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• all applications must meet the Department of Internal Affairs’ criteria and the definition of Authorised Purposes in the Gambling Act 2003.
• all approved applications must be consistent with and be in accordance with the Authorised Purposes outlined in the constitution of Pub Charity Limited.
• all applicants shall be non-profit organisations correctly incorporated either as charitable organisations or other associations promoting charitable purposes or amateur sport, and shall have a valid constitution and a set of rules and provide credible financial statements.
• all funds applied for shall be for expenditure consistent with and in accordance with the Authorised Purposes outlined in the constitution of Pub Charity Limited and for purposes in New Zealand.
• generally donations paid should provide some enduring or demonstrable community benefit. As an example this may be asset or facilities funding or contributing towards community or sports development projects.
• applications shall not be approved where the applicant is not the beneficiary.
• applications may not be considered where the applicant operates their own gaming machines.
• applications for property maintenance or purchase costs will be required to have supporting information as to the tenure or ownership of the relevant property.
• generally funds will be applied and distributed in the area (typically defined by territorial local authority boundaries) from which they were generated. However, the Directors may, in their discretion, apply and distribute funds generated from one area into another area where the Directors consider there is a community of interest between the two areas. Further, the Directors may, in their discretion, apply and distribute funds available to national societies, agencies, or causes.
• applications will need to be within one of the following generic donation distribution groups:
(i) a community/welfare group/organisation;
(ii) education (including pre-school, kindergartens, playgroups, Nga Kohanga Reo);
(iii) fire brigade, ambulance, life saving;
(iv) health, and health related purposes;
(v) youth.
• to comply with the Gambling (Class 4 Net Proceeds) Regulations R16(e) promulgated by the Department of Internal Affairs there is a prohibition for donation money to be approved for expenditure that has been incurred prior to the application being considered (i.e. retrospective payments).
• the Pub Charity Limited Directors are the final arbitrators as to the success or otherwise of any donation application irrespective of such application meeting all or any of the published authorised purpose and or donation criteria.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


Pub Charity was established in 1987 by the then-named Hotel Association of New Zealand (HANZ).
Pub Charity was the first organisation in New Zealand licensed to operate gaming machines and is one of the largest national trusts operating gaming machines, with venues spread across the country.

Pub Charity Incorporated is no longer trading and all net proceeds have been distributed.  To apply for a donation, visit Pub Charity Limited. 


Pub Charity aims to provide enduring community benefit by ring fencing funds raised in a terrritorial authority area and giving priority to applications where we operate.

Projects funded

Applications must be for charitable purposes and will need to be within one of the following donation distribution groups:

• community, culture and arts
• education (including pre-school, kindergartens, playgroups, Kohanga Reo)
• fire brigade, ambulance, life saving
• health, and health-related purposes
• youth
• sport, recreation, leisure.

If you are applying for property maintenance or purchase costs, you will need to provide supporting information as to the tenure or ownership of the relevant property.

Excluded projects

• retrospective costs
• professionalism
• commercial gain
• overseas expenditure
• sports clubs registration; entry and affiliation fees and general operating expenses are all unlikely to succeed.
• commision based fundraisers

Activities funded

Most expenses are considered.

Funds available

Information not available

Upper limit per grant application

No set limit.

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Funds available last year


How to apply

You can now apply for a Pub Charity Limited donation online.

Click here to get started.
NOTE: The email filter offered to Xtra email addresses is blocking all of our emails from being received by Xtra customers, as such it is advised that you use an email that is not serviced by Xtra
Remember to ensure your application is correct and complete and all the required documentation has been provided – Pub Charity Limited takes no responsibility for incomplete or incorrect applications.
TIP: Get your application in early. That way if we have any questions or we think something is missing, there might be time to come back and ask you. If there's no time for this, your application may miss out on the funding round.
Read our How to apply guide for help with your online application.
Once you have loaded your organisation details, you’ll be able to access your Applicant Dashboard each time you apply – read How to Access Your Applicant Dashboard to find out how to access and use it.

Why apply online?
It’s quicker and simpler:
you only need to provide your organisation details the first time you apply
you don’t need to rely on the postal system to get your application in on time
we can process your application more quickly, which means if you’re missing any info we can get back to you sooner and hopefully get your application sorted in plenty of time.

Can I still send in a hard copy application?
Yes – you can still download an application form, fill it out and send it in to us however all accountability reports for applications made from the beginning of 2018 are now required to be submitted into the online system even if your application was paper based. Applications made before 2018 however require paper based accountability reports.

Information required with your application

• organisation details
• contact details
• cost breakdown
• total amount requested from Pub Charity Limited

Decision makers

Pub Charity Limited’s Net Proceeds Committee

Decision time

One month

How notified

All applicants, successful or unsuccessful are notified by letter.

How paid

Direct credit

If your application is accepted, within a week of your application being approved, Pub Charity Limited will make a donations payment into the nominated bank account you provided by direct credit and will mail a remittance advice to the address provided in your application.

Conditions of acceptance

If your application was made in 2018 or later you will need to complete your accountability in the online system. You can login to the online donations system here.

Other information

Pub Charity Donation round ending dates


All applications for donations funding raised in Pub Charity Limited member hotels and taverns must be received by 5:00 pm on the donations cut-off date. If your application isn’t received on time, it will be considered in the following month’s application round.

Cut-off dates:
9 January 2019
6 February 2019
6 March 2019
3 April 2019
8 May 2019
5 June 2019
10 July 2019
7 August 2019
5 September 2019
9 October 2019
6 November 2019
No funding round in December


Pub Charity Limited
PO Box 27009
Wellington 6141
New Zealand
Phone: 0800 42 64 64