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To be eligible for funding you need to be a non-profit organisation. You can be active in the areas of community, education, arts and culture or amateur sport.

• all applicant organisations must be recognised as being non-commercial, not for profit organisations and have no commercial affiliations.
• organisations must have been established for a minimum of 12 months and possess annual audited accounts.
• the applicant organisation must offer non-exclusive membership.
• each applicant will receive a maximum of two contributions per annum.
• there must be no conflict of interest existing between the applicant group and the provider of the goods and services.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


The Southern Trust Inc. operates gaming machines and returns the net proceeds to charitable purposes.


The Southern Trust Inc. operates as a charitable trust with the sole purpose to raise funds to benefit the community.

The Trust returns 95% of available proceeds to the community in which they were raised. The remaining 5% is distributed to wider regional communities or nationally.

Projects funded

• arts & culture
• children
• local communities
• education
• elderly
• health
• poverty
• sport & recreation
• youth

Authorised purposes under section 4 of the Gambling Act 2003 are:
• a charitable purpose;
• a non-commercial purpose that is beneficial to the whole or a section of the community;
• promoting, controlling, and conducting race meetings under the Racing Act 2003, including the payment of stakes;
• classes 1-3 gambling can also raise money for an electioneering purpose.

• the purpose of the funding must be “future focused“, not retrospective.
• expenses must be incurred within New Zealand with the exception of items purchased overseas that are not available in New Zealand. (In which case payment must be made by way of a bank draft, direct deposit or some other means where direct payment can be confirmed.)
• on-going expenses, including salaries and wages will be considered for a 6 month period only. (Exception – funds may be approved for greater periods, dependant upon the merit of the benefit to the community. In such cases accountability requirements must be satisfied quarterly.)
• a maximum of 2 funding applications will be approved for the same wages or salary.

Excluded projects

• personal or commercial gain
• the purpose of the funding must not be for a purpose, for which the New Zealand Government is obligated to meet

Activities funded

Some example of Charitable purposes:
• welfare assistance for people in need
• hospital visits for the elderly
• donations to IHC, Barnados or the Cancer Society
• donating a computer to a school
• provision and maintenance of grounds and facilities
• playing uniforms (Must remain the property of the sports club)
• equipment, coaching, trophies or modest non-cash prizes
• wages & salaries
• vehicles (must be used for authorised purposes only and usually to assist in transporting needy people to hospital etcetera
• promotion and advertising - The kinds of advertising or promotions which may be acceptable authorised purposes are:
   - the promotion of public amenities such as parks or museums
   - advertising for charitable appeals
   - advertising for non-profit cultural events.

Excluded activities

• administration salaries will not be considered.
• administration expenses will not be considered. (Exception – welfare groups (unrestricted) and other groups if also partly used for purposes other than administration, i.e. dual purpose).
• catering expenses will not be considered. (Exception – welfare purposes such as RSA on ANZAC Day, Christmas luncheons for elderly, etc.)
• bar related expenses (club rooms) will not be considered.
• retrospective costs

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application

No set upper limit

Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

The COVID-19 Virus has had an adverse effect on TST and as a temporary measure The Southern Trust has taken the decision to stop all non-essential spending and to cease grant payments until further notice.
This decision does not apply to time critical grants currently under consideration or grants that have already been approved and is a temporary measure only.
We will actively review our position on a regular basis with a view to getting back to business as usual as soon as possible.
Please note that any grants that would normally have been approved but have been put on hold during this time will be considered in chronological order based on the date of submission when we resume business as usual.
Our dedicated grants team will continue to process applications up to the point of approval during this time.

Before applying please view the application process video which will guide you through the steps necessary to complete an application.
Application guide
Apply Online

Information required with your application

The following documentation will be required for each application:
• a completed application form (including the organisations GST number if applicable), signed by two representatives of the organisation (confirming content of application and authorisation to audit.)
• a current statement of income and expenditure, and balance sheet (audited accounts.)
• three quotes (unless a satisfactory explanation is supplied - specialised equipment, limited suppliers in the area.)
• a copy of the minutes resolution signed by the secretary of the organisation
• a printed bank deposit slip or bank verified deposit slip
• evidence of affiliation to national body (where applicable - sports groups, brass bands, dancing, kindergartens and pre-schools (Ministry of Education))
• a signed copy of employment contract and job description (where the purpose includes wages or salary).

Decision makers

Grants Committee/ Board of Trustees.

Decision time

Eligible grant applications will be considered by one of two net proceeds committees, the Board of Trustees and the grants committee.

The Grants Manager will review all applications forwarded for a determination to be made and verify the applications have been fully processed.

Applications for funds totaling less than $30,000 will be considered by the grants committee. The grants committee will comprise of at least three persons, being the Grants Manager, Chief Executive/Trustee, Finance Manager and National Operations and Compliance Manager.

Before each grants committee meeting the list of grants that are to be considered will be distributed to the trustees allowing approximately 2 hours for queries and comments to be made regarding the suitability of purposes and applicant organisations.

Applications for funds totaling $30,000 or more will be considered by the Board of Trustees. A quorum must be present (at least three trustees) to make a determination in regard to any application. The Grants Manager will provide a recommendation to the Trustees in regarding whether each application should be approved or declined, supported by pertinent comments.

Applications submitted by organisations affiliated to New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Incorporated, Harness Racing New Zealand Incorporated, and New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association (Incorporated) will be considered by the Board of Trustees, regardless of the purpose and the amount sought.

How notified

By email.

How paid

Direct credit.

Conditions of acceptance

The letter informing applicants that their grant has been approved will include a request for the recipient to provide documentary evidence (original receipts etc.) that the funds are used in accordance with the purpose stated in the grant application.

If evidence confirming the funds were used appropriately, is not received within the seventh month of the funds being deposited into the recipients bank account, and no explanation has been provided for the lack of response, a second letter will be sent to the recipient reminding them that the information is required.

If no response to the second letter is received from the recipient within the following month, a third letter will be sent requesting the funds to be returned. If the funds are not received within 14 days a further letter will be sent to the recipient advising that action will be initiated to recover the funds.


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