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Sport Northland will invest in schools, sports organisations and community providers that demonstrate they are co-operating and forging partnerships with a focus on increasing the participation of school children in organised sport.

Sport Northland allocates funding for KiwiSport Projects to meet the key national KiwiSport outcomes which are:
• Increasing participation of young people (U18) in organised sport
• Increase in the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children
• Support children to develop skills that enable them to participate confidently in sport

Along with addressing the key national KiwiSport outcomes above, decisions will also be based on programmes that target increased participation in priority targets - these being:
• Maori/Pacific Island/Asian participants
• Female participants (10-18years)
• High social deprivation index communities
• Low participant communities

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KiwiSport is a government funding initiative to support sport for school-aged children. Launched by the Prime Minister on 11 August 2009. KiwiSport provides funding for school-aged children via Direct Funding with primary and secondary schools and through the Regional Partnership Fund, given to regional sports trust (i.e. Sport Northland).


KiwiSport is underpinned by the following 3 objectives:
• more kids playing sport: increase the numbers of school-aged children participating in organised sport - during school, after school and by strengthening links with sports clubs.
• more opportunities to play sport: increase the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children.
• better skills: support children in developing skills that will enable them to participate effectively in sport at both primary and secondary level.

Projects funded

• sport and recreation
• children
• youth

Excluded projects

IS NOT guaranteed ongoing funding for individual projects and it is expected that such projects will become sustainable over time.

Activities funded

Sport Northland will invest in organisations that have programmes/projects that demonstrate a focus on more kids playing more organised sport in and out of school.

Excluded activities

WON'T be spent on Sport Northland administration costs. All regional partnership fund money will go to the delivery of the Kiwisport objectives.
WON'T be used to subsidise existing programmes to maintain current levels of operation.
Investment in existing programmes will only be considered if it is for the purposes of expansion that will result in more school-aged children playing sport.
WON'T be used for equipment, facilities or infrastructure items.
WON'T be used for high performance programmes unless there is clear evidence that this investment will assist to meet Kiwisport objectives.

Funds available

Information not available

Upper limit per grant application

The investment depends on the project but a realistic expectation would be one to one matching funding.

Grants made last year

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Funds available last year


How to apply

Applications are now open year round depending on funding availability. Applications need to be submitted by the 10th of each month and can be emailed directly to Sport Northland,

For full details on submitting applications, please read the KiwiSport Information and Guidelines.

KiwiSport Information and Guidelines
KiwiSport Application Form

Information required with your application

• project title and purpose
• project duration
• lead organisation/s contact details
• partners in project
• detailed project description
• target group/s
• anticipated impact on sport participation among young people (numbers of new young people entering sport or level of skill development)
• business plan showing alignment to RSO or NSO outcomes Project cost & financial commitment from partner/s involved in the project.
• budget
• pathway to sustainability
• how baseline data will be established
• measureable success criteria developed
• any other information required by Sport Northland

Decision makers

An assessment committee comprising of Sport Northland senior staff and community sport and education representatives will assess applications against criteria and make decisions regarding RPF allocations.


How notified

In Writing

How paid

All RPF recipients will be paid via Direct Credit on approval of their application.

Conditions of acceptance

An accountability report will be required at the end of the funding period.

Other information

Please go to our website for further information on RPF workshops.



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