The purpose of this guidance is to establish protocols that must be in place to allow for limited single client professional coaching (e.g. tennis coaching) to take place outdoors under Alert Level 3. Coaching that can be delivered remotely must be conducted remotely.

Cannot be delivered remotely

This guidance only applies where the specific training involved cannot be delivered remotely. It is considered that most training should be able to be conducted remotely (e.g. online or through video conferencing) except where it requires the use of specialised venues (e.g. a tennis court or bowls green), or there are techniques that cannot be assessed remotely and require a coach to be physically present (e.g. athletic throwing disciplines). 

The coach should be able to demonstrate that the coaching needs to take place (e.g. as part of an existing training plan) and that they have exhausted any remote coaching options first. 

However, training or coaching that requires any contact between coach and athlete is not permitted.  At least 2m distance must be maintained at all times.


The venue or premises must be able to open under Alert Level 3 (e.g. outdoor tennis court or golf course). Most public facilities are closed at Alert Level 3.

The premises should have a Covid Plan in place and is available for clients to view.  The coach or trainer must have agreement from the venue for its use.

The coaching must be delivered in an environment that meets all applicable health and safety requirements at Alert Level 3, for example:

  • Must have a health and safety plan in place and accessible to clients. This should include all relevant protocols including hygiene and sanitation and the use of PPE.
  • Must be booked in advance with client contact details provided.
  • Suitable cleaning and sanitization procedures must be in place. Common touch points should be minimized.
  • Contact tracing must be able to be conducted and details collected from all who attend the venue.
  • The NZ COVID Tracer QR code must be displayed prominently near the main entrance to the venue.

Coach / Trainer

The coach must hold an coaching qualification relevant to the coaching offered; be certified by, or registered with, their national or regional sports organisation, is currently affiliated to a club and paid for their coaching.

The coach and client must always maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from each other. 

They may only see 1 client at a time or a small group (up to 4 people) from a single bubble. There must be a suitable gap between clients to prevent them coming into contact with each other and to allow for cleaning to take place.

If more than one coach/trainer is operating in a facility, then they must ensure that at least 2m distance is kept from each other at all times – and great distance kept when seeing clients (e.g. do not use adjoining courts).  In addition, careful attention must be given to scheduling clients so that clients are not using entrances or shared waiting areas at the same time.

Clients must be able to book and pay through contactless means.

Protocols in place during the activity

Coaching activities should be low-risk activities, to reduce the chance of needing medical care. 

No sharing of equipment – the client must bring their own equipment to use (e.g. their personal tennis racquet) and only the coach touches the other pieces of equipment (e.g. balls).  For athletic throwing disciplines, only the athlete would handle the throwing equipment.  All equipment must be cleaned or sanitized between clients.

There is appropriate scheduling and active management of clients to ensure no crossover between clients and sufficient time is allowed between clients to allow for cleaning/sterilization of equipment and shared surfaces.

Coaches and clients are always strongly encouraged to wear a face covering.

Prior to attending each session both the coach and the client should confirm that they:

  • Have no symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (fever, sore throat, cough, congestion, loss of smell, Shortness of breath).
  • Are not awaiting a COVID-19 test result.
  • Are not in isolation or quarantine.
  • Are not linked to an active COVID-19 cluster.
  • Have not been overseas in the last 2 weeks.
  • Have not been in contact with anyone who is unwell with COVID-19 like symptoms.

If either the coach or the client respond positively to any of the above questions, the coaching session should be deferred until a medical opinion is sought.


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