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Trust House Foundation Grants

Closing dates


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Eligible districts

Wairarapa, Flaxmere, Pahiatua, Rimutaka or Porirua.


• Local not-for-profit organisations such as incorporated societies and registered charities. Find out about incorporated societies on the New Zealand Companies Office site.
• Local branches of national not-for-profit organisations.

Applications from organisations outside these areas will be declined, except where applicants can demonstrate that they provide a substantial benefit to one or more of these areas.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


Trust House is a community owned enterprise and is dedicated to returning support to our communities.


To distribute funds to the general community areas surrounding Trust House businesses, including organisations that offer services for the benefit or enjoyment of the community, and contribute to the community well-being and/or development.

Projects funded

Organisations will be considered more favourably if they provide the following:
• Community support, including the development and wellbeing of the young and aged.
• Cultural activities and recreation, including the performance and development of music, the arts, history and sport.
• Welfare and social services for the prevention and/or rehabilitation of addiction.

Excluded projects

• professionalism
• commercial gain
• tourism

Activities funded

• playing or training uniforms
• scholarships or equipment administered by the recipient educational organisation
• travel and Accommodation (sports teams)
• vehicles (provided they are only to disadvantaged groups who require mobility to assist their members
• any other expense that is non-commercial and beneficial to the community

Excluded activities

• prizes (e.g. raffles)
• ongoing operating expenses.

Funds available

Information not available

Upper limit per grant application

No set upper limit.

Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

Download a grant application form here. Save it to your computer to complete. Or pick one up from any Trust House gaming venue, or from our Support Office in Masterton.

First, check your organisation is eligible. Then you can submit a grant application form.
Make sure you send us all the required information listed in the form. It’ll make things much easier later on!

Information required with your application

The following information MUST be provided for this application to be considered:
1. At least two quotations for all goods or services required for funding (if applicable) If two quotes are not possible please give a reason
2. One A4 typed Executive Summary / précis outlining your project
• Overview of the project’s objectives
• Evidence of need for your project
• Summary of expected costs
• Projects time frame eg: start and completion dates
3. Bank account details for the organisation or club
• Pre-printed bank deposit slips, or
• Bank generated account details verified by the bank (photocopies won’t be accepted)
4. Your organisation or club’s latest financial statements
5. Incorporated Societies must provide, as a minimum, a copy of their Certificate of Incorporation. Charitable Trusts must provide a Certificate of Incorporation and/or proof of charitable status (letter from IRD/Charities Registration)
6. Has your application been signed and dated by two authorised persons?
7. Have you previously applied for funding from Trust House Foundation? If yes, please ensure your Accountability Form has been returned
8. Copy of meeting resolution including
• Full names of all members attending meeting
• Resolutions must be certified and signed by the Secretary/Chairperson
• Resolutions need to be on the official letterhead of the Organisation or Club

Decision makers

Members of the Trust House Charitable Trust.

Decision time

Approximately two-three weeks after the cut-off-date, with decisions being advised as soon as possible thereafter.

Grants for most areas are decided every eight weeks. All Applications will be acknowledged, outlining the timeframe for consideration of the grant application.

How notified

By letter.

How paid

By cheque or direct credit.

Conditions of acceptance

All successful applicants will be requested to provide detailed evidence in the form of receipts/invoices to show that grant monies were allocated towards the approved purpose.

Other information

One application per year per organisation.


Jane Stagg
Community Support Secretary
Trust House Foundation
PO Box 135
Masterton 5840
New Zealand
Phone: +64 6 370 0527 Fax: +64 6 378 8324