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Community Discretionary Fund

Closing dates


Always open for applications?


Eligible districts

Waipa District; Cambridge/Maungatautari, Te Awamutu/Kakepuku and Pirongia wards.


Must be able to produce annual accounts or financial statements * Must be based or active in the ward where grant is applied for.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


Run through the Council's Cambridge and Te Awamutu Community Boards and Pirongia Consultative Committee.


To allow non-profit groups in the community to achieve their goals where this would not otherwise have been possible due to lack of resources.

Projects funded

Most projects/activities undertaken by local non-profit groups will be considered for funding support.

Activities funded

Expenses to enable the group to carry out its objectives and services.

Excluded activities

New buildings or major renovations, major furniture or equipment purchases, vehicles.

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application

Up to $2,000 in general

Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

2020/21 Discretionary Grant application will open in mid-late July and will close mid-August. Applications will be considered at the Cambridge Community Board meeting, 2 September, Te Awamutu Community Board, 8 September, and/or the Pirongia Ward Committee, 16 September.
Community Discretionary Fund Application Form 2020-21

When completing the application please select the most relevant ward to where your group resides or carries out its activities: View the ward map

Information required with your application

Application form accompanied by:
• Detailed budget for project
• Audited accounts, financial statements, copy bank statements
• GST status and number if applicable
• How much funding is wanted from the scheme
• Which other organisations/schemes have been asked for funding
• Which other organisations/schemes have given funding for this project
• Any previous applications to the scheme for funding
• General information on the club/organisation applying for funds

Decision makers

Community Boards for Te Awamutu and Cambridge wards; Pirongia Consultative Committee for Pironga ward.

Decision time

Acknowledgement that application has been received.
Notified within four weeks of closing date whether grant was successful or not.

Allocation of discretionary funds is made in September.

How notified

• Acknowledgement of application will be advised by post or email
• Letter to say if application was successful or unsuccessful within four weeks of closing date.

How paid

Entire payment made after grant approved
GST registered applicants will be required to forward an invoice for grant allocation plus GST

Conditions of acceptance

• Must complete an accountability form confirming how grant has been spent
• Must send copies of receipt/s

Successful grant recipients are required to submit an accountability report once their grant has been spent before 30 June of the year following the grant. 
Community Discretionary Fund - Accountability Report

Other information

Applications for funding are to support the general objectives of non-profit groups that promote community well-being. Examples are operational/admin expenses, minor repairs & maintenance, local community-based events.
Allocation of these funds is ​done at the start of each financial year, through our Cambridge and Te Awamutu Community Boards and the Pirongia Ward Committee.


Community Liaison Officer
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