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The Trusts Community Foundation

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Eligible districts

TTCF is committed to 'local distribution' -i.e. approving grants to non-profit organisations operating in the local area where TTCF has a gaming venue. To view the locations of our gaming venues go to and click on 'Gaming Venues.'


To be eligible for funding from TTCF:
Incorporated Societies must provide:
• certificate of incorporation number

Charitable Trusts or Registered Charities must provide:
• certificate of incorporation number and
• charities registration number

Other Organisations must provide:
• proof of non-profit status or IRD 'charitable' certificate
• in the case of schools, endorsement from the Principal, on school letterhead.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


The Trusts Community Foundation was established in June 2010.


Our mission is to provide funding for a wide range of clubs, charities and community groups - in fields as diverse as sport, arts, culture, health and education.

Projects funded

Applications for projects within the following sectors are welcome:
• arts,heritage and the environment
• community wellbeing
• education
• sport and recreation

Excluded projects


Activities funded

• that are entirely amateur.
• an Incorporated Society or affiliated to the national code or to a regional body that is affiliated.
Playing as part of a recognised and regular competition.

Uniforms & Equipment:
• required to play the actual game.
• for actual playing team plus reserves & may include a coach or manager. (Excessive team numbers will not be funded.)
• all uniforms & equipment must remain the property of the club for future use

Training, coaching, development:
• national or regional coaching & development programmes that are entirely amateur in nature.
• funding for school programmes should be applied for by the schools.

Buildings, clubrooms, maintenance:
• building & maintenance of clubrooms for recognised organisations.
• maintenance of grounds and facilities used by players and the public.

RACING – Horse & Greyhound:
• promoting, controlling, and conducting race meetings under the Racing Act 2003, including the payment of stakes.

• special building projects for NZ schools.
• assistance with school activities, trips and programmes, ie. sports, field & cultural or educational trips.
• specialised equipment that is of a direct benefit to students’ education.

• student academic scholarships that are administered and accounted for by the educational facility.
• please note that scholarships are normally only supported in areas where TTCF has member Licensing Trust venues.

• special building, projects or maintenance.
• office equipment such as desks & chairs,  whiteboards, photocopiers, etc.
• office administration costs in certain instances where specific justification can be displayed.
• salaries for existing positions rather than positions for which recruitment has not yet commenced

• funding is limited to small non-cash prizes valued at under $25 for presentation at genuine sporting or educational prizegivings.

• only the purchase of vehicles for approved organisations where there is a clear benefit to the wider community will be considered.

Internal & overseas travel will only be considered if:
• the purpose of the travel is for a genuine amateur sporting event or other event that is not predominantly social in nature.
• the traveller/s is/are representatives who have been selected at a regional or national level.
• the purpose of the travel will benefit the NZ community and/or NZ’s international reputation.
• the application is only for the cost (or part of) the ticket from NZ to the first destination and return may be funded.
• the application and quotations include the name/s and status of the traveller/s.

Excluded activities

• professional or commercial groups/players/clubs that receive any sort of payment or reimbursement for playing.
• workplace sports or social teams.
• one-off tournaments in particular where there is an entry fee and prizes.
• affiliation fees and registration fees for members

Uniforms & Equipment:
• dress & travelling clothing or uniforms of any sort including tracksuits.
• personal items such as shoes, boots or socks.
• non-essential items such as drink bottles, gear bags, beanies, etc.

Training, coaching, development:
• elite academies or high performance development programmes aimed at grooming players into professional positions.

Buildings, clubrooms, maintenance:
• general running costs for clubrooms.
• maintenance or costs relating to the bar areas of clubrooms or facilities.
• building permits, resource consent applications, feasibility studies.

RACING – Horse & Greyhound:
• grants cannot be made to support the commercial wing of the racing industry, for example, the training and/or breeding of racehorses or payment of jockeys or drivers.

• costs that could reasonably be expected to be funded by Government direct funding.
• general administrative costs associated with the day to day running of the school.
• teacher, reliever teacher, teacher aide salaries.

• third party funding will not be granted.
• applications may not be made on behalf of another recipient or organisation.
• fundraisers or fundraising events.
• commercial businesses or tourist promotions.
• volunteer expenses.
• family groups or reunions.
• food, refreshments or entertainment, except in certain cases such as the elderly, children or special community focused * Christmas festivities.
• feasibility studies, building permits or resource consent costs.
• professional costs, e.g. audit fees
• public liability insurance
• funding to individuals (unless applied for and administered by a recognised body to which the individual is affiliated)

• cash prizes of any kind, large non-cash prizes and gift vouchers of any kind.

• vehicles for motorsports, sports clubs or where the benefit of the vehicle is to a limited number of the community only such as courtesy vehicles.
• leased vehicles
• petrol or mileage costs

• taxes, insurances and transfers will not be funded.
• deposits paid prior to the application being considered will not be funded.
• overseas accommodation, travel within an overseas country, or other costs to be incurred overseas will not be funded.

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application

No Upper Limit

Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

Please view our gaming venues page to ensure TTCF has a venue in your area. TTCF does not generally fund organisations operating in areas not serviced by our venues.
Click on the links below for more information together with an Application Form in three different formats: PDF to be downloaded and completed by hand, or Word template to be saved onto your computer before typing your responses into the fields provided, or online. Please ensure that you complete all sections of the Application Form.
Before you get started – TTCF Grant Application Information
TTCF Application Form PDF version June 2018
TTCF Application Form Word Template 2018

Click here to complete an Online Application

TTCF will accept grant applications which are received by post, courier, hand-delivered, or scanned and emailed up to midnight on the advertised closing date for each funding round. If the application and supporting documentation is submitted electronically, the ‘Consent to Audit & Declaration,’ with original signatures, must be posted separately.
Postal Address: TTCF, Private Bag 93108, Henderson, Auckland 0650
Courier Address: TTCF, Level 3 Lincoln Manor, 295 Lincoln Road, Henderson, Auckland 0610
Email Address:

Information required with your application

Guidelines for Grant Applications

Decision makers

Net Proceeds Committee.

Decision time

Compliant applications are considered at the next Net Proceeds Committee Meeting (dates advertised on our website under 'Funding Rounds')

Funding Rounds

Check Your Application Status

How notified

The Decision Letter will be emailed to the contact person listed on the application form.

How paid

Payment of all successful applications is made by direct credit to the applicant bank account. Payment will normally take place within 10 working days of the Net Proceeds Meeting.

Conditions of acceptance

Expenditure of funds must be accounted for to the satisfaction of TTCF.

TTCF will send an Accountability Report to successful applicants with the approval letter. The Accountability Report must be completed in full with the supporting information attached (such as invoices, receipts and copies of bank statements pertaining to the receipt of funds and expenditure of funds). The completed accountability report should be returned to the foundation as soon as practicable after the funds are spent.

• if funding is unspent after 3 months, this report should be provided as an “Interim Accountability” report, clearly showing the current location of the unspent funds.
• successful applicants must comply with all reasonable requests for further information or audit.
• failure to return the required Accountability Report(s) may result in a request from TTCF for the return of the funding and in any future application being declined.
• if all or part of the funding is unspent or will not be spent in accordance with the proper purposes of the grant, you must inform TTCF in writing immediately.
• any other funding sought or obtained for the same goods or services as the funding sought from TTCF must be disclosed to TTCF immediately.

Additional forms are available and can be downloaded below:

Accountability Reort Forms can be downloaded here.

Other information

While grant applications can be submitted at any stage of the year, the 10th of each month (apart from March when the closing date is the 1st) is the closing date for applications to be considered in that month's Funding Round. To view Closing Dates, Decision Dates and Payment Dates go to and click on 'funding rounds.'


The Trusts Community Foundation Limited
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Phone: 0800 8823 583