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Sport Otago through its consultation process has identified a range of criteria that it will apply in assessing proposals and determining allocation of funding.

Proposals must demonstrate:

• projected growth in participation of school aged children in sport within Otago.
• that greater opportunity and/or choice is provided to school aged children.
• that there is an improvement in the skill levels of school aged children.
• that the activity or programme is sustainable with ideally pathways being created.
• that there is clear evidence of partnerships formed with and between schools, community, sports organisations and funders.
• that there is demonstrated leverage of funding from a range of sources to supplement and support a KiwiSport fund allocation.
• that there is a clearly identified and stated assessment of current participation numbers and a robust system for measuring achievement of the stated proposal outcomes and the difference that the activity/programme will make.

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KiwiSport is a government initiative focused on getting more school aged children involved in organised sport.


KiwiSport has three objectives:
More children playing sport, more opportunities for our children, and teaching better skills to our children.

Projects funded

There are a wide range of possible opportunities for KiwiSport funding to get school-aged children involved in sport. These include, but are not limited to:
• after school programmes
• holiday programmes
• coaching sessions, either sport specific or skill based
• multi-sport 'taster' sessions
• training student leaders
• initiatives based on the needs of specific groups, i.e. girls or children with disabilities.
• overcoming the barriers presented by rural travel.

Excluded projects

KiwiSport funding cannot be used to fund administration costs, for one-off tournaments or events, as sponsorships, for facilities or capital works, or as additional funding for existing projects, unless it demonstrates expansion of participation.

Funds available

Information not available

Upper limit per grant application

There is no specific limit on how much may be applied for; all projects will be considered on their merits. Remember you will be required to provide evidence you are contributing funds at least equal to what you are applying for.

Grants made last year

Information not available

Funds available last year

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How to apply

Important Information Regarding KiwiSport

The current Sport New Zealand KiwiSport regional partnership fund investment for Otago has been fully distributed.  Sport New Zealand have yet to indicate if they will continue the KiwiSport programme. We will post information here as we receive it. (21 May 2020)

The last funding round closed on 28 February 2020.

Applications will be processed in the round closest to the date of receipt, subject to any clarification or matters that may need to be discussed with the application.
To make an application download the form available from our website. or contact us on 03 474 6350 (0800 776 786) if you need one sent out to you. Then contact our Sport Manager Alan Nicholls to discuss your proposed project and if it will meet the KiwiSport criteria. Once you have collected together all the relevant information send it to: KiwiSport, Sport Otago, PO Box 969, Dunedin 9054, or email it to Alan.

Request An Application Form Here

Information required with your application

Before you make an application please ensure you have taken these steps:

• you have read the application form and have collected all the information required.
• you have prepared a comprehensive budget.
• established partnerships within your community that support your project, i.e.: clubs to schools, between schools, between sporting codes.
• that your project will get more school aged children involved in organised sport.
• that your project will benefit children within the Otago region, which may include of Dunedin City, Clutha, Waitaki, Central Otago or Queenstown Lakes Districts.
• schools should have the approval of their Board of Trustees before making an application.
• sporting bodies should have the approval of their executive before making an application.

You then need to contact our Sport Manager, Mike Weddell before submitting your application. He can discuss your application with you and advise you of any additional information that may be required.

Decision makers

Sports Otago has established an application review panel that will convene on a regular basis to process applications.

Decision time

As soon as possible after close off dates.

How notified

All applicants will be advised of the result of application in writing. Unsuccessful applicants may submit projects or programmes to future funding rounds. An applicant may receive provisional approval where their project is approved but they are required to secure additional funding or investment. If this is the case the amount required and length the KiwiSport grant will be held for will be clearly specified.

How paid

Direct Credit

Conditions of acceptance

You will be required to report on the success of your project. Exact details of your reporting requirements will be made clear if a grant is offered to you.

Other information

Can we apply to KiwiSport to top up funding of a school sports coordinator?

Special conditions apply to this specific situation. Contact Mike Weddell regarding this question.



Duane Donovan
Operations Manager
40 Logan Park Drive
Sargood Centre

PO Box 969
Dunedin 9016
Phone: 03 474 6419