Playing it Safe at Level 2

Alert Level 2 means the return of most play, recreation and sport activities, but we still need to contain COVID-19.

Rule 1 – Stick to the Basics


Rule 2 – Be a Contact Tracer


Rule 3 - Keep your distance

Continue to maintain distance around people you don’t know. If a public space like a playground is too crowded, stay away.


Rule 4 - Gather in ten or less

Physical activities where contact happens must be done in groups of 10 or less. That number includes participants, athletes, coaches and officials.


Rule 5 - Seek information

Gyms, studios, swimming pools and more are now open. Play your part by understanding in advance the hygiene, contacting tracing and distancing rules you’ll need to follow.


Rule 6 - Minimise spectating

Check with your club or organisation to understand their rules for drop-offs, pick-ups and spectating. At a minimum, you’ll need to distance from other spectators.