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The KiwiSport RPF Plan 2015-18 is in effect.  Please ensure you have read it prior to applying as it outlines what can and can't be funded. 

In addition to these, Sport NZ has directed all Regional Sports Trusts to give priority to projects that focus on the following:

• low socio-economic groups
• opportunities for girls
• delivery outside of school curriculum time

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KiwiSport is a government funding initiative to support sport for school-aged children. Launched by the Prime Minister on 11 August 2009. KiwiSport provides funding for school-aged children via Direct Funding with primary and secondary schools and through the Regional Partnership Fund, given to regional sports trust (i.e. Sport Tasman).


• increase the numbers of school-age children participating in organised sport - during school, after school and by strengthening links with sports clubs;
• increase the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children; and
• support children in developing skills that will enable them to participate effectively in sport at both primary and secondary level.

Activities funded

The following are examples of the types of expenses that could be funded by KiwiSport:

• personnel costs (i.e. wages) up to $25/hr for session delivery and for coordination directly related to that delivery
• equipment purchase or hire
• venue hire
• travel up to $0.60/km (if calculating mileage) e.g. for a provider to travel to a remote area/school to deliver sessions or for coaches to attend a training course
• accommodation; where fair and reasonable for coaches, officials and volunteers (not participants)
• professional development/training for coaches, officials and volunteers, including first aid courses
• lesson or affiliation fees

Excluded activities

• administration; including but not limited to stationery, certificates, trophies, medals, photocopying, telephones, computers, vehicle lease/maintenance
• personnel costs (wages) for roles that already exist or are administration based, including project/resource development
• programmes that are considered to be business as usual for stakeholders or where funding displaces existing funding
• retrospective projects (anything prior to the closing date)
• one-off events and event sponsorship
• programmes that undermine existing club / volunteer infrastructure
• programmes that focus on nutrition, leadership, physical activity and/or fitness.
• sport facilities or other capital works
• travel for participants outside the Tasman region *Social marketing campaigns
• team uniforms
• catering
• school camps

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Funds available last year


How to apply

Funding rounds for 2020 close:
5pm, Friday 13 March 2020

This will be the only funding round in 2020. For successful applicants, all activity and reporting will be required to be completed by early December 2020. Any organisation unable to comply with this timing will not be elegible for funding in this round.

This application form is a fillable PDF.  It must be opened using the latest version of Adobe Reader (this is free to download).  
Please download the form to your computer and then fill in the downloaded copy. Do not fill in the form on your web browser as we have found that when the form is saved all fields are blank and the information is lost. We recommend that you send your application to us by attaching the completed form to an email and sending directly to us. (Alternatively you can hit the submit button on the form but this is not recommended)

Application Form

Please do not send us a scanned copy as the form is set up to collate all the information and is unable to do so from a scanned copy.
We do have a word version of the form which is available on request if you are unable to use the PDF form for some reason. 

Decision makers

Sport Tasman - KiwiSport Committee

How notified

All application outcomes will be listed on the Sport Tasman website.

How paid

All RPF recipients will be paid via direct credit on approval of their application. Accounts will be paid on the 20th of the month following receipt of invoice and a signed contract.

Conditions of acceptance

Sport Tasman will contact successful applicants for an update on their progress at the half-way mark of their project. At this time, they will be given the option of additional support in way of a Sport Tasman staff member observing delivery (at a planned time) and providing advice/further support as required. Recipients are asked to provide three photos of their project in action

A simple final reportis required within 30 days of project completion. The template for this is available on the Sport Tasman website. The final report must include relevant proof of expenditure to verify that KiwiSport funding was spent as planned (e.g. receipts, invoices, bank statements). Sport Tasman reserves the right to request proof of Leverage Funding expenditure if required. Surplus funds, as calculated in the Final Report budget, will be paid back to the Sport Tasman KiwiSport Fund.

Other information

Note: All individuals working with children are expected to undertake police vetting.

All successful applicants will agree to sharing details of their KiwiSport funded project with the community via the Sport Tasman website and / or other media if required.


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