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Community Development Grant

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Eligible districts



The Council will make grants only to those organisations:
Local boards or committees administering a community facility, including but not limited to:
• community and memorial halls
• reserves
• domains
• community swimming pools or
• incorporated societies or charitable trusts

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


The Ashburton District Council has several ways of providing funds for community projects. The guidelines below are intended to explain the various grants available, however, interested parties are encouraged to contact the council's administration department, for further information.


Council welcomes applications from all groups whose project contributes to the well-being of the community.

Projects funded

All organisations that receive Community grants must be based and operating in the Ashburton district.
Funding Priorities:
• projects that are located on Council land or property
• developing facilities for community use

Activities funded

Council will prioritise on the following basis but reserves the right to vary these priorities from time to time:
• development of indoor and outdoor facilities
• purchase and/or replacement of equipment
• new initiatives

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application

Up to $5,000

Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

The project grant is for funding towards a specific one-off project.
Community Project Grant Criteria
The next round will open in February 2021.

Information required with your application

Council reserves the right in considering grants or other forms of assistance to require organisations to supply Council with information on membership, financial position, and the amount of financial assistance sought or provided by other bodies.

Decision makers

Council Working Party, comprised of Mayor and Councillors

Decision time

Decision are usually available no later than the end of September each year.

How notified

By letter

How paid


Conditions of acceptance

All organisations who receive Community grant funding must return a completed accountability form within the financial year which funds were granted.
This form requires receipts for all expenditure and a description of the outcomes the project achieved.
Organisations who do not return a completed accountability form will not be eligible for future Community grant funding.


Community Services Officer
Ashburton District Council
PO Box 94
Ashburton 7740
Phone: (03) 307 7700