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The ILT Foundation supports non-profit community groups, charities, welfare, religious, educational, arts, cultural and amateur sports organisations.

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Groups or individuals may apply


The ILT Foundation commenced operating game machines on 1 April 2006.


To distribute the funds generated from gaming venues to a broad cross section of non-profit community groups, charities, welfare agencies and educational organisation located within the Invercargill Licensing Trust Foundation area..

Projects funded

Education and Sport.

Excluded projects

• education costs expected to be funded by the government
• third party funding
• commercialism
• motor vehicles
• professional players salaries
• insurance
• retrospective costs.

Activities funded

• office equipment e.g. computers, fax machines photocopiers etc.
• office administration costs if justifiable
• sport teams
• uniforms
• upkeep and maintenance costs of racing club facilities and grounds
• stake money as specified in the Gambling Act 2003
• national or regional coaching and development programmes
• team affiliation or registration fees
• sports admin costs including salaries, vehicles and cell phones.

Internal and overseas travel will only be considered where a scholarship has been granted (i.e. the traveller (s) is/are representatives who have been selected at national level).

Excluded activities

• overseas accommodation
• commercial gain
• after match functions or socials
• professional players
• personalised items non-essential items e.g. drink bottles or gear bags
• funding to individuals (Unless applied for and administered by a recognised body to which the individual is affiliated).
• motor vehicles, unless the group is able to prove to the total satisfaction of the Trust that the vehicle is a critical part of their work
• school activities and field trips.

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application

No upper limit.

Grants made last year

Information not available

Funds available last year


How to apply

Please ensure the grant application is in the ILT Foundation office at 252 Dee Street, Invercargill a minimum of 2 weeks prior to a meeting date listed below. 

Meeting date decisions for grant applications for the 2019 year are:

• 20 June
• 11 July
• 29 August
• 19 September
• 24 October
• 21 November
• 12 December

Please refer to the funding guidelines and the authorised purposes section of ILT's website prior to completing an Application Form or phone 03 2113 640 for more information.

Information required with your application

ALL applications must have the following before the Grants Committee can consider them:

A completed form. A different form is required if applying for an individual scholarship
The form must have two signatures and be dated by the Secretary, Treasurer and/or Chairperson of the applicant group and in the case of schools, the principal.

Supporting documentation:  
• at least two quotations for all products/services that are proposed:
• if funding is proposed towards general running costs (see Authorised Purpose) then a set of recent audited accounts must be provided and copies of previous accounts (such as power/phone/rates, etc) provided.
• for salaries (see Authorised Purpose) a signed employment contract clearly stating the term of the contract, employee's name and rate of pay, must be provided.
• the minutes of the committee/executive meeting
• bank account details:
• a pre-printed bank deposit slip in the name of the applicant group or
Bank generated account details verified by the bank.

For Sporting Groups:
• proof of affiliation to a regional or national body.
• proof/itinerary and date(s) of event(s) for which funding is sought.
• proof that the group is a genuine 'non-profit' or charitable organisation:
• seal and certificate of incorporation
• certificate of IRD 'charitable' or non-profit status.
• trust Deed, Certificate of Incorporation of Trust.
• for sporting teams, proof that the team is affiliated to a regional body that is in turn affiliated to a nationally recognised sporting organisation - see for details.

For schools, an endorsement from the Principal on school letterhead.

Decision makers

ILT Foundation Trustees.

How notified

In writing.

How paid

By cheque.

Conditions of acceptance

You must:
Keep a copy of the grant application and supporting documentation. 
Following receipt of a grant, provide grant accountability for the expenditure of the funds by completing the requirements set out on the "Details and Conditions of Grants" page which is sent with your Grant approval letter, i.e providing the appropriate bank statements, receipts and invoices. 


Jackie Flutey
ILT Foundation
PO Box 1771
Invercargill 9840
Phone: (03) 211 3640 Fax: (03) 214 4418