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Redwood Trust

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Eligible districts



• a charitable purpose in the Marlborough community.
• a non-commercial purpose (including education and sport) that is beneficial to the whole or a section of the Marlborough community.

• the application form must be completed by the applicant only.
• site operators cannot make any decisions or recommendation about applications and cannot receive completed application forms. These must be forwarded directly to the Redwood Trust Inc c/- P.O. Box 349, Blenheim.
• all applications are subject to availability of funds and compliance with Authorised Purposes. Completion of an application form does not constitute approval of the request for funds or, if approved, does not mean that further payments to the same recipients or for the same purposes will be approved in the future.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


The Redwood Trust is a charitable trust that exists for the purpose of raising funds for the community. The Redwood Trust Incorporated owns the gaming machines installed at Taverns/Hotels in Marlborough, who manage the machines on behalf of the Society. Profits from these machines are utilised for authorised purposes, for distribution within the Marlborough Region.


Profits from these machines are utilised for authorised purposes, for distribution within the Marlborough Region.

Projects funded

• arts & culture
• children
• local communities
• education
• elderly
• poverty
• sport & recreation
• youth

Excluded projects

• professional fees
• commercialism
• debt
• retrospective costs

Activities funded

• actual and reasonable travel expenses, sports equipment, uniforms and ground hire
• establishment of student scholarships, bursaries or grants, academic specialisation, provided such students are selected in a fair and open manner after public advertising, student amenities equipment or development not covered by government funding.

Excluded activities

• family reunions
• social clubs and sports supporters clubs
• sporting trips for supporters and spectators
• costs associated with staging after match functions for sporting groups
• provision or subsidy for costs of entertainment, food, or refreshments.
• grants to non-affiliated sports clubs
• equipment or apparel of a personal nature.

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application

Determined by the Trustees

Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

Grant Applications will be accepted before the 15th of each month.

Application Checklist:
• incomplete applications will be declined
• read and understood the Information Notes.
• completed both side of the form, ensuring that it is signed and all information asked for is provided.
• attached your organisation resolution to apply to REDWOOD TRUST for a SPECIFIC PURPOSE. This must be certified as true and correct by the secretary.
• ensure two signatories agree to consent to audit.
• where applicable, attached evidence of affiliation to a national body
• attached copies of current quotes or invoices addressed to the recipient organisation, showing GST content. Include proof of events, itineraries or sports draws (if applicable)
• attached copies of competitive quote(s) and/or supporting information
• included a pre-printed deposit slip or a bank statement. Personal Bank Accounts are not permitted.
• if the organisation is incorporated, ensure that the common seal is affixed and a copy of the certificate of incorporated is attached
• if the organisation is a Trust, include a copy of your Trust Deed, constitution and/or rules and a list of current trustees as well as any proof of IRD Charitable status.

The process is outlined very clearly on the application forms. If assistance is required please contact the Redwood Trust Inc direct by phoning. Applicants should note that under the law, venue operators cannot play any part in the grant process, any applicants must deal directly with the Redwood Trust Inc. Direct contact with a venue could jeopardise the gaming licence for that venue, and threaten our ongoing funding in the local Marlborough community.

Grant Application forms are available by:
• collection from the gaming room area located at the Hotel/Tavern
• writing to the Redwood Trust Inc C/- PO Box 349 Blenheim
• downloading from Redwood Trust website.

Application Criteria and Application Form Webpage
Criteria and Application Form

Please note that there is an updated grant application form. Please use the new form for all grant applications.
A copy can be downloaded here: Download the application form here

Information required with your application

• background information on the applicant or group.
• competitive quotes
• specific details of what the funds are for
• original Deposit slip
• resolution to apply for funding

Decision makers

The trustee's meet monthly to consider grant applications. Applications must comply with the Gambling Act 2003, the licence conditions made by the Internal Affairs pursuant to the Act, any regulations made under the Act and the Trust's policies. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The Trust reserves the right to decline applications that do not comply with the Act or where funding is not available.

Decision time

The Trustee's meet monthly to consider grant applications.

How notified

In writing.

How paid

Direct credit.

Conditions of acceptance

Records are liable to inspection by the Department of Internal Affairs or the society making the grant and are subject to audit. The society granting the funds may also request information and verification as to how the funds were used.


Craig Forsyth
Redwood Trust Incorporated
PO Box 349
Blenheim 7240
Phone: (03) 578 0180