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Infinity Foundation

Closing dates


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Eligible districts

Auckland; Rotorua; Hawkes Bay; Manawatu/Wanganui; Tararua; Wellington


Your organisation must be not-for-profit to apply. You must be either incorporated, or have a legal constitution which states there is no monetary benefit to its members. You are required to be either registered with the Charities Services or have IRD Charitable Status. Evidence of this must be provided from either IRD or the Charities Services.

IFL is authorised to operate gaming machines to raise money for the following purposes:

- Any amateur sports teams or clubs which are open to the general public and which are affiliated to a recognised or national body and which compete in recognised leagues.
- The promoting, controlling or conducting of race meetings under the Racing Act 2003 including the payment of stakes.
- Any charitable, philanthropic or cultural purpose or any purpose that is beneficial to the community or a section of it.
d) All the above includes but is not limited to:

• The provision of and maintenance of facilities, equipment, services, playing and training costs, uniforms for sporting clubs and amateur sporting teams affiliated to the appropriate regional or national body and playing in recognised published leagues or competitions.
7 Grants for charitable purposes including the relief of poverty, or welfare assistance through donations to recognised social service or welfare agencies.
• Grants to educational, cultural and sporting organisations for scholarships or equipment.
• Grants to recognised cultural or philanthropic activities or groups.

With the exception of grants to national societies or agencies, funds are mainly distributed within the local community in which they are raised.

No payment, commission or any other kind of reward, financial or otherwise, can be attached or demanded as a precondition for either the issuing of a grant application form or the payment of a grant.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


Infinity Foundation Limited is a new society founded in Hawkes Bay in 2006.


• To maintain a sustainable organisation by promoting and providing Long term, mutually beneficial, relationship with customers
• Long term, mutually beneficial, relationship with suppliers
• Excellent customer service
• To value and educate our staff

Projects funded

• arts & culture
• education
• health
• poverty
• sport & recreation
• youth
• children
• elderly
• employment

Excluded projects

• Projects that result in commercial gain.

Activities funded

• Provision and maintenance of facilities, equipment, services, playing and training, uniforms for sporting clubs and amateur sporting teams
• Relief of poverty, or welfare assistance
• Trophies

Excluded activities

• Individual sports persons (unless the grant is made to, and administered by an incorporated sporting body to which the individual is affiliated).
• Professional sports persons
• Purchase or subsidy of vehicles used in private or commercial activities or social functions
• Vehicle for motorsport
• Prizes for sporting events (e.g. raffles)
• Promotion of tourism, except where what is being promoted is public amenity such as a park or museum.
• Trade tournaments' or sporting events staged primarily for publicity and/or the benefit of a select/invited industry group
• Racing - payments other than stake money to horse or greyhound owners or trainers
• Professional jockeys
• Payment facility or service that would give commercial benefit to owners, trainers, jockeys, breeders or other people in the racing industry
• Predominantly social events (unless the beneficiaries are a needy group such as underprivileged children or the elderly)
• Family reunions
• Social clubs and supporters' clubs
• Sporting trips for supporters or spectators.

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application

No limit to funding amount, however only part may be possibly granted.

Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

• Check our Board meeting dates and application deadlines here
• Download an application form our website
• Complete the form, attach all relevant documentation and post to the following address;
          Infinity Foundation Ltd
          PO Box 2349
          Stortford Lodge
          HASTINGS     4153
• Complete applications received no later than the cut-off date will be submitted for consideration at the end of the following month. Incomplete applications risk not being considered.
• Results will be emailed to the primary contact within two weeks of the meeting date. Meeting dates can be found on our website.
• Payments of approved applications will be processed once a final check has been made.
• When payment is made, grant audit documentation will be emailed to the primary contact. This must be completed within three months of the grant payment date.
If you are unable to meet this deadline, please request an extension by emailing
• To ensure any future applications are considered, please check your organisation has no overdue audits.
For FAQs, please click here
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Download Application Form

Information required with your application

• Organisation & Contact details
• Financial details and deposit slip
• Two Quotes (email quotes are not acceptable)
• Resolution applying for funds
• Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable)
• Audited accounts
• Salaries (please include signed employment contracts)

Decision makers

Applications assessed by the Sub-Committee then recommended to the Board Members who make the final decisions.

Decision time

Please allow a minimum of eight weeks for the Foundation to consider the grant application and make a decision.

How notified

In writing.

How paid

Direct Credit

Conditions of acceptance

The records of Infinity Foundation Ltd are liable for inspection by the Department of Internal Affairs and are subject to audit. Infinity Foundation may audit applications. There will be a request for invoices and receipts to support quotations submitted with applications. if there is a change in circumstances or costs, Infinity Foundation should be notified in writing.

In the event that aequate audit documentation for a donation cannot be obtained, actual costs are less than those indicated in the application, funds are spent for other than for the approval Authorised purposes, there is any other irregularity in the donation process, or the Grant Applicant has received funding from another source for the same purpose, then Infinity Foundation is required to obtain a refund of the donation.


Funding Administrator
Infinity Foundation Limited
PO Box 2349
Stortford Lodge
Hastings 4153
Phone: (06) 873 5015 Fax: (06) 873 5016