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Mainland Foundation

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Eligible districts

Nelson, Marlborough, Canterbury, Otago.


The Foundation maintains an open and equitable funding regime that enables non-profit organisations such as:
• sports clubs
• cultural groups
• community groups
• charities
• welfare agencies
• educational organisations
• amateur sporting organisations
• societies or trusts

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


Mainland Foundation is a Charitable Trust distributing funds to the wider communities of New Zealand from the proceeds of gaming machines operated in private hotels around the country.


Mainland Foundation distributes funds back into the area where it was generated from.

Projects funded

• Arts
• Culture
• Education
• Children
• Elderly
• Local communities
• Sport & recreation
• Youth

Excluded projects

• professionalism
• commercialism
• retrospective costs
• debt
• start-up organisations
• problem gambling and harm minimisation activities
• pressure and lobby groups 

Activities funded

• sports equipment
• uniforms
• administration costs associated with promoting and developing coaching facilities
• costs of acquiring or maintaining sports facilities. Those organisations include, but are not limited to metropolitan rugby clubs, country rugby clubs, women's rugby, Māori rugby secondary school rugby and junior rugby (all within the region)
• provision of welfare assistance
• any cultural or any other purpose that is beneficial to the community or any section of it
• scholarships or equipment or the development of better student amenities that are administered by the recipient organisation.

Excluded activities

• vehicles
• individuals (unless the grant is made to, and administered by, an incorporated sporting body to which the individual is affiliated
• prizes for sporting and community sporting events
• promotion of tourism
• dress uniforms, tracksuits (unless for true regional or national representative teams), training uniforms and personal gear bags.
• entertainment, food or refreshments
• group events or trips, equipment, refurbishment or upgrade of a bar facility in a clubroom
• commission

Funds available

Information not available

Upper limit per grant application

projects over $15,000 contact the Foundation

Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

Due to the Covid 19 lockdown our venues are currently closed therefore we have no funds available for distribution.
PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is a guideline only, and may be subject to change. Applications for an event must reach the Foundation at least 8 weeks prior.

Grant Application:
The Grant Application Form must be completed online by the applicant only.

Site operators cannot make any decisions or recommendations about applications and cannot receive completed Grant Application forms. These must be forwarded directly to The Mainland Foundation. Click here for our postal details.

Application forms are available from the gaming venues or can be downloaded from the Mainland Foundation website.

We now only accept online grant applications. Please see this page for more information.

Download the Application Guide here.

Information required with your application

• organisation details
• contact details
• applicant's bank account details
• request details
• cost breakdown
• resolution on letterhead (as per example) - signed as true and correct
• printed bank deposit slip
• two competitive quotes (no more than 30 days old) for each items applied for
• signed employment agreement indicating salary
• project budget
• financial statements (Last audited accounts)
• common seal if incorporated
• attach evidence of affiliation to a national body
• confirmation of ownership and retention of all equipment/gear for future use by your organisation
• confirmation of actual location of equipment being purchased by your organisation

Decision makers


Decision time

The Directors generally meet at least once a month, to consider grants received.

How notified

In writing.

How paid

Cheque, usually within 10 working days of a grant being approved.

Conditions of acceptance

Submit Accountability Report Form

Other information

PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is a guideline only, and may be subject to change. Applications for an event must reach the Foundation at least 8 weeks prior.

Retrospective Applications Cannot Be Approved:
All grants must be applied to specific and future based purposes. That is, a grant application must be received by The Mainland Foundation before an event is held and all unpaid future costs thereof will be considered. Applications received less than 4 weeks prior to the event or activity being applied for are less likely to be successful. A valid application contains all the required documentation as outlined in the checklist contained within the actual form itself.

All complaints must be in writing and posted to P O Box 1982 Christchurch. All compaints recieved will be investigated by the General Manager and referred to the Board for prompt resolution. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be achieved, independent mediation will be sought to resolve any outstanding issues.


Mainland Foundation
PO Box 1982
Christchurch 8140
Phone: 0800 624 652 Fax: 03 366 7425