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Wiri Licensing Trust

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Eligible districts

Wiri Licensing Trust Boundary - click here.


The Trust will dedicate approximately 60% of its annual grants budget to ongoing partnerships with community groups and events that provide positive outcomes for the Manurewa / Wiri Community.
For a copy of the Wiri Licensing Trust's grants Policy - click here.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


The Wiri Licensing Trust is a community-owned company, which is governed by Trustees elected during the local body elections and works within the Sale of Liquor Act 1989 legislation.


The purpose of the Trust's grants and donations programme is to:
• distribute a prudent proportion of the Trust's profits for the benefit of communities within the Trust's district and Across the wider Manukau City community,
• provide funding to community organisations in creative ways which do not replace existing funding sources nor substitute Government's funding responsibilities,
• support valuable community services, events and organisations through long-term partnerships,
• assist with the development of local community projects with seed funding which is able to be leveraged against for other funding assistance,
• promote the standing and reputation of the Trust and its businesses in the community.

Projects funded

The Trust will give preference to applications which:
• offer positive opportunities to children and youth
• contribute to Manurewa's or Manukau City's identity and sense of community
• offer services and opportunities to the Manurewa community which are available freely or at very low cost
• provide opportunities to leverage funding from other sources.

Excluded projects

• private profit making organisations or private organisations which only benefit a small or exclusive group,
• organisations which cannot plausibly demonstrate a benefit to the people of Manurewa,
• previous recipients which have not complied with the Trust's accountability requirements,
• religious or political organisations for projects or programmes which in the view of the Trustees will advance the religious or political objectives of the organisation,
• organisations which in the view of the Trustees are not socially or financially responsible.

Activities funded

Most costs/expenses eligible-see exclusions for more information

Excluded activities

• private individuals either for their benefit or for the benefit of others
• government agencies or organisations providing services on behalf of the Government where the application is seeking support for these services, this includes schools seeking funding for activities, facilities and assets which are part of their delivery of curriculum to students

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application


Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

For a copy of the Grants, Donations and Sponsorship Form from the Wiri Licensing Trust - click here.

TTCF (Our Local in Wiri) and Trillian Trust (F. Bar in Manurewa) application forms can be collected from the gaming rooms. More information can be viewed on their websites:
The Trusts Community Foundation
Trillian Trust

Information required with your application

• background information on the applicant or group
• detailed plan of the project
• how much funding wanted, how much in hand, how shortfall met whether group is registered for GST and if so the GST number

Decision makers

The Trustees of the Wiri Licensing Trust who are elected triennially by voters in the Trust District which roughly corresponds with the Manurewa Ward of Manukau City.

• Stella Cattle
• Grant Dalton
• Alan Johnson [Board chair]
• Rangi McLean
• Kim Dennis
• Duncan White [Deputy chair]
• Brett Wilson [Trust Manager]

Decision time

Within one month.


How notified

In writing.

How paid

By cheque or direct credit.

Conditions of acceptance

The Trust expects every organisation receiving a grant, donation or sponsorship from it to:
• meet the accountability requirements set down as a condition of the grant, donation or
• acknowledge the Trust's contribution as appropriate and as agreed in any conditions set down.

In administering grants, donations and sponsorships the Trust will always act in an open and honest way by:
• responding to every application for assistance,
• giving reasons for decisions made on any application
• publishing a schedule of grants, donations and sponsorship at least on an annual basis.

Other information

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The Secretary
Wiri Licensing Trust
PO Box 98833
South Auckland Mail Centre 2241
Phone: (09) 950 3701