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Pelorus Trust

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Eligible districts

Far North; Northland; Hibiscus Coast; Auckland; Taranaki; Wairarapa; Manawatu; Kapiti Coast; Lower Hutt; Upper Hutt; Wellington; Marlborough; Nelson.


The Pelorus Trust may distribute funds through charitable, sporting or other community based organisations. Funds may be distributed to, but not limited to, any cultural, philanthropic, charitable, sporting educational or any other purpose that benefits the community or section of it.

The following additional criteria will be considered by the trustees:
• grants will be made to recipients that are located in the general geographic area from which the funds were raised. This means, for example, that the Trust is unlikely to approve an application from organisations based in an area where the Trust has no gaming venues. 
• the "fit" of the applicant's project or funding requirements to that of the Pelorus Trust. This includes our
• trust deed and approved authorised purpose statement.
• the percentage contribution of the applicant's own fundraising efforts.
• the potential community benefit of the funding.
• whether the applicant has received funding from the Trust or elsewhere, previously.
• whether the applicant has sought funding from other gaming trusts for the same purpose at the same time.
• the structure, legal status and longevity of the applicant.
• the spread of funding as required by the Trust Deed.
• the availability of funds for distribution.
• the relative merits of competing applications received and assessed in the same funding round for the available funds set aside for distribution.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


The Pelorus Trust is a charitable trust based in Lower Hutt which raises funds for charitable, philanthropic and sporting purposes through the operation of gaming machines.


Pelorus Trust has been established to promote and develop amateur sport in New Zealand. Additionally, as a secondary objective, the Trust may assist and support charitable purposes.

Projects funded

• sports & recreation
• health
• welfare and the relief of poverty
• arts & culture
• community assistance groups such as rescue helicopters
• education

Excluded projects

Commercial purpose.

Activities funded

• Gear: The Trust may fund playing uniforms (excluding footwear) for sports teams or clubs. We may fund a wet weather training shell jacket or tracksuit.  
• Motor Sport: The Trust may fund a motorsport or car-club for costs associated with running an event, for example, safety marshals or time-keepers. 
• Christmas parties or similar functions for elderly or special needs children.
• Prizes: We will consider applications to fund trophies, ribbons or other awards that recognise merit or success. We may fund reasonable non-cash prizes for open access sporting or community events.
• The Trust may consider funding the cost of renting or leasing premises.
• Transport: The Trust may fund transport costs for teams or organisations to travel within NZ for tournaments or similar reasons. Applications for vehicle hire, flights, ferries etc will all be considered if accompanied by competitive quotes. 
• Overseas Travel: This may be considered by the Trust so long as the applicant group is attending a bona fide tournament or event.
• However you should note that funding overseas travel is not a high priority for the Trust, and it is unlikely that a request will be successful. You must provide evidence such as an itinerary, event entry form or letter of invitation from the host, to support any funding request of this type. All quotes must be from New Zealand travel agents or companies.
• Scholarships: The Trust may fund an academic or sporting scholarship that may be openly contested, assessed against established criteria, and independently adjudicated and awarded. 
• Direct Community Benefit: The Trust may only grant funds that accrue a direct and immediate community benefit.

The Pelorus Trust may apply funds to any of the purposes outlined above that are consistent with the terms of their Deed of Trust.
Examples may include, but not limited to, the purchase of land and the development and maintenance of sporting or other facilities that benefit the community; the establishment of academic or sporting scholarships for young persons that are fair, open and equitably assessed; or, the payment of capitation or other levies to any not-for-profit national body or association.

Excluded activities

• Fees: The Trust will not fund fees or subscriptions levied by clubs on teams or individuals within the club.
• Casual Gear: The Trust will not fund any casual team gear such as polo shirts, t-shirts, beanies, fleece jackets or dress uniforms, unless the polo or t-shirts are the playing uniform.
• The Trust will not fund an individual or racing team for racing costs such as tyres, fuel, or protective gear.
• The Trust cannot grant funds to professional sports people or professional teams or clubs playing in a professional or semi-professional league or competition. However a funding request where a professional sportsperson provides coaching or training to amateur players or clubs may be considered.
• Social trips: This includes end of year/season 'away' trips for rugby or other sports teams.
• Food and drink: The Trust do not fund the cost of food or beverage. • Hotel Sports
• Salaries or professional fees
• Utility costs: The Trust will not fund the reimbursement of electricity, gas, telephone or other utility costs for a club or community organisation.
• Petrol costs or mileage
• Individual sponsorship or grants
• Vote Education: The Trust cannot fund educational purposes that would normally be funded by the Ministry of Education, such as teachers' salaries, and general school running costs.
• The Trust will not fund the payment of academic fees or course costs that may enhance the career or educational development of any individual.
• Reunions
• Lobbying
• Any purpose that is already funded by the government
• Employment schemes or organisations

Funds available

Information not available

Upper limit per grant application

No set limit

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How to apply

Application closing dates
Friday 19 June 2020
Pelorus Trust has a strict closing date policy.
Any late or incomplete applications will be processed for the next meeting.
Grant meetings are normally held within 10 days after the closing date.

How to Apply
If you are from a group that is considering applying, this website should provide you with all the information you need to know about making an application. In particular, please read the funding criteria section on the website prior to completing an application form. There are rules around how we fund and some things that we do not fund (such as salaries and advertising) so it is really important that you read the information before applying.

When to Apply
We will accept an application at any time, meetings are generally held twice each month. Upcoming closing dates are posted on the left-side bar of the website.  Applications will only be accepted through our online application process ONLY and this must be received by 10 pm on the closing date.  If your application is in order the application will automatically be included in the next funding round.  Please ensure that you submit your application well in advance of when you require the funds. We will only accept applications up to three months prior to the event. Please note that that all quotes need to be current and dated within a three month period.

Funding Criteria
Application Process
Online Application

Information required with your application

All requested information and supporting documentation, such as the applicant's bank account. Competitive quotes (for goods or services), and any other relevant information the applicant considers will strengthen or; importantly explain why they need funding must be included. If you are unable to provide two quotes, you must explain the reasons why in writing. For example, you are requesting funds for airfares to a destination which only one airline provides a service to.

Decision makers


Decision time

Consideration Process of Applications:
Every applicant must have completed a Pelorus Trust Grant Application form.
All requested information and supporting documentation, such as the applicant's bank account, 2 competitive quotes (for goods or services), and any other relevant information the applicant considers will strengthen or, importantly, explain why they need funding must be included. If you are unable to provide two quotes, you must explain the reasons why in writing. For example, you are requesting funds for airfares to a destination which only one airline provides a service to.

The application must be lodged at the Trust offices by 4pm on the closing day. All applications MUST be signed with original signatures NO copies will be accepted.

All applications must be posted or couriered to Pelorus Trust including the original signatures (section E) no email or faxed applications will be accepted.
Only once an application is complete will it be considered by the Trust. Each application will be treated on it merits. The trustees may make any enquiries as necessary so as to be in a position to fairly consider each application.

The trustees have an unfettered discretion to approve or decline any application.

Trust meetings are usually held twice monthly. Closing dates are displayed on the home page of our website. Every applicant considered by the trustees will be notified (by email) of the outcome of the application after the meeting.

Successful recipients will be advised by email of the conditions which are attached to receiving Trust funds.  The approved amount will be direct credited in to your nominated bank account.

All recipients should note that they may be audited by the Trust and/or an Inspector of Gaming from the Department of Internal Affairs to ensure that funds are expended on the applicant's nominated purpose.

How notified

By email.

How paid

Direct credit.

Conditions of acceptance

Successful recipients are required to complete a Grant Accountability Report (available from our website) within 3 months of receiving funds from the Trust that include bank statements showing receipt of the funds, proof of purchase and all relevant invoices to ensure funds are spent on the purpose for which they were granted.

Download the Grant Accountability Guide

Other information

In the event that your application is unsuccessful, you will receive an emailr from the Trust outlining the reasons why the Trustees declined your application. This may be due to your organisation or purpose not meeting legislative or Trust requirements, insufficient funds being available in your area, or the likelihood of you receiving funding from other sources.

If you wish to review this decision you may write to the Chief Executive, Pelorus Trust PO Box 39-445, Lower Hutt, 5045. Your letter of Appeal must be lodged with the Trust within 1 calendar month of the date of the decline letter, and should outline the reasons for your appeal, and append any supporting information. The Trustees will consider your request for a review at their next scheduled Trust meeting and you will receive a response within 5 working days of that meeting.


Trust Manager
Pelorus Trust
PO Box 39-445
Lower Hutt 5045
Phone: 0800 pelorus Fax: (04) 589 0816