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Tawa Community Grants

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Eligible districts



To be eligible, applicants must:
• be based in Tawa
• show their project will directly benefit the Tawa community
• not have excess reserve funds

Preference will be given to projects that help develop economically or socially disadvantaged groups.

• the applicant is based in Tawa and the project directly benefits residents in the Tawa Ward.
• the applicant group must not have excess reserve funds.
• the preference is for projects to be completed within 12 months.
• there is a preference for new or expanded activities.
• grants will not be made for purposes that the Tawa Community Board considers to be subsidising subscriptions, rent or debt - except in exceptional circumstances.
• grants may be made for charitable, educational, welfare, community development, cultural, recreational, sporting, activity development, equipment or training programmes.
• preference will be given to grants that help develop economically or socially disadvantaged groups.
• applications for individuals representing New Zealand in a recognised sporting, cultural or other approved event may be considered.

Your project will also need to meet the Social and Recreation Fund Criteria. Please refer to this link -

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


The fund is a continuation of the former Tawa Borough Council funding scheme which ceased following local body reorganisation in 1989.

This funding is a partnership between the Wellington City Council and the Tawa Community Board.


The Tawa Community Grants Fund is designed to assist voluntary projects in Tawa. Grants may be for charitable, educational, welfare, community development, cultural, recreational, sporting, activity development, equipment or training programmes. Grants may also be given to people representing New Zealand in a recognised sporting or cultural event.

Projects funded

• arts and culture
• children
• community
• people with disabilities
• sport and recreation
• youth

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application

Grants normally range from $300 to $2000.

Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

Apply for the Tawa Community Grants before 28 February 2020.

Tawa Community Grants:

Apply Online:

Love Tawa and have a project that gives back to Tawa? Then get some funding to fast-track your project.

Information required with your application

For each application we need to know:
• what you want to do
• who will be involved
• when it will happen
• what the outcomes will be – these are the outcomes we’ll ask you to report back on once the project is completed.

As part of your application you can attach supporting documents to your online form, eg financial documents, letters of support etc.

Successful applications will have:
• a clear budget which sets out:
   - realistic costs with a complete overview of finances, including where all the money will come from for your project (including other funders)
   - a list of all main budget areas with explanations where necessary.
• information on whether:
   - any other funding sources support your project
   - you have applied to other funders
   - you have other income.
If you have received a grant from us in the past, we will also need to know you have sent back your accountability report on time.

Decision makers

Tawa Community Board Grants Subcommittee

Decision time

For Tawa grants, the Grants subcommittee of the Tawa Community Board meets 4 to 6 weeks after the closing date.

How notified

The assessor may contact you and other organisations for further clarification before making an assessment.

Conditions of acceptance

Successful applicants will be asked to submit an accountability report on the project outcomes either after your project is completed or within a year of the date the funding round closed.


Mark Farrar
Senior Advisor, Funding Team
Wellington City Council
PO Box 2199
Wellington 6140
New Zealand
Phone: 04 803 8525