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Waitemata Local Board Quick Response Grant

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Eligible districts



We prioritise grants for community organisations.
Individuals and groups with no formal legal structure

Individuals and groups with no formal legal structure may apply for grants up to $3,000 through the local grants programme. These applicants would need to either:

• nominate an umbrella organisation which has agreed to receive and administer the grant on their behalf – the umbrella organisation would be legally accountable to Auckland Council for the expenditure of the grant
• apply to have the funding released retrospectively i.e. as reimbursement for pre-approved expenses after the project or activity has been completed
• commercial entities – e.g. Limited Liability Companies - may apply for grants in certain circumstances, to be determined by the local board
• projects, events or initiatives proposed by commercial entities would need to clearly and directly benefit the wider community.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups or individuals may apply


The Community Grants Policy 2014 includes the previous grants schemes under the activity areas of Arts and Culture, Events, Community Development, Environment and Natural Heritage, Historic Heritage and Sports and Recreation.


Our local Grants programme aims to provide contestable community and events grants to local communities and is operated under three grant schemes:

• Quick Response Grants (between $300 and $3,000 (four rounds a year)
• Local Grants (between $3,000 and $7,500 (two rounds a year), and
• Accommodation Grants (between $2,500 and $20,000 (one round a year)

Projects funded

• arts
• community
• environment
• events
• heritage
• sport and recreation

Our funding priorities:
• our distinctive heritage and historic places is promoted and preserved
• improved pedestrian and cycling safety and travel options
• our streets work as great public spaces
• a people-focused city centre, connected to a vibrant waterfront
• waste is minimised as we work towards zero waste to landfill by 2040
• our local waterways are cared for and levels of pollutants reduced
• our natural heritage is protected and enhanced
• residents are encouraged to grow their own food
• work towards Waitematā becoming a low-carbon community
• more opportunities are created for people to enjoy our parks and open spaces
• people are more active in local arts, events and recreation activities
• we have places for children and people to gather, be active and be involved
• our communities can participate fully in community life
• Maori culture and heritage is promoted
• support community-led initiatives and action
• improve actual and perceived safety in our community
• improve the health of our community
• develop and encourage community participation
• achieve equitable distribution of funds across the board area as a whole and support our diverse communities
• support voluntary contribution

Lower priorities:
• catering
• travel expenses
• ticketed events
• activities that primarily benefit a third party (e.g. activity to gain money for an organisation)
• wages or operational costs
• commercial entities and promotion of commercial entities
• activities that primarily benefit communities outside the Waitematā area

Excluded projects

Activities we don't fund:
• purchase of alcohol
• legal expenses
• debt servicing or repayment
• retrospective grants
• activities that promote religious ministry or political purposes
• vehicles
• groups who have not completed past grant accountability requirements
• groups requesting funding over the maximum amount set
• organisations that are the leaseholder of an Auckland Council community lease or community occupancy agreement
• hireage costs of a council managed venue or externally managed council facility
• ticketed events
• individual or team events, conferences, private functions or award ceremonies

In addition to the eligibility criteria outlined in the Community Grants Policy, the Waitematā Local Board will not fund:

a) The following groups or organisations:
• political parties
• internal applicants (including funding projects, programmes or facilities run by Auckland
Council or its employees)
• Auckland Council CCO’s
• organisations receiving statutory funding from council via compulsory annual levies under the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act (ARAFA)
• other local authorities government agencies or public sector entities.

Funds available

Information not available

Upper limit per grant application

$300 - $3000

Grants made last year

Information not available

Funds available last year

Information not available

How to apply

Applications closed 15 May 2020

• apply using the online grant application service, available from Auckland Council website
• for more information, please visit
Waitematā Quick Response Grant

Decision makers

Waitemata Local Board

How notified

Once funding has been approved, all successful applicants will receive an email notification.

• quick response grants will be paid within 10 days of receiving the notification email.
• local grant applicants will receive a funding agreement. This is a formal document which outlines the conditions of the grant and the amount the grant is for. The funding agreement will also outline the accountability reporting requirements.
• where the local board has only one grant type, the local grant process will apply.

How paid

Direct Credit

Conditions of acceptance

Accountability measures

The Waitematā Local Board requires that all successful applicants provide a report or record after the event or activity has been completed (including for example photos, newsletters, press clippings).

The Waitematā Local Board requests that all successful applicants:
• extend an invitation to the activity to the Board
• recognise the Boards support, including through the placement of the local board logo (available on request) on advertising, and display of the local board branding/banners at events

Other information

Who can't apply?

• Political parties
• Internal Auckland Council applicants
• Auckland Council CCO's (council controlled organisations) including facilities run by Regional Facilities Auckland Council
• Organisations receiving statutory funding through compulsory annual levies under the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act
• Other local authorities, government agencies or public sector entities


Jaimee Wieland
Community Grants Coordinator
Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142
Phone: (09) 301 0101