.  Central to the design are your insights, ideas, challenges, and opportunities integrated with cutting edge thinking about leadership development-including what we know about neuro science, behavioural psychology, and the psychology of learning.  To support deep personal growth, tools include a 360 diagnostic, 1-1 executive coaching, personal feedback, real case studies, guest presentations, experiential learning and peer learning.

 What’s covered:

  • Exploring strategic business tools and frameworks to accelerate change and transformation throughout your organisation
  • Deepening your knowledge and influence to become a more effective change agent within your organisation and across your community
    • Mastering a range of leadership competencies as outlined in the Leadership Framework for Sport and Recreation in Aotearoa, NZ – from strategic thinking, communicating with impact and managing difficult conversations and crises, to building effective cultures, and increasing influence and collaboration to make genuine impact
    • Learning how to overcome barriers to change, identify opportunities for innovation, and moving initiatives from the idea stage to implementation in order to drive organizational transformation
    • Developing critical thinking skills and behaviours to thrive under ambiguity and complexity

What’s in it for you:

  • Creating and sustaining individual behaviour change through exposure to ‘stretch’ experiences and reflection
  • Gaining powerful and enduring insights into your own strategic leadership capabilities
  • Providing you with significant opportunities to engage with other CEs and influential leaders to engage, sharing and exploring with peers your experiences, knowledge and skills
  • Providing the space and support to increase your own self-awareness, building on your strengths and recognising your areas of growth

How do I get on the programmes?

Participation on the Executive Leaders programme is by invitation only. Applications for 2018 are now closed. Please contact natalie.stevens@sportnz.org.nz if you are interested in participating next year.