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Eligible districts

Kapiti, Porirua, Wellington, Hutt Valley and the Wairarapa


Sport Wellington will consider applications from schools, sports, groups and community organisations carrying out their activities in the greater Wellington region. This includes Kapiti, Porirua, Wellington, Hutt Valley and the Wairarapa.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


KiwiSport is a government funding initiative to support sport for school-aged children. Launched by the Prime Minister on 11 August 2009. KiwiSport provides funding for school-aged children via Direct Funding with primary and secondary schools and through the Regional Partnership Fund, given to regional sports trust (i.e. Sport Wellington).


KiwiSport objectives:
More kids - Increase the number of school age children participating in organised sport-during school, after school and by strengthening links with sports clubs
More opportunities - Increase the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children
Better skills - Support children in developing skills that will enable them to participate effectively in sport at both primary and secondary level.

Projects funded

• sport and recreation
• children
• youth

The following initiatives and concepts are likely to be funded:
• have a Go@SPORT - projects that provide school-aged children the opportunity to participate and experience a given sport for a period of lessons either before, during or after school.
• have a Go@FUN-damentals - multiple sports/codes working collaboratively to provide sport-related fundamental skills and experiences before, during or after school. (e.g striking skills/technique - tennis, table tennis, squash, softball, cricket and hockey)

Excluded projects

Recreation organisations

Activities funded

• in school and out of school programmes
• after school programmes
• multiple sports taster sessions with on-going opportunities to engage
• skill development programme or festivals
• initiatives that focus on specific groups e.g. girls or disabled
• coaching sessions (sport specific or skill-based sport packages)
• holiday programmes (must be sport specific)
• training future student leaders (must be sport specific)

Excluded activities

Projects that will not be eligible are:
• projects that undermine existing club or volunteer infrastructure
• projects that are considered to be business as usual
• sport facilities and other capital works
• projects that do not have a focus on organised sport
• one-off events and/or event sponsorship
• retrospective projects
• social marketing campaigns
• projects that focus on nutrition and/or physical activity
• funding for sport equipment or uniforms only
• funding for individuals/teams to travel to tournaments

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application


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How to apply

Please note that following the November Funding Round and November Fast-Fund applications, Sport Wellington have now allocated all existing KiwiSport investment through until 30 November 2020. Keep an eye on our website for updates around the future of the KiwiSport fund as Sport NZ provide us with further direction around this.

• Ensure your project aligns with the KiwiSport priorities (click here to view)
• Click on the 'Apply Now' button at the bottom of the page
• Complete all sections of the online application form
• Joint applications should be completed in the name of the lead organisation with support from partners
• Attach all the required information (see requirements for funding here) via the attachment section 
• Double check and submit application
• All submitted applications will receive a copy of their application and a confirmation email

If you require additional information or assistance other than the information found on our website please email  Alternatively, please Phone: (04) 380 2070 if you would like to speak to someone about KiwiSport.

Apply Now

Information required with your application

In light of the enthusiasm KiwiSport has generated across the region, Sport Wellington has decided to make 20 minute appointments available (on the hour or half hour) for those whom wish to discuss their application or project further.

Decision makers

Sport Wellington Board of Trustees.

How notified

All applicants will receive an email copy of their application.

All applicants will be advised in writing regarding the outcome of their application.

How paid

Direct credit.

Conditions of acceptance

An accountability report will be required at the end of the funding period.

Other information

Further information from:
Wairarapa Office (06) 370 9157 or Kapiti Office (04) 296 9022


Peter Woodman-Aldridge
KiwiSport Manager

Phone: (04) 389 0214