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CH Izard Bequest

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Eligible districts

Wellington rate payers area to Tawa only.
Note: NOT Kapiti Coast ; Hutt City ; Porirua ; Upper Hutt


• your project makes a positive contribution to achieving the Council's Strategic Outcomes and points of difference as listed in our Annual Plan.
• the project is Wellington based and primarily benefits the people of Wellington city.
• the applicant is a legally constituted community group or organisation, not an individual or individuals. (Groups may apply under an appropriate umbrella organisation.)
• the applicant group provides evidence of (or, if a new group, systems for)
    • sound financial management
    • good employment practice (where applicable)
    • clear and detailed planning
    • clear performance measures
    • demonstrated ability to report back on past funding as appropriate.
• projects will not be funded for the same purpose more than once in any financial year.
• failure to report adequately on past Council funding can result in a group being considered ineligible for future funding.
• the project should be physically and financially accessible either by a wide range of people or by the intended users.
• the project should show evidence of community support, collaboration and building partnerships with other organisations (such as letters of support from other organisations / leaders).
• the applicant must demonstrate that the project expands the capacity, range or level of similar types of services in the community and that it has involved users in identifying the need for the project.
• the principal intent of the project is not for private or commercial financial gain, though such gains may occur as a side effect of the project.
• the application must demonstrate an awareness of the Treaty of Waitangi, in particular when involving mana whenua and taura here.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


The Trust was set up by the will of the Hon Charles Hayward Izard, who died in 1925. It is administered by Wellington City Council on the trustee's behalf.


To assist charitable causes in great need.

Projects funded

Projects that are for a charitable and / or educational purpose.

Excluded projects

Projects for private or commercial financial gain.

Activities funded

• activity, resource and programme costs.
• equipment purchases (applicant is normally required to contribute at least 50% of the cost).
• minor capital works for widely used community facilities.
• volunteer costs and expenses e.g training and supervision.

Excluded activities

• catering,
• fundraisers,
• major capital works
• personal travel and accommodation,
• prize money
• retrospective funding for projects that have already been completed, or,
• social functions.

Funds available


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Funds available last year


How to apply

Applications closed Wednesday 15 April 2020.

When you're ready to apply for Council funding, register your contact details on the funding portal. You will need to provide contact details of someone from your governance group (your board or management committee).

Each organisation (or individual) only needs to register once, no matter how many grant applications you intend to make.

Funding portal:
Applications, what you need to know:

Information required with your application

For each application you will be asked some questions about what you want to do, who will be involved and when it will take place. You will also need to tell us what the outcomes will be; it will be these outcomes that we'll ask you to report back on.

Decision makers

Council Officers from City Communities and the Grants Team will assess all applications and will meet to decide who will be funded and to what level.

Decision time

After you submit your funding request you will receive an email to acknowledge receipt of your application.

How notified

By email.

How paid

The payment does not require a tax invoice, it is a donation and is inclusive of GST. 

Conditions of acceptance

An accountability report is requested within one year of the close of the round.

Other information

The Bequest is administered by Wellington City Council. For more information Contact a funding advisor.

Please check the Wellington City Council funding calendar for decision dates. Only costs incurred after this date are eligible for funding.


Phil Railton-Jacks
Funding Advisor
Wellington City Council
101 Wakefield Street
Wellington 6140
Phone: +64 4 803 8562 Fax: +64 4 801 3124