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Oxford Sports Trust

Closing dates


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Eligible districts

Where the Trust has gaming sites ONLY.
Kaitaia, Kaikohe, Kerikeri, Whangarei, Waipu, Wellsford.


The Oxford Sports Trust Inc. can distribute funds within New Zealand for the promotion of amateur sport, charitable purposes and the promotion of race meetings under the Racing Act 2003 (including payment of stakes).

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


The Oxford Sports Trust is an incorporated society that raises funds for the community through the operation of gaming machines.


To support Amateur Sport, Charitable Purposes and Promotion of Racing.

Projects funded

• arts & culture
• children
• local communities
• education
• elderly
• health
• sport & recreation
• youth

Excluded projects

• costs associated with after match functions
• debts
• dress uniforms
• non-affiliated sports groups
• commercial ventures
• professional athletes
• prizes for sporting events with the exception of trophies and modest non-cash prizes used in genuine community sporting events.
• travel insurance
• social events/trips
• retrospective costs
• individuals (see other info)
• family reunions
• laundry

Activities funded

Sporting event or tournaments:
• travel and accommodation costs (not to include any food or alcohol costs) can be processed provided an 'official' itinerary endorsed by the host body is supplied along with an itemised breakdown of the quoted costs.
• the participating club/organisation must be taking part in a bona fide event sanctioned by a recognised legitimate national or regional body.

Please note: If applying for capital works on buildings or purchase of assets, wages, salaries you will need to supply a current statement of income and expenditure for the last 12 months and a balance sheet.

Excluded activities

• prizes e.g. (raffles)
• after-match functions
• commercial gain
• servicing debt
• construction work or alteration work to bar areas of the premises where
• gaming machines are located.
• dress uniforms and laundry
• purchase or subsidy of alcohol
• incurred debts

Funds available

Information not available

Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply


Application Form: 
How to apply online (step by step instructions - PLEASE READ / good idea to print a copy to refer to when completing an application)
FAQ’S (only for online applications)

All applications are to be made online. 

If funding is required for an event: The fully completed application will only be considered if the event is being held or attended in the month following the Trustees monthly meeting. This will ensure the funding payment is received before the event date, making sure the grant funds are not retrospective. 

Close off date is the 5th of each month.
Completed applications will be considered at the Trust meeting which is held towards the end of each month.

Venues that support Oxford Sports Trust and our Communities

Kaitaia: Mussel Rock Bar & Café 75 Commerce Street, Kaitaia
Taipa: Taipa Tavern State Highway 10, Taipa
Kaikohe: The Bank Bar 124 Broadway, Kaikohe
Kerikeri: The Homestead Sports Bar & Bistro, 15 Homestead Road, Kerikeri
Rocksalt Restaurant & Bar, Cnr Kerikeri & Cobham Roads, Kerikeri
Hikurangi: Hikurangi Hotel, 18 King Street, Hikurangi
Whangarei: Kensington Tavern, Kensington Ave, Whangarei
Jimmy Jacks Rib Shack & Craft Bar, 117 Bank Street, Whangarei
Judge House of Ale, 54 Walton Street, Whangarei
Tote & Poke, 79 Cameron Street, Whangarei
Pure Bar & Grill, 79A Cameron Street, Whangarei
Waipu: Waipu Hotel, 2 South Road, Waipu
Wellsford: Wellsford Inn, 184 Rodney Street Wellsford 

Information required with your application

The following documentation will be required for each application:
• a completed application form (including organisation GST number if applicable)signed by 2 representatives of the organisation to confirm the content of the application and the authorisation to audit the applicant organisation.
• three quotes for any funds applied for unless a satisfactory explanation is supplied.
• a copy of the minute's resolution signed by the chairman or secretary of the applicant organisation.
• a printed bank deposit slip or bank verified deposit slip.
• evidence of affiliation to a national body (where applicable-Brass bands, Dance groups Horse riding body, kindergartens & preschools (ministry of Education))
• a signed copy of an employment contract and job description where the application includes wages or salary.

Decision makers

The Grants Committee of the Oxford Sports Trust Inc.
The Trustees hold a meeting once a month.

Decision time

Completed applications will be considered at the Trust meeting which is held towards the end of each month.

How notified

In writing. Letters are sent out within a few days of the trustees meeting.

How paid

Direct credit.

Conditions of acceptance

An audit of all grants will be undertaken to ensure the funds have been spent appropriately.
The following matters must be satisfied:
• the receipt of payment has been returned.
• unless prior approval has been granted by the society, the funds have been used within 6 months of receipt, or partly used in the case of funds provided for wages and salaries for periods longer than 6 months
• the funds were used for the purpose stated on the application
• payment was made directly to the supplier of goods and services as per the quotes provided with the application. This ensures a clear audit trail.


Wendy James
Oxford Sports Trust
PO Box 1432
Whangarei 0140
Phone: (09) 430 0373 Fax: (09) 438 5702