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Breath4CF Physical Activity Fund

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To qualify for this allowance people with Cystic Fibrosis must be registered with the National Office, but need not be symptomatic.

Applicants must have symptomatic Cystic Fibrosis and be registered on the CFNZ database through a CFNZ Fieldworker

Breath4CF allowances are graduated for age:
• child 0-5 years  $150
• all Others (6 years +)  $300

You may apply to this fund as many times as you wish, during each financial year.

Our financial year ends 30 June – applications for the current year must be received by June 25, as payments cannot be backdated.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups or individuals may apply


Breath4CF started as a result of a journey and a vision.  In 2002 Tracey Richardson found herself overwhelmed and overweight, a result of 13 years of struggling to cope with the realities of two children with Cystic Fibrosis.  So she set about trying to not just improve her own life but also to make a difference to the lives of people with CF.


The Breath4CF Physical Activity Grant is an allowance for people with Cystic Fibrosis, to assist them so that cost is not a barrier to physical exercise.  Medical advice is unanimous, exercise is a way that people with CF can positively affect their own quality of life and longevity.

Our Mission:
To help increase the quality of life and longevity of people with Cystic Fibrosis by encouraging them to participate in physical activity and sport, to educate the public about CF and its impact on those affected and their families, and to raise sufficient funds to allow these two objectives to happen.

Our Vision:
That all people with CF participate in physical activity as part of their regular daily life, and that the cost of such activity is not a barrier to participation

Projects funded

Sport and Recreation.

Excluded projects

Activities which will not be considered:
• social gatherings or sports trips which are
predominantly social in nature
• holidays (individual or family)
• clothing classed as non-essential, which includes any clothing that is not activity-specific.
(clothing that is compulsory for specific sporting activities will be considered–eg Sports team uniforms, swimming togs, compulsory school sports uniforms.)
• computer games
• hunting equipment such as guns, ammunition, bows or

Activities funded

The following is a list of some of the activities covered by this fund. It is by no means exhaustive and if in doubt please call the National Office to check if your chosen activity is eligible.
• team or individual sports
• physical exercise equipment
• horse riding
• sports club fees
• training or sporting lessons
• singing lessons
• swimming lessons
• trampolines
• gym memberships
• individual sports
• sporting trips to competitions
• physical activity - related computer equipment

Funds available

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Grants made last year

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Funds available last year

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How to apply

You may apply to this fund as many times as you wish, up to a maximum of $150 per child under 6 years, $300 per child/adult 6 years and over during each financial year.
To apply for a Breath4CF grant please fill out the application form and provide either a receipt as proof of your purchase, or an invoice to be paid. If supplying an invoice your grant will be paid directly to the supplier.

Applications can be made online.

Breath4CF allowances are graduated for age:
• child 0-5 years  $150
• all others (6 years +)  $300

The application form must be fully completed.
Under no circumstances will grants be made for activities that have already been fully funded from another source.
Prior approval for activities covered by the fund is not required. You may send the application form WITH the receipt or invoice/quote attached to the back.

Information required with your application

• recipient details
• applicant details
• details of application
• details of payment

Decision makers

Cystic Fibrosis New Zealand

Decision time

Applications are assessed and decided upon receipt.

How paid

Payment will be made either to the applicant (or caregiver) upon the provision of receipts, or direct to suppliers upon invoice/quote. IF WE MAKE PAYMENT ON AN INVOICE/QUOTE, WE WILL REQUIRE A RECEIPT OF OUR PAYMENT. Further grants will not be considered if receipts for previous payments have not been received by us.

Conditions of acceptance

Not applicable

Other information

For any questions regarding the Breath4CF grant, please contact or your CF field worker.


Irene Vanderlaan
Office Manager
Cystic Fibrosis Association of New Zealand National Office
PO Box 8241
Christchurch 8241
Phone: 0800 651 112