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Iconic Projects (TECT)

Always open for applications?


Eligible districts

Areas formerly supplied by the Tauranga Electric Power Board and Tauranga Electricity Limited, basically the territories of the Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty District Councils.


Your organisation must be:
• a Public Benefit entity (Charitable Trust/Incorporated Society/Amateur Sports Organisation/School)
• situated generally in the Tauranga or Western BOP district
• have a Trustpower power account in its name
(Some organisations without a Trustpower account may still be eligible to apply, please contact us for clarification prior to submitting your application)

Do you Qualify for Funding?
• is your organisation a non-profit entity?
• is your organisation a TECT Consumer?
• has your organisation received TECT funding in the last 12 months?
• are your organisations' accounts required to be audited or reviewed?
• are you applying for funds toward the purchase or build of a new facility, or the rebuild/fitout of a current facility?
• do you need funding for a community event?
• do you need funding for operating costs?

Do you need funding for any of the following:
• vehicle expenses
• equipment purchases (electrical & non-electrical)
• energy efficiency or environmental sustainability projects
• community projects / programmes
• upgrade of outdoor areas

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


TECT (Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust) was formed in December 1993 and in March 1994 received 44 million shares in TrustPower Limited. Today TECT holds a 33% share in the capital of TrustPower. The purpose of TECT is to manage the assets of the Trust for the benefit of qualifying Consumers.


ECT’s Iconic Projects fund is targeted to significant regional projects that deliver inter-generational benefit and a wide impact. 

Projects funded

Significant regional projects that deliver inter-generational benefit and wide impact. Eg: TECT Arena, Baywave.
Any electrical equipment or electrical installation costs for new or existing community facilities. Subsidies are generally 50% of the electrical costs with a maximum of $60,000.

Activities funded

Examples including (but not limited to): wiring, computers, airconditioning, security, applicants - basically anything that uses electricity or electrical-related.

Excluded activities

Subsidies will not usually be considered for projects where spending has already been incurred.

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application

The Subsidy is generally 50% of your costs with a maximum of $60,000

Grants made last year


Funds available last year

Information not available

How to apply

Application form can be downloaded from the website: or available from the Contact details provided.

We recommend you contact our office to discuss your project before completing the application form.  Please ensure applications are submitted at least 3 months prior to final date you require a decision. Our team are always happy to discuss your application with you and to offer guidance and advice. 

Our preference is to receive applications electronically.  Please type directly into the application form and email it along with scanned copies of the signature page of the application form, and any supporting documents to  If you have documents in hard copy only, please send to: TECT, PO Box 356 Tauranga 3140.
If you have any queries about your application call us on 07-578-5094 or email us at  Incomplete or late applications will be considered at the next close-off date for that Fund.

Applications will be considered by Trustees at their meeting the month following the cutoff date.

Information required with your application

• copy of your organisation's most recent Trustpower account
• copy of evidence of your organisation's legal status
• copy of the charities commission registration certificate
• copy of your most recent financial statements
• an original pre-printed deposit slip or an original bank statement
• income tax excemption letter (not resident withholding tax or GST exemption)
• letters of support of your project
• copies of written estimates/quotes for the electrical components of your project.

Decision makers

TECT Board of Trustees.

Decision time

The Application and Approval process takes 7 weeks from cut off date. We may visit you to discuss the application in more detail.

Decisions on applications are made by Trustees at their monthly meeting and will be advised of the outcome.

How notified

In writing.

Conditions of acceptance

You must use the Grant for the purpose it was given and approved, and meet any conditions we may decide on.
Grants are non-transferable to other events/projects.
TECT reserves the right to terminate a Grant where it considers the terms of the Grant have been seriously breached. In this event, part or all of the Grant may have to be refunded.
You must provide us with all information as detailed in the Application Form and on the Checklist.
A condition of the Grant is that the organisation report back to TECT on the project.

Other information

Trustees reserve the right to audit applications.
Because applications invariably require supporting documents, e-mailed or faxed forms can not be accepted.


Paula Hudson
Operations & Grant Manager
Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust
PO Box 356
Tauranga 3140
Phone: (07) 578 5094