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Waikanae Community Board - Discretionary Grants

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Eligibility Criteria:
• applicants must reside in the Waikanae Ward.
• groups must be non-profit making.
• applications may only be made once in a 12 month period, calculated from the date funding was last received, except in exceptional circumstances and at the Board's discretion.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups or individuals may apply


Each of the four Community Boards has one or more grant schemes. Waikanae Community Board offers three grant schemes.


The Purpose of the Waikanae Community Board's Discretionary Grants is to provide financial assistance to for projects or activities that promote the well being of the Waikanae Ward and show clear community benefit.

Projects funded

• community, cultural or sports purposes, including travel both within New Zealand and overseas.
• groups or Individuals who are unable to receive sufficient grants from other sources because of the time frame or because they are otherwise ineligible.
• grants to partially offset the cost of any Council permit, licence or resource consent fees on the basis that the proposed activity falls into a 'worthy cause' category.
• the remission of hall rental for 'worthy causes' in line with Council policy that all remissions of hall rentals be accounted for by being funded as grants from approved grants budgets under the control of the Council, Wards Committee or Community Board.
• not withstanding the above criteria, the Waikanae Community Board has the right if justification can be proven, to make a grant outside the criteria.

Excluded projects

• capital expenditure
• expenses incurred for school curriculum activities
• grants will not be considered retrospectively
and must be received by the Kāpiti Coast
District Council prior to the event taking place and at least eight working days before the
Community Board meeting date.
• activities for which funding has already been received from either the Grants Allocation
Committee or one of the other community boards in the district will not be eligible for further
funding from the Waikanae Community Board for the same activities.

Excluded activities


Funds available


Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

Applicants should view and familiarise themselves with the criteria and full information about the Discretionary Grants Fund.

Discretionary Grants Fund Criteria and Application form (PDF)
Discretionary Grants Fund Criteria and Application form (word)

Applications must be made on the approved application form and addressed to Tracey Waye.  For any questions please email or phone:  04 296 4643.
Applications must be received no later than eight working days prior to the Waikanae Community Board meeting date in order to meet the reporting deadline.

Information required with your application

All applications must include full supporting documentation.

Applicants must provide at least 3 quotes for any items to be purchased with the grant money.

Decision makers

Waikanae Community Board.

Decision time

Community Board meetings are held 8 working days after the closing date.

How notified

In Writing.

How paid

Direct Credit.

Conditions of acceptance

Applicants must provide evidence that the money was spent for the purpose granted, within six months of receipt of the grant.

Other information

In order to ensure that funds are managed carefully throughout the entire financial year, funds for sporting or travel activity will generally have a maximum amount payable as follows:
For sports/competitions (including associated travel costs):
$100 Participation in a national or international event without selection (i.e. if you pay you can participate)
$200 Competing in a national event (after selection)
$500 Competing in a national event (after selection)
For travel:
$200 To attend coaching/training clinics out of Waikanae (national or International),which will benefit more members of the community
$200 Attending national AGMs (or similar) for Waikanae community groups
$250 Attending national AGMs (or similar) for very active or highly beneficial Waikanae community groups
For all other applications, the maximum grant payable is $500.00 per grant.


Tracey Waye
Kapiti Coast District Council
Private Bag 60601
Paraparaumu 5254
New Zealand
Phone: 04 296 4643