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Active Communities Funding Scheme

Closing dates


Always open for applications?


Eligible districts

Invercargill City Council area only.


• projects must be sport, fitness and active leisure
• applicants must be non-profit clubs or organisations
• the applicant must contribute a significant proportion of the cost of the project from their own funds
• applicants must be able to account for their funds
• organisations do not need to be a legal entity but must prepare a set of annual accounts

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


The Fund aims to encourage people to get involved in sport, fitness or physical recreation. Funds available for distribution under this scheme are generated from the income earned from a capital sum invested from the previous Hillary Commission Loan Programme.


To support sport, fitness and active leisure activities being under taken by non-profit organisations for the benefit of Invercargill City residents. Funding in the form of a subsidy or loan.

Projects funded

Sport, fitness and active leisure projects.

Excluded projects

• applications that are not directly related to a community sport, fitness or physical leisure organisation or activity.
• applications that are, in the opinion of the Committee, subsidising ongoing organisation activities, eg:
   - subscriptions
   - rental charges and entry fees
   - insurance
   - reducing debt servicing
   - administration and/or operating costs

Activities funded

Three categories of funding are available:
• subsidies for coach and volunteer training
• subsidies to go towards project costs
• loans

Excluded activities

• wages/salaries (except for one-off volunteer development tutors)
• prizes/trophies
• team or individual travel unless eligible for the Travel Fund
• school programmes
• uniforms
• computers, unless funded by loan
• projects where the expenditure has already been incurred (retrospective funding)

Funds available

Information not available

Grants made last year

Information not available

Funds available last year

Information not available

How to apply

Funding in the form of a subsidy or loan is available for sport, fitness and active leisure activities. Priority is given to activities that train volunteers and increase participation in activities.

Applications for projects seeking less than $1000 close at noon on the 15th of  each month; applications for projects requesting $1000 or more close at noon on  March 29, June 15, September 28 and December 15. This scheme is administered  by the Council on behalf of the Invercargill Community Sport and Recreation Charitable Trust.
Projects under $1,000 – 2019-2020
Projects $1,000 and over – 2019-2020
Active Communities Brochure 2018

Information required with your application

More detailed information is required for applications for more than $1,000.
• contact details
• purpose of the application 
• details about the project requiring funding
• the benefits to the community
• detailed budget
• annual accounts
• bank slip

Decision makers

A Committee comprising 3 Councillors, Council staff, iwi representatives, Regional Sport Trust representatives and 5 community representatives.

Decision time

Within 4 weeks of applications closing.

How notified

By letter.

How paid

Payment is made on receipt of invoices proving the project has been completed. Arrangements can be made to release funding once the project is underway.

Conditions of acceptance

This form is to be completed by an elected representative of clubs or organisations. The information is used to assist the Invercargill City Council, and to help the Assessment Committee plan for future funding.
Active Communities – Evaluation and Accountability Report

Other information

Loan requirements are slightly different.


Scheme Administrator
Invercargill City Council
Private Bag 90104
Invercargill 9840
Phone: 0800 422 435