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Palmerston North Community Services Council Small Grants Fund

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Eligible districts

Palmerston North.


This fund is open to charitable not-for-profit community welfare groups whose primary clientele come from within Palmerston North City Council (PNCC)boundaries.

While it is accepted that groups may pass on some of their costs to those who use their services, the fundamental philosophy of this grant is that services must be available to all persons regardless of ability to pay. Evidence must be given of policies and practices that confirm this does occur.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


Community Services Council formed in 1971. In 1983 the City Council agreed to a per capita allocation of money for CSC to allocate on behalf of the City Council. This sum has risen from 25c per capita in 1983 to $1.25 per capita in 2000


This fund is to provide essential administration expenses to enable local charitable not-for-profit community welfare groups to operate.

Projects funded

Projects must have an emphasis on the following Community Outcomes for Palmerston North City:
• people feel safe
• people have lots of learning opportunities
• the community is supportive; people and organizations work together
• people are well housed and healthy

Excluded projects

• This grant will not be made for preschool and childhood education, which are covered by Vote Education
• This grant will not be made to those groups whose aims are primarily social and/or recreational, which are covered by SPARC
• This grant will not be made for arts and cultural activities which are covered by CCNZ and administered by the Palmerston North Community Arts Council
• This grant will not be made to groups whose functions are primarily of a religious or political nature

Activities funded

Small Grants Fund WILL FUND essential administrative expenses such as:
• audit fees and/or financial review costs
• communication - phone,internet,advertising, newsletters
• energy - gas and/or electricity
• insurance - public liability and assets
• interpreters - short-term assistance to build capacity and volunteer
expenses (excluding wages for permanent staff)
• rent - and short-term 'one-off' venue hire
• stationery - printing, postage, computer supplies (excluding software), photocopying

Small Grants MAY FUND:
• volunteer expenses - including training, toll calls, supervision, travel (upper limit 72¢ per km)

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application

From $200 Up to $5,000 plus GST.

Grants made last year

Information not available

Funds available last year


How to apply

Applications for 2020 closed on 29 May.

Training workshops for the application process are offered during May/June while this fund is open. It is recommended that all groups attend. These workshops can be especially beneficial to new groups and/or first time applicants.

Small Grants Fund Application
Small Grants Fund Guidelines

Post or deliver two copies of your application and all relevant documentation to:
Palmerston North Community Services Council
Community House
77 King Street
Palmerston North 4410

Information required with your application

Applicant groups will be required to:
• present full financial statements, including audited/reviewed accounts for the most recent financial year, which clearly acknowledges all grants received, including those from the PNCC and from this Small Grants Fund
• include a copy of your annual report
• provide a statement of income/expenditure (not more than three months old)
• provide copies of current bank statements/balances for all accounts operated
• supply a full budget forecast of your groups total income and expenditure for the coming year
• clearly state a projection of this year's proposed grant

Decision makers

Representatives of community organisations.

Decision time

Within three months. Funding years covers 1st July to 30th June. City council approves grants in September and notification is made soon after.

How notified

In writing with terms of acceptance.

How paid

Paid on receipt of invoice.

Conditions of acceptance

PNCSC has a principle of accountability. Groups are required to provide an accountability report for any previous grant from this fund; this is required for reporting to the PNCC. The report needs to include the amount of money granted, purpose of the grant, actual projects/items funded, and what the grant achieved.

Other information

Applicants are expected to take responsibility for marking off the checklist and sending all required documents/authorizations. Failure to do so could mean your application will not be considered. You may include other supporting information if you wish.



Administration Assistant
Palmerston North Community Services Council
PO Box 748
Palmerston North 4440
Phone: 06 354 3809