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Auckland Regional Kiwisport Fund

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Eligible districts



Regional and national sport organisations can apply for the investment as part of, or on behalf of, wider stakeholder consortia. Each project requires one lead agency to be the Auckland Regional KiwiSport Fund contract holder and to take overall responsibility for coordinating the project.

• all projects must show partnerships
• cash and in-kind contribution is required from one or more partners - see local variances
• projects will not be 100% KiwiSport funded
• project must be endorsed from the relevant regional sport organisation (RSO) and/or national sport organisation (NSO)
• must meet one or more of the KiwiSport Outcomes
• must address one or more of the Local Community priorities.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


Auckland Regional KiwiSport Fund is contestable and distributed by Auckland Sport on behalf of the 4 local Regional Sport Trusts (RSTs) CLM Community Sport, Harbour Sport, Sport Auckland and Sport Waitakere.

KiwiSport is a national initiative that was launched in 2009 by the Prime Minister.


This investment is to support regional and/or national sport organisations for projects/initiatives that can provide new or increased opportunities of organised sport for young people aged 5-18 yrs across the Auckland Region.

Projects funded

• sport and recreation
• children
• youth

Excluded projects

The following projects are not eligible for the Auckland Regional KiwiSport Fund.
• projects that are currently receiving other KiwiSport funding from any of the four local RSTs. Applicants can apply for different projects or extension of projects across the Auckland region e.g. project began in one region and applicant wants to expand it to other three regions
• applications for facility and/or amenity development
• one-off events
• projects that do not involve partnerships
• projects that do not have support of the relevant national sport organisation(s)
• projects that are retrospective in nature
• projects that represent ‘business as usual’ for stakeholders
• projects that cannot demonstrate clear cash contributions from project partners.
• projects that are predominantly social marketing campaigns
• projects that are predominantly nutrition or physical activity focused
• sponsorship
• funding cannot be used for administration or coordination expenses including but not limited to salaries, office and stationery expenses, vehicle or mileage, phone, computer.

Activities funded

Organised sport : 'sporting activities delivered primarily through organised structures, that is, organised competitions and activities delivered by clubs, schools and other organisations including elements of competition, coaching and skill development'.

Excluded activities

Funding cannot be used for administration or coordination expenses including but not limited to salaries, office and stationery expenses, vehicle or mileage, phone, computer.

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How to apply

Apply here.

Step 1 – Test your eligibility for the Auckland KiwiSport Regional Fund.
Before testing your eligibility, please read the KiwiSport Key Information Guide and ensure this is the right fund for your project.
Register for an eligibility form by submitting your details in the form located to the right. You will be sent an email with a link to test your eligibility.
Step 2 – Complete Expression of Interest
If you are successfully eligible for the fund you will be sent the Expression of Interest (EOI) pdf. to be filled in electronically. Please note we will not be accepting Expression of Interest forms completed by hand.
If your EOI is accepted you will be informed, by email to complete the application form in full.
Step 3 – Complete the application form.
Please contact if you have any questions when completing the application form.
Step 4 – Submit Full Application
Submit the completed application form and attach all the required supporting documents (letters from partnering organisations including details about the type and level of support provided e.g. financial, non-financial) by 5pm on 25 July 2019.

Information required with your application

• project description and expected outcomes
• target groups for your project
• estimate level of project investment
• timeframe for implementation
• details of project partnerships & in-kind investment your project will contribute
• contact Information etc...

Decision makers

Regional KiwiSport Advisory Group will assess contestable applications.  The membership of this Advisory Group is one representative for the following organisations:
• Auckland council officer
• Aktive Auckland Sport and Recreation
• College Sport
• CLM Community Sport
• Harbour Sport
• Primary School representative
• Sport Auckland
• Sport Waitakere
• Independent Chair

Decision time

Applicants will be notified of the outcome within 25 days of close of date of applications.

How notified

In writing.

How paid

Directly paid.

Conditions of acceptance

Formal accountabilities will be set out in an investment schedule. The investment schedule will outline key stages in the initiative where Aktive will meet with the lead organisation to assess the effectiveness of the initiative. Frequency of reporting and monitoring will be agreed by both parties based on the scale and nature of the project.

Read the terms and conditions for successful applicants.

Other information

For more information, contact: 

Simone Spencer
Aktive – Auckland Sport and Recreation

Visit their website for more information about this fund:


Ground Floor, Sport Central Eden, 4/14 Normanby RD, Mt Eden
Auckland 1024