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Trillian Trust

Closing dates


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Eligible districts

Where the Trust has gaming sites only.
Far North, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, Tararua District/Manawatu, Nelson/Tasman.


Any Charitable, Philanthropic or Culture purpose, or any other purpose that is beneficial to the community or any section of it. This includes but is not limited to: Sporting Clubs and Amateur sporting teams, recognised social service or welfare agencies and educational organisations.

• Sports teams must be affiliated to a recognised national organisation.
• Evidence must be supplied.
• Individuals or Teams cannot directly apply 'Their Club' must apply on their behalf.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


Trillian Trust is a New Zealand based charitable trust, incorporated in May 1999 under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.


Trillian Trust provides funding to community organisations. These funds are generated from the operation of gaming machines in licensed premises.

Non-profit community based organisations can apply to us for funding for specific purposes.

Projects funded

• Arts & Culture
• Children
• Local communities
• Education
• Elderly
• Health
• Sport & Recreation
• Youth

Excluded projects

• Professionalism
• Commercialism
• Tourism & Promotion
• Retrospective costs
• Incurred debts

Activities funded

Most activities considered, including the provision, or assistance in the provision, of facilities, equipment or playing uniforms.

Excluded activities

EXPENSES NOT PERMITTED (Included but not limited to):
• Wages and Salaries
• Overseas travel/overseas accommodation costs
• Purchase of buildings and/or land
• Vehicles/mileage costs
• Prizes (other than medals or trophies)
• Gifts/Koha
• On-going operational costs
• Dress uniforms/ Training uniforms
• Personal items eg. Shoes, socks, mouth guards
• Food/Drinks
• Social club expenses
• Retrospective expenses
• Individuals

Note: Grants cannot be retrospective (i.e. to reimburse funds already spent).

Funds available

Information not available

Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

Apply Online
All applications for funding must be completed online.  

Any hardcopy grant applications received will be returned to the applicant and will need to be completed online.
Prior to starting your application for funding please carefully read the following guides.  Following these will help ensure the application is compliant, increasing the opportunity for a successful outcome.

How to Apply:
Please review the 'How to Apply Guide' click here.

Supporting Documentation Required:
Please review the 'Supporting Documentation Guide' click here

The cut-off date for each meeting is midnight on the 10th of the month.  Applications received after this date will be held for the next months meeting.
Please be aware that there is NO meeting in January 2020.

Submit your grant application at least 6-8 weeks before funding is required.   The Gambling Act 2003 prohibits us from approving an application to reimburse money already spent by an applicant.

Information required with your application

• Certificate of Incorporation and/or Charities Commission registration or Letter of Affiliation
• Constitution or Trust Deed or Rules
• Brief outline of the organisation and its objectives
• Minutes
• Pre-printed deposit slip for the organisation’s bank account
• Quotes for the goods and/or services you are seeking funding for
• Plans, budgets, cost breakdown, and supporting documents

Please note: By viewing the document below, you will be able to provide a full breakdown of each requirement.

Decision makers

Currently our Net Proceeds Committee is made up of the following people:
John Harpin - Chairman
Stanley Malcolm - Secretary/Treasurer
Kevin McDonald - Trustee
Brett Kilburn - Trustee
Dean Agnew - Trustee and Chief Executive Officer

Decision time

Once your application is received by the Trust it is processed as follows:
•  The application is date stamped on the day it is received
•  From the information provided, the details of the applicant organisation and the application are entered into our data base. The application is assigned a unique reference number.
•  The application is then assessed. During this process there are many checks including ensuring all the required information has been provided and that the purpose of the application meets the criteria of our Authorised Purpose statement amongst others.
•  Once assessed, the application is put forward to be considered at the next Net Proceeds Committee meeting.
•  At the Net Proceeds Committee meeting the committee decides whether to approve or decline the application.
•  If the application is declined the organisation will be sent a letter as soon as possible advising them of the outcome and the reasons why.
•  If the application is approved the organisation will be sent a letter advising of the outcome, for what purposes the funds were granted, the date the funds will be deposited, and the requirements of the organisation to provide auditing documents following the expenditure of the funds.
•  For approved applications, the amount approved will be deposited into the organisation's bank account on or before the last working day of the month of the meeting
•  Once the funds have been spent and the organisation provides all required audit documents, the details are checked against the approval including: the amount spent, the goods and/or services purchased, the supplier of those goods and/or services, and proof that the organisation has used the funds for which they were granted.
• If any issues arise from the audit, the organisation will be contacted (usually by phone or email) making further enquiries to determine whether the funds have been used appropriately. Following consideration of any further information provided the organisation may be required to refund part or all of the funds granted.
• If there are no issues arising from the audit then no further processes are required.
• All applications and associated documents are retained by the Trust for at least seven years.

How notified

In writing.

How paid

Direct credit.

Conditions of acceptance

If you are successful in receiving a grant from us you will be required to submit verification of the correct expenditure of the grant funds. Your approval letter will detail the specific details of the approval, including the amounts that have been approved for each item.

The documents you need to supply to us are:
•  A completed Grant Audit Checklist which will be sent to you with the approval letter or you can download a blank one here.
•  Copies of the invoices/receipts from the suppliers. These invoices need to detail the specific goods and/or services you purchased and whether the cost includes GST.
•  A copy of your bank statement or a detailed printout of the online payment from your organisation's bank account that shows payment to the supplier(s).

It is important to remember that all grants are approved for the GST exclusive cost of the goods and services, even if your organisation is not GST registered.

Once you have provided all the required audit documents, the details are checked against the application and the approval conditions including:
• The amount spent;
• The specific goods and/or services purchased;
• The supplier of those goods and/or services;
• Evidence that you have not paid for the goods and/or services before your grant application has been approved. Grant funds cannot be used to reimburse money you have already spent.

If the amount spent is less than the funds granted, or where funds have not been used correctly we will send you a refund request letter detailing the reason and amount of the refund.

Failure to provide audit documents or any outstanding refund requests will prevent your organisation from being considered for any future applications.


Trillian Trust
PO Box 12 245
Auckland 1642
Phone: (09) 579 1428 Fax: (09) 579 1532