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Community Investment Funding

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Eligible districts

Nelson City.


• Projects/activities must align with the 2018/19 Contribution Areas and Priorities, Council’s Community Outcomes, Nelson 2060 / Long Term Plan 
• organisations must have registered charities Services (, or be able to demostrate for tax purposes they are considered 'non profit' through being able to supply a Tax exemption certificate
• not-for-profit organisations without this status may nominate an umbrella organisation with this status who has agreed to receive and administer the funds on your behalf. In this instance the umbrella organisation would be legally accountable to Nelson City Council for the expenditure and outcome measures of the project
• organisations can apply for an agreement and/or grant (only one of each per year). An organisation can hold more than one agreement but only apply for one per year
• projects/activities must have a social development focus
• the project/activity must provide a public benefit and be open to members of the public with the Nelson City boundaries or benefitting Nelson residents

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


Nelson City Council has been worked in partnership with community organisations for many years in a variety of ways such as funding agreements, one-off grants, rates remissions, intermediary loans, and community leases and licenses. This allows Council to support the community and local organisations to deliver programmes and activities that meet specific local needs.


Consideration given to:
• alignment with Councils relevant significant activity and community outcomes
• the value of the service to the community in comparison to the cost to Council (benefit/cost)
• the relative levels of community and council involvement
• preference for initiatives that benefit the most Nelson residents
• preference is for applications which generate significant additional funding (leverage). Council will only part fund initiatives.
• the past achievements or potential of the organisation

Projects funded

To contribute to the delivery of social development services in the Nelson City area (the fund no longer caters arts, events and sports). As a result groups will be assisted to contribute towards Council’s Community Outcomes and the vision and goals for Nelson 2060.

Activities funded

Funding to support social development activity, not generally the purchase of equipment/resources.

Excluded activities

Not available for retrospective funding.

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application


Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

Applications closed 17 June 2019 at
2019-20 Community Investment Fund Guidelines (140KB PDF)

Information required with your application

Most recent set of accounts and as detailed in the application form.

Decision time

Final funding allocations will be made by the Community Investment Funding Panel which comprises four community representatives and the Group Manager Community Services or his/her nominated representative. This panel would also be involved with setting priorities for the fund with the community.

How notified

In writing via email.

How paid

From receipt of invoice with inclusion of purchase order number as identified in grant/agreement documentation.

Conditions of acceptance

Recipients that fail to submit accountability reports, or that have not spent the money in accordance with the application/contract, maybe asked to return all or part of the funding. Community Investment Agreements will continue or be terminated conditional on receipt of satisfactory reports. Failure to submit acceptable accountability reports may affect a recipient's eligiblity to receive future funding.

Other information

One funding round for Community Investment Fund Grants per year, opening around July.


Nicola Mercer
Community Liaison Adviser Social Development
Nelson City Council
PO Box 645
Nelson 7040
Phone: (03) 546 0217 Fax: (03) 546 0239