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Eligible districts

Bay of Plenty


Sport Bay of Plenty Priorities:
• skilled deliverers
• fundamental skill development
• reducing inequalities
• quality competitions/events
• collaboration

What type of funding is available?

Contestable KickStart Fund
This fund is targeted at ‘smaller’ initiatives (up to $5,000) that assist in the achievement of the objectives of KiwiSport. Priority will be given to initiatives that can demonstrate at least one of the following:
Identify and focus on initiatives/programmes that support low participating groups and communities with activities or sporting opportunities that meet their needs;
Increase the investment in initiatives which meet the needs of young people (12-18 years);
Focus on innovative approaches to getting girls and young women (10-18 years) participating in activities and sport that meet their needs.

Contestable Major Project Funding
Major project funding has been split into two tiered categories. Priority will be given to initiatives/organisations that can demonstrate tier 1 priorities. Some projects will be able to demonstrate initiatives that impact on priorities from both tier 1 and tier 2.
Tier 1
Identify and focus on initiatives/programmes that support low participating groups/communities with activities or sporting opportunities that meet their needs;
Increase the investment in initiatives which meet the needs of young people (12-18 years);
Focus on innovative approaches to getting girls and young women (10-18 years) participating in activities and sport that meet their needs;
Further decrease support for in-curriculum initiatives; and
Focus on the importance of quality experiences by encouraging those applying for funding to understand and utilise Sport New Zealand's Three Approaches.
Tier 2
Skilled Deliverers: Ensuring there is a network of capable and experienced people working at the coalface who are delivering quality sporting experiences for young people (e.g. volunteers, coaches, officials, teachers, sport coordinators, event organisers). These people need to be supported through quality development opportunities.
Fundamental Skills Development: Providing a learning environment where young people develop fundamental sport skills so they have the right building blocks to play sport for life. Projects that are for the purpose of developing fundamental skills must not duplicate, but rather complement, the GO4it programme.
Quality Competitions/Events: Provision of quality sporting opportunities for all young people (competitive and social) across the entire Bay of Plenty to ensure all young people have the opportunity to participate at their level of ability or level of interest. This includes more affordable quality local delivery of competitions.

Non-contestable Secondary School Fund
This allocation acknowledges a ministerial directive that no secondary school is disadvantaged under the new KiwiSport scheme, and the available funding is dedicated to the development of secondary school sport. It is managed by the Bay of Plenty Secondary School Sport Association.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


KiwiSport is a government funding initiative to support sport for school-aged children. Launched by the Prime Minister on 11 August 2009. KiwiSport provides funding for school-aged children via Direct Funding with primary and secondary schools and through the Regional Partnership Fund, given to regional sports trust (i.e. Sport Bay of Plenty).


KiwiSport objectives:
More kids - Increase the number of school age children participating in organised sport-during school, after school and by strengthening links with sports clubs
More opportunities - Increase the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children
Better skills - Support children in developing skills that will enable them to participate effectively in sport at both primary and secondary level.

Projects funded

• sport and recreation
• children
• youth

Excluded projects

• programmes that undermine existing club/volunteer infrastructure;
• programmes that are considered to be 'business as usual' for stakeholders or where new investment would displace existing funding;
• sport facilities and other capital works
• projects/programmes that do not have a focus on organised sport
• one-off events and event sponsorship
• retrospective projects
• social marketing campaigns; and
• programmes that focus on nutrition and/or physical activity

Activities funded

• fundamental skill development
• collaboration
• quality competitions / events
• reducing inequalities
• skilled deliverers
• professional development

Excluded activities

• administration costs
• existing programmes to maintain current levels of participation. However, investment in existing programmes will be considered where the purpose is expansion and will result in more school-aged children playing sport.

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application

5,000 (KickStart Fund) 50,000 (Major Project)

Grants made last year


Funds available last year

Information not available

How to apply

Contestable KickStart Fund
Download Kickstart Information Pack
Download Kickstart Application Form

Contestable Major Project Funding
Download Major Projects information pack
Download Major Projects application pack

Non-contestable Secondary School Fund
Secondary Schools should contact the below person for more information regarding the non-contestable secondary school fund:
Calvin Buttimore
School Sport Team Leader at Sport Bay of Plenty

It is important prior to completing the application form you have read the KiwiSport Information Pack and fully understand the conditions of applying for funds through the Regional Partnership Fund. All relevant documents are available from our website.

Information required with your application

• applicant profile
• project information
• project cost
• timeline

Decision makers

Sport Bay of Plenty Board of Trustees.

How notified

In writing

How paid

Direct credit

An agreement will have to be signed with Sport Bay of Plenty that will outline the project, monitoring process to measure the outcomes. Once this is signed off the funds will be paid to the organisation directly into their bank account.

Conditions of acceptance

An accountability report will be required at the end of the funding period.

Other information

All figures quoted are GST exclusive, but when payment is made to the successful applicant they will include GST (if applicable)


Daniel Harrison
Community Sport Team Leader
Level 1, 223 Thorndon Quay
Thorndon, Wellington
PO Box 24148 Manners Street
Wellington 6011