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Auckland Softball Foundation Charitable Trust

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Eligible districts

Auckland Softball region.


The following Criteria are for the guidance of applicants for a Charitable Grant from the Auckland Softball Foundation Charitable Trust. The Trustees have the sole discretion as to who is granted funds and these criteria and other considerations can, and will be, taken into account by the Trustees when considering applications.

Any society, association, charitable trust or organisation that is incorporated or legally constituted, and whose rules do not allow money, property, or any other benefits to be distributed to any of its members.

Note: If individuals wish to apply, they must do so via a body as identified above.

Increase the Likelihood of a Successful Grants Request

Listed below are a few comments and suggestions from the Trustees that may assist you to develop grants applications for the Trust:
• the number and quality of grant requests and the funds available change every year  and as you would expect usually there simply are not enough funds available to support all requests– so having an application that provides some flexibility so the Trustees maybe able to support part of your request is sensible – in other words- break the request into 2 or more components
• the Trustees are keen to see funds channelled to the growth of the game – particularly youth. Participation, skills development including leadership, team skills etc and improving health and fitness are important. Development projects will have priority over Grant requests  for equipment and uniforms
• the important and necessities are preferred over the “nice to have” projects
• please clearly communicate what the funds are required for and why they are important
• the Trustees prefer projects that show that people or organizations applying are also putting some effort in. Example: A project where the Club members are providing the labour with a request for financial assistance for resources/ materials/ equipment or repairing existing assets rather than buying new and throwing out the existing materials etc.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups or individuals may apply


The Auckland Softball Foundation Charitable Trust was formed in June 2009 to cater for proceeds of the sale of Norana Ball Park.


The Trustees are committed to making sure the proceeds of the Trust go to causes and projects that will deliver a long term sustainable benefit to the Auckland Softball Community.

Projects funded

Funds are available for any charitable purpose that benefits the Community and is in accordance with the Objects of the Auckland Softball Foundation Charitable Trust, the full detail of which can be seen in the Trust Deed on the website

In brief these purposes are:
• to encourage pupils and students and the public at large to play softball;
• to provide lectures, demonstrations and coaching of softball;
• to provide facilities and equipment of every kind related to the playing of softball;
• to enhance the development of the game of softball throughout New Zealand.

Funds available

Information not available

Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

Applications closed on Friday 19th July 2019.

For a copy of our Grant Application Form - click here.
For a copy of our current Grants Criteria - click here.

Information required with your application

• a signed certified copy of the resolution to apply for funding from your minutes.
• a copy of your most recent financial accounts.
• an original pre-printed bank deposit slip
• two competitive quotes for each item being applied for.
• a List of all Grants received (from any source and for any project) since last Balance Date.
(This will give us a better idea of your current financial position)

Decision makers


How notified

In writing

How paid

Direct Credit

Conditions of acceptance

• we confirm that any funds received as a result of this application will be used only for the purpose and quotes for which they were approved.
• we will hold copies of all invoices, and bank statements proving they have been paid, and will produce these when requested by ASFCT.
• we will return any money we don't spend to ASFCT.
• we acknowledge that ASFCT may wish to audit our accounts in respect of funds granted and agree to such an audit taking place.
• we confirm that no application has or will be made to any other funding provider for the same purpose as this application, until the outcome of this application is decided. We declare that the information provided in this application is true and correct to the best of our knowledge & that we have the authority to make this application on behalf of our group.

Other information

Grant applications have closed for this year.

The Trustees wish to ensure that any funds allocated are spent for the purpose intended and that the success or otherwise of the funding can be adequately measured. Therefore applications must show clear measurable milestones and measurable goals and objectives and show how the successful use of the funds is to be measured.


Auckland Softball Foundation Charitable Trust
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Phone: 021 590 914